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Volume 4, Page 367

    VARNUM, GEORGE, Ipswich, d. 1649, ment. w. in his will of 21 Apr.
names only ch. Samuel, and Hannah. SAMUEL, Ipswich 1648 s. of
George, by w. Hannah had Abraham, b. 28 Oct. 1659, d. at 5 mos.;
Hannah, 22 May 1661; Thomas, 19 Nov. 1662. In 1683 he was 64
yrs. old.

    VASSALL, JOHN, Scituate, s. of William, brot. by his f. at the age of
10 in the Blessing 1635, from London, was a lieut. 1652, afterwards a
capt. in 1661 sold his est. and went to Jamaica, but in few yrs. was
engag. in the settlem. at Cape Fear in N. C. and in 1667 applied for
relief here to be sent to hims. and followers. WILLIAM, one of the
Assist. of the Gov. and Comp. of the Mass. Bay, nam. in the first
Charter by K. Charles, Mar. 1629, of wh. Cradock was first Gov. came
next yr. in the fleet with the next Gov. Winthrop but went home in the
Lion, the first mo. aft. reach. this shore; came again 1635, in the Blessing,
then aged 42, with w. Ann, 42, and ch. Judith, 16; Frances,
12; John, 10; Ann, 6; Margaret, 2; and Mary 1. He sat down only
short time at Roxbury, and soon fixed at Scituate, in ano. juridict. and
join the ch. of John Lothrop, 28 Nov. 1636. He seems to have differ.
from Mass. policy, especially after the triump of the latitudinarians at
home, wh. desired freedom of worship; but as he could not bring many
to his opinions, went home again in the sh. with Child, Fowle, and perhaps
others discontent. as hims. rem. to Barbadoes, there d. bef. 1655.
He was s. of JOhn, alderman of London, wh. had gain. high reput. for exertions
in organiz. resist. to the Spanish Armada, 1588. Mortifying is
the ignorance that represents this fam. as coming in the reign of James
and Charles I. and that Miss Thomas copied such authority is to be refer.
to the opposite of a common error, that unduly magnifies ancient renown.
Judith had m. 8 Apr. 1640, Resolved White; Frances m. 16 July 1646,
James Adams; and one of the other ds. it is said m. Nicholas Ware in
Virginia, wh. was Excor. of his will at Barbadoes. To the w. of Adams,
as d. of William Vassall, one of the patentees wh. prob. had rec. nothing
for his money advanc. in the first coloniz. our Gen. Ct. 1672, made gr. of
150 acres. His br. Samuel, ano. patentee of Mass. and Assist. nam. by
the king in the Charter, was too rich, and much absorb. in the line of his
traffic at London, to come to the ld. of the Pilgrims. Seven of this
name had been gr. at Harv. 1771. We owe much to Harris's Cambridge
Epit. 180, for acco. of the memb. of this honor. fam. in the mid. of
last century; Lewis, H. C. 1728; John, H. C. 1732; and William, H.
C. 1733; all s. he says, of Leonard; to all of wh. the Catal. of the
Univ. gives dates of d. but much more glad. would I hear of Samuel, H.
C. 1695, of wh. there can be no doubt, from his positon at the head of
the class, that he was of the same stock.