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Volume 3, Page 344

Province, Nor Narraganset country. See Trumbull, Hist. I. 358, wh.
gives his name without e, and it is found in print as Palmer. See also
1 Mass. Hist. Coll. V. 232. WILLIAM, Salem, m. Ann, Eldest d. of
John Humfrey, Esq, who aft. his d. m. Rev. Samuel Myles.

    PALMETER, NATHANIEL, Killingworth 1667, then call. Kenilworth,
freem. 1668, whose name is spelt Palmerley in the return of the officers
of the town; possb. the same as Palmerly.

    PANNLY, ALEXANDER, is in Paige's list of freem. of Mass. 1660;
but I doubt the name was pervert. by Mr. Seer, or some clk.

    PANTON, RICHARD, Westchester 1656, a man of influence, who d.
aft. 1700; took the side of Conn. 1662 against the Dutch at Newtown,
L. I. Riker, 59.

    PANTRY or PANTREE, JOHN, Hartford, s. of William, b. in Eng.
freem. 1650, m. Hannah Tuttle of Boston, who was prob. d. of Richard,
had beside Mary and Hannah, John, bapt. 17 Mar. 1650; and d. prob.
1653. His wid. m. 23 June 1654, Thomas Wells. Hannah d. 1672,
unm. when her sis. Mary, also, was unm. JOHN, Hartford, s. of
the preced. had John (who d. bef. his f. leav. only ch. Abigail, b.
1712); and ds. Abigail, b. 11 Jan. 1679; Hannah; and Rebecca.
He d. 4 Apr. 1736, and so the name ceased in that quarted.
WILLIAM, Cambridge 1634, came in May by the same ship with Simon
Willard, excus. from milit. duty by reason of age, freem. 4 Mar. 1635,
rem. next yr. with Hooker's friends to Hartford, where he was among
the chief proprs.

    PAPILLIANS or PALILLON, PETER, Boston 1679, by w. Joan had
Mary, b. 29 Jan. 1680; and Peter, b. Mar. 1681; he was one of that comp.
wh. broke off from the New North ch. when Rev. Peter Thacher was
brot. in 1718 to be collea. with their first min. and in 1722 had command
of a ship employ. against pirates on the coast. He came into Boston 28
June from his cruise, have. seen nothing of the great object of his outfit,
the famous pirate, Low, who long harassed the trade of N. E. but brot.
in a brigantine, that had been in possessn. of the foe. When he d. is
not seen. But as he had w. and four ch. at Bristol in 1688, I infer
that he was short time of Boston, and that the naval capt. was the foll.
PETER, Boston, perhaps s. of the preced. by w. Catherine had Mary,
wh. d. 30 July 1721; aged 17; Catharine, b. a. 1715; Martha, a. 1718;
Mercy, 20 Jan. 1720; Samuel, 11 Sept. 1721, the last two d. young;
and Mary, 25 Oct. 1722; and he d. early in 1733; admin. to his wid.
and John Wallcot of Salem was giv. 20 May in that yr. I suppose
this was a Huguenot name.

    PARD, SAMUEL, Boston, by w. Mary had Samuel, b. 25 Sept. 1671.

    PARDEE, GEORGE, New Haven, a young, apprent. 1644 to Francis
Brown, of whose orig. or coming nothing is kn. m. 20 oct. 1650, Martha,
of Richard Miles, had John, b. 20 Aug. 1651, d. young; John, again,
2 Sept. 1653, d. bef. his f. George, 15 Jan. 1656; Mary, 18 Apr. 1658;