Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p155

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Volume 3, Page 155

d. of Richard Lyman, and of the w. of his f. had John, b. 1668, and
other ch. freem. 1670, d. 1727. JOHN, Boston 1672. JONATHAN,
Milford 1649, rem. to Norwalk, one of the first sett. 1656, but
not nam. aft. 1659, nor do we kn. whether he had w. or ch.
JONATHAN, Hadley, br. of Daniel, m. 1676, Dorcas, wid. of
Azariah Dickinson, had Jonathan, H. C. 1705, wh. bec. min. of
Windsor; was freem. 1690, rep. 1701, d. 1730, aged 80. ONESIPHORUS,
Hingham, s. of George, m. 6 Jan. 1655, Hannah Cutter, had
Onesiphorus, b. 5 Nov. foll.; Hannah, 28 June 1657, was freem.
1672, and of Haverhill, I think, in 1690, at least of the same name one
had there so call. his s. SAMUEL, New Haven, had Mary, b. 1648;
Samuel, 12 Feb. 1650; Comfort, 22 Aug. 1652; all bapt. 20 Mar.
1653; Hannah, b. 22 July 1655, bapt. next mo. but not on the day
ment. in the ch. rec.; Elizabeth 27 Dec. 1657, bapt. Feb. foll. on a day
not truly giv. in ch. rec.; John, 2 May 1661, bapt. next Sunday, prob.
for the careless ch. rec. gives a false date; Joseph, 1 Apr. 1663; and
prob. rem. SAMUEL, Hatfield, br. of Daniel, m. 1667, Mary Allison;
was freem. 1690, rep. 1705 and 6, d. 1728, leav. sev. ch. SAMUEL,
Salem, s. of John, m. 14 Aug. 1679, Priscilla Tompkins, youngest ch.
of John, had Susanna, b. 12 May 1680; John, 1 Sept. 1681; Thomas,
18 Sept. 1683; Sarah, 18 July 1685; and Margaret, 8 Apr. 1688. THOMAS,
Hingham, s. of George, b. in Eng. m. 22 Mar. 1649, Sarah, d. of John
, and d. 2 Aug. 1658, leav. four ch. nam. in his will, Thomas;
Sarah; Ephraim, b. 11 July 1656; and Mary, 22 Feb. 1658. His s.
John, b. 20 Feb. 1654, prob. d. young. His wid. m. 1 Sept. 1662,
Edmund Sheffield of Braintree. ZECHARY, Salem, s. of John of the
same, m. 15 Aug. 1664, Mary Silsbee, d. of Henry, had John, b. 26
Sept. 1665; Mary, 8 Dec. 1666; Zechariah; Elizabeth; Jonathan, 14 Apr.
1672; and Ebenezer, 28 May 1674; was freem. 1680. Ten of this name
had, in 1834, been gr. at Harv. eleven at Yale, eleven at Dart. and six
at other N. E. coll.

    MARSHALL, BENJAMIN, Ipswich, s. of the first Edmund, m. 1677,
Prudence Woodward, had Edmund, Ezekiel, John, and four ds. d. 1716.
CHRISTOPHER, Boston 1634, single man on join. the ch. late in Aug. of
that yr. freem. 6 May 1633, was of Cotton's party in the great schism of
1637, but not disarm. as a dangerous heretic, so that he was, perhaps,
a student of divinity, and certain. m. here, for his d. Ann was bapt. 13
May 1638, at our ch. adhered to Wheelwright at Exeter, and, with him,
had dism. Jan. 1639, from our ch. prob. went home in 1640 or 1, and
may be that man wh. Calamy says was partly educ. by our Rev. John
Cotton, min. of Woodkirk, in Yorksh. and d. Feb. 1673, aged 59.
DAVID, Windsor, s. of capt. Samuel, m. 9 Dec. 1686, Abigail Phelps, d.
prob. of Samuel, had Abigail, b. 9 Jan. 1687; Hannah, 8 Dec. 1689;
and David, 14 Apr. 1692, wh. d. at 33 yrs. EDMUND, Salem 1636, had
there perhaps by w. Milicent, bapt. Naomi, 24 Jan. 1637; Ann, 15
Apr. 1638; Ruth, 3 May 1640; Sarah, 29 May 1642; Edmund, 16
June 1644; and Benjamin, b. 18, bapt. 27 Sept. 1646; was freem.
17 May 1637, liv. a. 1657, short time, at Gloucester, and rem.
either to Ipswich or Newbury. EDMUND, Newbury, a shipwright,
perhaps s. of the preced. had Edmund, b. 5 Oct. 1677; and