Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p248


Volume 3, Page 248

12 Aug. 1693; John, 17 Mar. 1696; Mary, 1698, d. young; Sarah,
1701; Dan, 1 Dec. 1703; Israel, 7 June 1706; Joseph; and Timothy.
MATTHEW, New Haven 1639, by w. Jane had Matthew, Elizabeth and Mary,
perhaps the first two b. in Eng. certain. Elizabeth b. in 1638; and Mary, in
1641, were b. in 1642. He d. 22 Dec. 1668, and his wid. d. May
1672. Elizabeth m. 1663, John Gregory, MATTHEW, New Haven, s. of
the preced. mo. 26 June 1662, Hannah, d. of the first John Thompson,
had Hannah, b. 2 Nov. 1663, d. soon: Hannah, again, 20 Apr. 1665,
wh. m. 17 Aug. 1687, John Russell; John, 5 Feb. 1668; Matthew, 18
July 1670; a. ch. 1673, d. soon; Lydia, 8 Aug. 1674; Samuel, 24 June
1677, d. soon; Samuel, again 13 Apr. 1679; and Keziah, 12 Apr.
1682; was freem. 1669; a propr. 1685, and d. 1 Feb. 1692, aged 53.

    MOULTON, BENJAMIN, Hampton, s. of William, took o. of fidel. 1678,
and was liv. in 1690 to desire jurisdict. of Mass. HENRY, Hampton
1640, prob. s. of John, b. in Eng. His will in 1654, names w. Mary, I
think a d. of Edward Hilton, ch. Jonathan and David. JACOB, Charlestown
1663, says Barry. JAMES, Salem, join. the ch. 31 Dec. 1637, as
did his w. Mary next yr.; had there bapt. James, 7 Jan. 1638; and
Samuel, 25 Dec. 1642, beside d. Mary, wh. may have been b. aft. rem.
from S.; was freem. Mar. 1638, liv. at Wenham 1667, and there d. His
will of 1679, names the two s. and d. Mary Friend. JAMES, Wenham,
s. of the preced. was freem. 1666. JEREMIAH, York, perhaps s. of
Thomas, took o. of alleg. 1681, rep. 1692, and aft. the counc. d. 22
Oct. 1727, in 77th yr. JOHN, Newbury, came from Ormsby, in Co.
Norfolk, near Great Yarmouth, emb. Apr. 1637, call. husbandman, aged
38, with w. Ann of same age, five ch. Henry, Mary, Ann, Jane, and
Bridget, two serv. Adam Goodwin, 20, and Alice Eden, 19; had John,
bapt. Mar. 1638; rem. to Hampton 1639, there had Ruth, bapt. 7 May
1640, d. 1651, says Coffin, who also informs us that he had other ch.
William, and Thomas, and the Jane and Bridget were tw. wh. d. on the
same day, 19 Mar. 1699, aged 64. Of the case of the tw. Cotton
Mather took advantage to write to Woodward of the Royal. Soc. a
memoir on those maidens that maybe read in N. H. Hist. Coll. III. 122.
His will of 1650, names w. Ann; s. Henry, John, and Thomas; ds.
Mary Sanborn, Ann, Jane, Bridget; and s. Sanborn. In the same ship
came a wid. from Ormsby, Mary M. aged 38 yrs. with two serv. John
Maston, aged 20, and Marian Moulton, 23; also Ruth M. a maiden
of 20. JOHN, Hampton, 1678, may have been s. of the preced. or of
ano. prob. m. 23 Mar. 1666, Lydia, d. of the first Anthony Taylor,
had Martha, b. 16 Nov. foll.; s. John, wh. took o. of fidel the same yr.
call. jun. JOHN, Salem, m. a d. of Giles Corey, who bef. suffering
d. by horrid form of the old com. law made his will July 1692, in favor