Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p366


Volume 4, Page 366

and d. there, Sept. 1662. He had w. Judith, but she had d. bef. him.
We hear little of him, but that he had ch. Nicholas, Mary, Judith, and
Jane; was engag. in lawsuit a. some question, had hard work to gain
justice. NICHOLAS, Hartford, s. of the preced. connect. as his br.-in-law
with Gov. Stuyvesant of N. Y. went into the Dutch serv. See Trumbull,
Col. Rec. I. 387. Mary, sis. of Nicholas m. Johannes Ambeck,
and next, 1658, m. Paulus Schrick; but Judith, ano. sis. was imprison.
on the preposter, charge of witchery, and the interference of Gov. Stuyvesant
of New York
was invok. and found effectual. No doubt the
precious case report. in the Magnalia VI. cap. 7, as the first instance or
example of suffer. by Ann Cole, and her obtain. relief by the flight of
some, and the execut. of one poor woman, so torment. by the charges and
proofs against her, that she confess. as Mather exults to tell, "that the
Devil had frequently carnal knowledge of her," naturally led to freq.
recur. of such accusat. Her power of facination was in happier hour
suffic. to ensnare her m. with Nicholas Bayard, one of the patrician fam.
of the neighbor. province.

    VARNEY, EBENEZER, Dover, s. of Humphrey of the same, m. that
Mary, d. of Stephen Otis, wh. had been tak. by the Ind. 1689, had Mary,
b. 6 June 1693; Sarah, 10 Nov. 1695; Steephen, 7 Nov. 1697; Abigail,
11 Apr. 1699; John, 15 Jan. 1702; Ebenezr, 21 May 1704; Nathaniel,
17 Mar. 1706; Thomas, 7 Apr. 1708; Judith, 11 Apr. 1710; Samuel,
2 Apr. 1712; Martha, 18 Mar. 1714; and Ann, 6 July 1718.
HUMPHREY, Dover, 1659, had first liv. at Gloucester, perhaps s. of William
of Ipswich, b. in Eng. m. 2 Jan. or Mar. 1664, Sarah, wid. of
Joseph Austin; wh. had been wid. of William Story; and was d. of
Elder Edward Starbuck, had John, b. at Nantucket, 5 Sept. 1664, d. at
2 yrs.; Peter, 29 Mar. 1666; Joseph, 8 Oct. 1667; and Abigail, 10
July 1669; beside ano. John an Ebenezer, wh. Mr. Quint thinks may
have been of former m. A Bridget V. d. at Gloucester 26 Oct. 1672.
JOHN, Dover, s. of the preced. m. 1707, Susanna Otis, but had no ch.
PETER, Dover, s. of Humphrey, by w. Elizabeth had Joseph, Mary, Elizabeth
Hannah, and Peter. THOMAS, Boston 1664, join. Mather's ch. 8 Jan.
1665; by w. Mary, had Lydia, b. 6 Oct. 1672; and John, 1 Dec. 1676,
of whose bapt. no acco. is gain. bec. all rec. of them for near 50 yrs. is
lost; d. 4 Dec. 1692, leav. wid. Abigail, ch. Martha Smith, Abigail
Burnham, with three ch. beside Mercy, perhaps w. of Thomas Choate;
Rachel Fellows, Hannah, and Thomas. The wid. d. 1 Mar. 1732, aged
92. THOMAS, Ipswich, perhaps s. of William. WILLIAM, Ipswich, d.
1654 at Salem, leav. wid. Bridget, and ch. all perhaps b. in Eng.
Thomas, Humphrey, Sarah, wh. m. 11 Nov. 1657, Jeffrey Parsons, and
Rachel, w. of William Vincent, or Vinson. The wid. d. Nov. 1672.
Oft. the name is Verney.