Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p154

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Volume 3, Page 154

    MARRIOTT, JOHN, Marblehead 1674.

    MARSH, * ALEXANDER, Braintree, was freem. 1654, m. 19 Dec. 1655,
I judge, Mary, d. of Gregory Belcher, was rep. under new chart. 1692;
d. 7 Mar. 1698, aged a. 70 says gr.stone. His will of 19 Mar. 1697,
pro. 31 Mar. 1698, ment. w. Bathsheba, s. John, ds. Rachel, Phebe,
Ann, w. of Samuel French, beside gr.d. Mary French, s.-in-law Dependence
, and Samuel Bass. His s. John was then a minor,
and f.
I believe, of John, H. C. 1726. His wid. d. 8 Jan. 1723, aged a.
82, says the gr.stone at Dorchester. DANIEL, Hadley, s. of John of
the same, m. 1676, Hannah, wid. of Samuel Crow, d. of William Lewis
of Farmington; was freem. 1690, rep. under the new chart. in 1692,
and oft. aft. d. 1725, aged 72. He had ch. but their respective names
and dates are not given to me, other than of Joseph, H. C. 1705, wh.
was min. of Braintree, and d. 8 Mar. 1726, and had Joseph, H. C. 1728,
yet I find that Elisha, H. C. 1738, first min. of Westminster, and Perez,
H. C. 1748, a physician of Dalton, were also his EPHRAIM,
Hingham, s. of Thomas, m. Jan. 1682, Elizabeth Lincoln. EZEKIEL, Salem,
s. of John of the same, sign. petitn. against imposts 1668. GEORGE,
Hingham 1635, freem. 3 Mar. 1636, d. 2 July 1647, w. Elizabeth surv.
His will, made tbe same day, provides for her, s. Thomas and Onesiphorus,
ds. Elizabeth Turner, and Mary Page. Rev. John, of Wethersfield,
H. C. 1761, S. T. D. was a descend. JOHN, Charlestown 1638, d. 1 Jan.
1666, in his will made that day, names w. Ann, and her Sarah
Bicknor, s. Theophilus, and his s. John, d. Frances Buck, and her childr.
JOHN, Salem, had gr. of ld. 1637, but tho. I find neither his nor his
wife's name in Felt's valua. list of early ch. memb. yet I doubt not that
he came in the Mary and John, 1634; and at S. his ch. bapt. were
Zechary, 30 Apr. 1637; John, 9 May 1639; Ruth, 5 May 1641; Elizabeth
13 Sept. 1646; Ezekiel, 29 Oct. 1648; Bethia, 1 Sept. 1650; Samuel,
2 Oct. 1652; Susanna, b. one says, 23, but bapt. I think, 7 May
1654; Mary, 14 Sept. 1656; Jacob, b. 6 Aug. 1658, bapt. 10 Apr.
1669; and a d. 12 June 1664, whose name is not found. His will,
of 20 Mar. 1674, pro. 26 Nov. foll. names w. Susanna, s. Zechary,
Samuel, Jacob, Ezekiel, Benjamin, and d. Bethia. JOHN, Salem,
prob. s. of the preced. m. 20 Mar. 1662, Sarah Young, d. perhaps of
Christopher; had Sarah, b. 1 Dec. of unkn. yr.; and Ruth, Aug. 1668,
and in the same mo. he d. at Barbados. On 2 Dec. 1669, his wid. took
admin. JOHN, Hartford 1636, m. Ann, d. of Gov. John Webster, with
him rem. 1659 or 60 to Hadley; but bef. rem. had Joseph, bapt. 24 Jan.
1647, Isaac, for Mr. Porter assures me, that in l. 3 of p. 197 of Geneal.
Reg. XII, Boltwood, usual. so accur. is wrong, 15 July 1649; John,
Samuel, Jonathan, Daniel, Hannah, and Grace. His w. d. 9 June
1662, and he m. 1664, Hepzibah, wid. of Richard Lyman of
Northampton, d. of Thomas Ford, and rem. to N. and had Lydia.
He d. 1688. Grace m. 16 Jan. 1672, Timothy Baker. By will,
1676, of his br. Joseph at Braintree, Co. Essex, est. was giv. to
these ch. and obt. by suit at law, so that I presume he came from that
part of Eng. JOHN, Hartford, eldest s. of the preced. m. 1666, Sarah,