Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p365


Volume 4, Page 365

quarrel, that in July, when he was invit. by the gov. to dinner, in co.
with Lord Ley, heir of the E. of Marlborough, wh. had arr. a few days
bef. he refused, "bec. his conscience withheod him," but add. to the
incivility by carr. Lord Ley with him over to dine with Samuel Maverick
at Noddle's Isl. However, early next mo. he went home, and ever
after stood the friend of our people. He was among the chief men in
the great civil was, and too conscientious or too ambitious to comply
with Cromwell, wh. secur. him in prison as he did so many others of the
republican party; yet one of the few after the death of the protector, wh.
did not feel the necessity of the restorat. of the monarchy, for wh. he was
turned our of the h. as one wh. had not been constant to parliament
privileges. Maidstone, a sincere commonwealth's man, in his letter to
Winthrop writ. but a few weeks bef. the universal outbreak of enthusiasm
for Charles II. explains the pleasure of the people at this dishonor to
Vane, by add. that he was "unhappy in lying under the most catholik
prejudice of any man I know." See 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. I. 196. Being
exempt from the gen. pardon in the Act. of indemnity, that may well
seem bad policy, he was execut. 14 June 1662, after a conviction wh. did
not benefit the royal cause, so much as it exalt. the suffer. Nothing in
life became him like the losing of it. How faithful adhre. to principle
tho. esteem erron. will surely be val. is shown in the history of his
descend. The only s. was ennob. by William III. and the rank in the
peerage was, for his lineal offspr. 3d Lord Barnard, raised to an Earldom,
and he by m. with a Fitzroy (offspr. of that king wh. took off the
ancestor's head) had s. created a Duke, with right to quarter the arms
of Vane with those of Charles II. HENRY, had in Nov. 1644, the fine
that at some unkn. time was impos. abated one half by the Court of
Mass. on condit. that he sould pay the other half in 2 mos. I find not
his resid. JOHN, Portsmouth, R. I. 1639, had gr. of lot of ld. if he
would build within a yr. but he may have forfeit.

    VANGOODENHAUSEN, SAMUEL, New Haven, where sometimes the
first syllab. of the surname was lost, a Dutch trader, m. a 1648, the wid.
whose bapt. name is unkn. of the capt. Nathaniel Turner, embark. in that
unhappy sh. built at New Haven, and sailing thence Jan. 1646, of wh.
Lamberton was master, whose return near two and a half yrs. later in
the clouds of heaven, adorns the Magnalia I. 25. Wethere he had ch.
by her is not told; but sec. w. he took 11 Nov. 1662, Elizabeth Parris, brot.
him Elizabeth b. 22 Feb. 1664; Samuel, 21 Feb. 1666; and John, 4 Mar.
1668. Soon aft. he sold his ho. and ld. that had been Turner's, for wh.
he had paid the portions to the heirs, and rem. to New York.

1656, a Dutchman of some conseq. wh. may have liv. there near 30 yrs.