Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p514

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Volume 2, Page 514

    HUTLEY, RICHARD, Ipswich 1639. Perhaps it is the same as Utley.

    HUTTON, JOHN, Wenham 1675. RICHARD, Wenham, perhaps br. of
the preced. freem. 1672, was b. a. 1621.

    HUXLY, THOMAS, Hartford, m. Sarah, eldest d. of Thomas Spencer
of the same, had Thomas, b. 7 Apr. 1668; also John, Sarah, Mary, and
Eliz. whose dates of b. are not giv. rem. to Suffield, there had Jared
1680; Hannah 1682; Nathaniel, 1683, d. within 2 yrs.; and William,
1687. His w. d. 24 Oct. 1712; he d. 21 July 1721, and his est. was
div. 1722, when s. John, Jared, and William, and all the ds. were liv.

    HUXSTABLE, CHRISTOPHER, Marblehead 1668.

    HYATT, THOMAS, Dorchester 1633, call. by John Russell, in his will
that yr. br. THOMAS, Norwalk 1672, a soldier in Philip's war, m. 10
Nov. 1677, Mary, d. of Matthias Sension, had Rebecca, b. early in Oct.
foll. and one or more s. wh. perpet. the name, spell. first Hiet, and next,
Hyett. He was liv. 1694.

    HYDE or HIDES, DANIEL, Newton, s. of the first Jonathan of the
same, m. 1696, Sarah, d. of his cous. Job Hyde, had Sarah, b. 17 Dec.
1697, d. next yr.; Daniel, 23 Jan. 1700, d. at 16 yrs.; Sarah, again;
Amos, 29 Apr. 1705; Job, 6 May 1707; Enos, 26 June 1711, d. at 4
yrs.; Nathan, 26 Oct. 1713; Abraham, 16 Oct. 1715; and Ezra, wh. d.
young; and d. 13 Mar. 1736. His wid. d. 1754. ELEAZER, Cambridge
vill. now Newton, elder br. of the preced. freem. 1690, m. Hannah,
youngest d. of his cous. Job Hyde, had Hannah, b. 7 Feb. 1701;
Mindwell, 5 Apr. 1703; Eleazer, 19 May 1706, d. next yr.; Eleazer,
again, 26 May 1710; and his w. d. 1720. He had sec. w. 1722, Mercy
Bird, and d. 1732. GEORGE, Boston, ship-carpenter, by w. Ann had
Mary, b. 3 Aug. 1642; and Timothy, Aug. 1644; both bapt. in their
mo.'s right, 15 June 1645; and she bec. sec. w. of Daniel Weld of
Braintree, wh. rem. to Roxbury. Mary m. 15 Dec. 1665, Caleb Watson
of Roxbury, wh. was, after, a sch.-master of distinct. at Hartford. HUMPHREY,
Windsor, 1640, thence to Fairfield 1655, and in 1670 div. his lds. with
John, perhaps his s. ICHABOD, Newton, s. of the first Jonathan of the
same, by w. Hannah had Ichabod, b. 18 Apr. 1695, d. at 19 yrs.;
Martha, 23 Feb. 1698; and Hannah; and d. 1700, leav. large est.
ISAAC, Salem, m. 12 July 1665, Susanna, d. of Daniel Baxter, had
Christian, b. Nov. 1668, d. in three wks.; Eliz. 27 July 1671, wh. prob.
d. young; Isaac, 6 Apr. 1674, d. in three mos.; and Richard, 6 Mar. 1677.
His inv. was tak. 13 Nov. and the wid. m. 3 Dec. 1680, Stephen Daniel.
JACOB, Newton, youngest s. of the first Jonathan, m. Bethia, d. of his cous.
Job Hyde of the same, in Apr. 1708, had only Abraham, b. 22 Feb. 1709,
d. at 2 yrs.; and the f. d. one yr. after the s. a soldier in Canada. JOB,
Cambridge, on S. side of the riv. now Newton, s. of Samuel the first of
the same, m. Elizabeth d. of John Fuller, had Elizabeth b. 29 Aug. 1664; Samuel,