Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p364


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Volume 4, Page 364

    USSELTON, FRANCIS, Wenham, m. Sarah Barnes, a. 1657.

    UTTING, ---------, Dedham, whose w. Ann d. Jan. 1642.

    UTTLEY, SAMUEL, Scituate, m. 6 Dec. 1648, Hannah Hatch, d. of
the first William, had Lydia, b. 28 Dec. 1659, wh. m. Feb. 1684,
Thomas Hewitt.

    UXLEY, HENRY, Tauton, a. 1637, at the head of the list of first sett.
1639, Baylies I. 289. He assures us, Ib. 283, "none can tell, who he
was, whence he came, or whither he went, or at what period he" arr.
at T.

    VALE, VAIL or VAYL, JAMES, Dedham, by w. Ann had Jmaes, bapt.
6 July 1656; John, 17 Oct. 1658. JEREMIAH, Salem 1644, had Abigail,
bapt. 18 May 1645; Sarah, 21 Mar. 1647; Jermiah, 30 Dec.
1649; and prob. rem. to L. I. for in 1662 one of this name, at this place
was among a large party propos. to be rec. as freem. of the jurisdict. of

    VALENTINE, JOHN, Boston, freem. 1675.

    VALLACK, NICHOLAS, is the name of one wh. at Pemaquid, 1674, sw.
fidel. to Mass.

    VANDENBOSK, LAWRENCE, Boston, 1685, a Huguenot cleerg. wh. prob.
in virtue of his function, had undertaken to solemnize m. perhaps the first
ever perform. in Mass. except by a civil officer. He ahd been brot. bef.
a tribunal for this enormity, and had promis. "to do no more such things,"
yet, says Judg Sewall, in Sept. he join. together Giles Sylvesteer and
Hannah, wid. of Benjamin Gillam. These were in high life, and Sylvester
may have indemnif. the poor min. perhaps by carrying him to his
principality at Shelter Island. At least the rev. offender went to N. Y.
the same week.

    VANE, HENRY, Boston, s. of Sir Henry, came to N. E. 1635, in the
Defence, says the writer of an elaborate eulogy on him, Geneal. Reg.
II. 127, in wh. he sail. 10 Aug. and arr. 3 Oct. but if he emb. at London,
it was prob. 30 days earlier, and Winthrop marks the arr. 6 Oct. at
the same time with the Abigail, in wh. his s. the Gov. of Conn. was
passeeng. in ten weeks voyage. On the first Sunday of Nov. foll. he
join. our ch. bec. freem. 3 Mar. foll. and was the same mo. made a
commissnr. for milit. affairs, and at the Gen. Ct. in May next, was chos.
Gov. then aged 24 yrs. the youngest man ever raised to that station in
Mass. In little more than six mos. he express. a strong wish to go
home, as the agitat. of the antinom. controversy had begun with great
warmth, anbd tho. the ch. of Boston and that of Braintree would sustain
his side, all the others in the Col. were very strong against him. Being
overrul. in his desire, he was a candid. next May, but fail. in the elect.
and was chos. rep. for B. So extreme was the virulence of this theolog.