Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p513

Volume 2, Page 513

Mary had Thomas, b. 25 Mar. 1672. But, as I find not the name again,
I presume he was here only transient. ‡ * WILLIAM, Boston, came in
the ship with Rev. John Lathrop and Zechary Symmes, 1634, bring. w.
and all his ch. exc. Edward, his eldest s. wh. came with Cotton the
former yr. and d. Mary, w. of Rev. John Wheelwright, wh. came two
yrs. later. He arr. in Sept. and next mo. unit. with our ch. He had
liv. at Alford, in Co. Lincoln, a. 25 ms. from Boston, and prob. both
hims. and w. Ann, d. of Rev. Edward Marbury of Lincolnsh. were drawn
hither by their admira. of John Cotton. He was freem. 4 Mar. 1635,
and two s. Richard and Francis were adm. the same day; rep. May
1635, and four courts foll. had one ch. Zuriel, bapt. 13 Mar. 1636; but
by the viol. heats of the relig. controv. in wh. his friends, Sir Henry
Vane and John Cotton were defeat. and his fam. beside others of the
party very severely treat. he was forced, with Coddington and other
promin. men, to rem. to R. I. there in 1638, form. a new civil compact,
not much unlike that of Mass. was an Assist. 1639, and d. a. 1642. His
wid. Ann, wh. had been the gifted prophetess of the doleful heresies that
shook and almost subvert. the col. of Mass. rem. next yr. from R. I.
beyond Conn. to the Dutch Prov. and bef. being, fairly estab. in her new
planta. was, with sev. ch. and serv. to the number of sixteen, cut off by
the Ind. His d. Faith m. at Boston a. 1637, Thomas Savage; Susanna
m. 30 Dec. 1651, John Cole; Bridget m. a Willis of Bridgewater, whose
bapt. name is unkn.; and one m. Collins, a scholar, of wh. Winthrop II. 38,
tells. This last, and the s. Francis perish. with their mo. The wid. Susanna,
mo. of Edward, Richard, Samuel, William, of the w. of Rishworth, and
of Mary, the w. of Wheelwright, went from Boston to Exeter with her
ds. h. in his banishm. and thence to Wells, where she was bur.
By the Edit. in our days of the Memoirs of Col. John Hutchinson, the
regicide, writ. by the charming pen of his Lady Lucy, a tradit. is giv.
that one of the gr.s. of the warlike puritan emigr. "to the West Indies
or America." But the common looseness of tradit. and the unusual
carelessness of the Rev. publisher, in his story of seeing somebody from
the W. world, wh. told him of the venerat. in wh. that gent.'s descend.
were held on our side of the Atlantic, are equally unworthy of regard.
Thirteen of this name had been gr. at Harv. in 1770, and none since.

    HUTHWIT, JOHN, Woodbury, came with sis. Ann, "of gentle blood,"
orphans early, by the guardian in Eng. defraud. of prop. and sent over
here, acc. the vulgar tradit. for romantic begin. of a fam. by w. Judith,
had Eliz. bapt. July 1689, d. young; Ann, Nov. 1690; Martha, Nov.
1693; Mary, May 1696; and Eliz. again, Apr. 1698. All these ch.
being fem. and the sis. hav. m. a Pierce, as in Cothren is seen, very little
hope of retribution, that ought to follow, after a century and three quarters
elaps. since the enorm. should now be indulg.