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Volume 3, Page 343

to Duxbury, m. a young w. had Henry and Bridget, but perhaps by
former w. both nam. in the will, and Rebecca; and d. prob.
early in 1638, as his will of 4 Dec. 1637 was pro. 5 Mar. foll. WILLIAM,
Watertown 1636, Newbury 1637, own. ld at Great Ormsby, Co.
Norfk. freem. 13 Mar. 1639, rem. to Hampton, had by first w. s. Edward,
Christopher, and Stephen, beside d. Martha, who m. as said, I
think, capt. John Sherman of Watertown. For sec. w. he had Grace,
wid. of Thomas Rogers, wh. surv. him, and m. Roger Porter. WILLIAM,
Wethersfield, any early sett. sold his est. 1644, and, perhaps, rem. yet
may have come back, for in 1660, W. P. sen. was freed from milit. serv.
WILLIAM, Kittery 1652, constable 1661, may have been s. of William
of Hampton. * WILLIAM, Scituate 1633, s. of William, the first comer,
bro. by him, m. 27 Mar. of that yr. Elizabeth Hodgkins, had William, b. 27
June 1634; Thomas; and prob. others; rem. to Yarmouth bef. 1643,
was a lieut. and rep. 1644, and three yrs. aft.; was one of the purch. of
Dartmouth 1652, but rem. to Newtown, L. Il. 1656, d. bef. 1661, in high
esteem. Riker, I suspect, confus. the f. and s. of the same name, for we
are told that the wid. of William Palmer jun. m. deac. John Willis of
Bridgewater, and Mitchell enum. a goodly progeny, of wh. some ds. were
m. in few yrs. aft. R. permits her to be a wid. Possib. she may have
been sec. w. and not mo. of half his ch. Yet some explanat. may arise
from WILLIAM, s. of the preced. being in Col. Rec. designat. as s.-in-law
of Robert Paddock. Still Riker must be content with ano. WILLIAM than
our Dartmouth man in 1670. WILLIAM, Charlestown 1640, may have
been s. of Walter, and of Stonington 1666, of Killingworth, than call.
Kenilworth, as in all decency it should contin. to be, in 1670. Ten of
this name had, in 1834, been gr. at Harv. six at Yale, and six at the
other N. E. coll.

    PALMERLY, JOHN, a passeng. in the Elizabeth and Ann from London
1635, aged 20; may be the same as Parmely or Parmarly of Guilford,
sw. as freem. Conn. 1665. See Parmelee.

    PALMES, ANDREW, New London, s. of Edward, had Guy, Bryan,
Edward. Andrew, and Sarah, and d. 1721. * EDWARD, New Haven
1659, a merch. rem. next yr. to New London, m. Lucy, d. of Gov. John
Winthrop, freem. 1667, rep. 1671-4 and 7, was a major in the great Ind.
war. By first w. wh. d. 24 Nov. 1676, six mos. aft. her f. he had no ch.
and next yr. he m. Sarah Davis, wid. of capt. William of Boston, as
Miss Caulkins thinks, had Guy, bapt. 17 Nov. 1678; Andrew, 1 Oct.
1682, H. C. 1703; and Lucy. He d. , in 78th yr. leav.
good est. in his will to only Lucy, and Andrew. Lucy m. Samuel Gray,
who d. 1713; and next m. Samuel Lynde of Saybrook. Caulkins. He
was nam. in the royal commiss. 1683 to adjust claims in the King's