Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p153


Volume 3, Page 153

Thomas Hale; Lydia m. 1682, Timothy Eastman, and her descend.
nam Smith, non enjoy the ancient homestead of Markham, wh. had
much est. from Nathaniel Ward of H. wh. he call. uncle. Of this name
the writing is sometimes Marcum and Marcam.

Westfield, m. 8 Dec. 1681, Martha, d. of the first Abel Wright, had
Martha, b. 7 Sept. 1682; Thomas, 14 Sept. 1684; Mary, 30 Oct. 1686;
Abel, 18 Jan. 1689; Elizabeth 23 June 1691; Thankful, 28 Feb. 1693;
Mary, again, 14 Nov. 1695; John, 1 May 1699; and Ebenezer, 22
Mar. 1701. The fam. may be still at W. but the name long since bec.
Morley. WILLIAM, a soldier under capt. Turner in Mar. 1676.

    MARRETT, AMOS, Cambridge, s. of John of the same, m. 12 Nov.
1681, Bethia Longhorn, wh. d. 20 Nov. 1730, in 70th yr. had Amos,
and, perhaps, others; and he m. 22 Nov. 1732, Ruth Dunster, prob. a
wid. d. 17 Nov. 1739. He was lieut. and his s. Amos m. 21 Sept. 1732,
Mary Dunster, perhaps d. of her, who a few wks. aft. m. the f. JOHN,
Cambridge, s. of Thomas of the same, was brot. by his f. from Eng.
when 5 yrs. old, m. 20 June 1654, Abigail Richardson, had Thomas, b.
15 Dec. 1655; John, 13 Dec. 1656, wh. d. 7 Mar. 1658; Amos, 25
Feb. 1658; Susanna, 19 Jan. 1660; John, again, 29 Jan. 1662, d. late
next yr.; John, again, bapt. 6 June 1664; and Abigail, 19 Aug. 1666,
as by Mitchell's Reg. compar. with Harris, is made out; beside Hannah,
17 Aug. 1668, d. soon; Edward, 2 Aug. 1670; Mary, 7 Mar. 1672;
and Lydia, 22 Feb. 1674; was freem. 1665, own. est. at Watertown,
as early as 1642. Mary m. 10 Dec. 1702, Joseph Hovey, wh. d. at
Cambridge, giv. her by will of 28 June 1735, all his prop. and bec sec.
w. 27 Jan. 1737, of Nathaniel Parker of Newton; and Abigail m. 27
Apr. 1687, Timothy Rice. NICHOLS, or NICHOLAS, Salem 1636, was
of Marblehead 1648, says Coffin, and b. 1613. THOMAS, Cambridge
1635, freem. 3 Mar. 1636, brot. with him from Eng. s. John, bef. ment.;
Susanna; Thomas; and Abigail; beside w. Susanna; and had, also,
Hannah, wh. may have been b. at Cambridge, and d. unm. 9 Dec. 1668;
and he d. 3 June 1664, aged 75. His will of 15 Oct. preced. ment. his
aged w. four liv. ch. (being all, exc. Susanna, wh. had m. George Barstow,
and d. not long aft. him) beside ch. of George Barstow, dec. other Lydia, Amos, John, and Jeremiah Fisher; also Thomas, Amos,
Susanna, and John Marrett, wh. all appear to me ch. of John. Abigail
had m. 17 Nov. 1641, Daniel Fisher of Dedham. The wid. d. 23
Feb. 1665. His name in Col. Rec. is Marryott; but in the town rec.
slightly chang. at any time from this adopt. here, wh. is the uniform
spell. of the ch. rec. THOMAS, New London 1666 , may have been s. of
the preced.