Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p249


Volume 3, Page 249

of two s.-in-law, giv. all lds. stock and other prop. to them, as by our
law conviction did not work forfeit. JOSEPH, Hampton 1678, s. of William
of the same
, or of sec. Robert, in 1690, req. jurisdict. of Mass.
JOSEPH, York 1680, perhaps br. of Jeremiah, sw. alleg. 1681. JOSIAH,
Hampton 1678, is not kn. to be s. of any sett. there. ROBERT, Salem,
a shipbuilder, came 1629, in the fleet with Higginson, but went to
Charlestown soon, freem. 18 May 1631, was one of the first selectmen,
and rep. at the first Court, 1634, and for Salem, to wh. he had
1637, and was that yr. disarm. as a friend of Wheelwright, d. 1655,
leav. Robert, and Dorothy, of one Edwards, both nam. as also gr.s.
Robert, in his will of 20 Feb. pro. 20 June foll. See Young's Chron.
of Mass. 161. ROBERT, Salem, s. of the preced. b. in Eng. rec. of the
ch; 1640, had Robert, bapt. 23 June 1644; Abigail; Samuel; Hannah;
John, 25 June 1655; Joseph, 3 Jan. 1657; Miriam, Jan. 1659; and Mary,
16 June 1661; most of these by w. Abigail, if not all; some, perhaps, bef.
Robert; Samuel, d. in aut. of 1665. His will of 5 Sept. was pro. Nov. foll.
Miriam m. 8 Oct. 1677, Joseph Bachiler. ROBERT, Salem, m. 17 July
1672, Mary Cook, had Mary, b. 2 June foll.; Robert, 3 Sept. 1675; Ebenezer,
28 Apr. 1678, and Abigail, 28 Feb. 1682; may have liv. at Hampton 1678,
was prob. s. of the preced. THOMAS, Charlestown 1631, perhaps br. of the
first Robert, liv. on Malden side, had Jane, and ch. John, bapt. 16
Mar. 1633; Martha, 24 July 1637; Hannah, 20 Dec. 1641; Elizabeth 24
Apr. 1642; beside Jacob, whose bapt. is not kn. wh. d. Dec. 1657. A
d. Mary, I think, m. Nov. 1655, Thomas Mitchell. THOMAS, Newbury
1637, rem. with Rev. Mr. Bachilor, in 1639, to Hampton, by w. Martha
had Thomas, bapt. 24 Nov. 1639; and Daniel, 13 Feb. 1641; was
freem. 13 Mar. 1639, and d. 18 Feb. 1665. THOMAS, York, constable
1661. WILLIAM, Hampton, came 1637, aged 20, as serv. of Robert
Page of Ormsby, Co. Norf.'k and m. his d. Margaret, had Joseph, Benjamin,
Hannah, Mary, Robert, and Sarah, wh. was b. 17 Dec. 1656; all
ment. in his will of 8 Mar. 1664, pro. Oct. foll. beside provision for unb.
h. perhaps call. Ruth. Mary m. 1 Jan. 1674, it is said, Jonathan
Haynes of H. wh. d. soon, and he next m. 30 Dec. of the same yr.
Sarah, d. of W. Moulton, and I presume, sis. of the first w. tho. the acco.
in Geneal. Reg. IX. 349, does not pledge itself to any parentage of the
first w. WILLIAM, Newbury, perhaps; B. of John m. 27 May 1685,
Abigail, d. of John Webster, had Abigail, b. 13 June 1686; Batt, 4
July 1688; Jonathan, 7 Sept. 1692; Joseph, 25 Nov. 1694; Margaret,
7 Feb. 1699, d. at 2 yrs.; Sarah, 4 July 1701; and Mary, 2 Aug.

    MOUNTAIN, RICHARD, Boston had w. Abigail, wh. join. the ch. 4
Apr. 1646.

came, it is said, 1675, in the Dove, from London, aged 30, ar, co. 1679,