Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p245

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Volume 1, Page 245

rem. to Duxbury, of wh. he was rep. 1639, the earliest assemb. of
deputies in that Col. thence to New London, bef. 1649, there was selectman,
d. bef. Sept. 1659, hav. in Sept. 1656 project. to ret. to Eng. with
his fam. By w. Lucretia, he had William, and Mary, both, prob. but
the first, certain. b. in Holland; Jonathan; Benjamin, bef. ment.; also,
Grace, Ruth, Hannah, and perhaps Elizabeth some of these b. prob. at
New London. Mary m. 12 Nov. 1645, John Turner of Scituate;
Elizabeth m. a. 1654, Peter Bradley; Grace m. 4 Aug. 1659, Daniel
; Hannah m. 23 Dec. 1664, Samuel Starr; and Ruth m.
John Picket, and next, Charles Hill, and d. 30 Apr. 1677. JONATHAN,
Duxbury, s. of the preced. is seen among the freem. in 1643,
with his br. William, but prob. they both went to New London with their f.
JOSEPH, New Haven 1646, s. of Francis. LOVE, Plymouth, s. of Elder
, b. prob. in Holland, possib. in Eng. came, with his f. in the
Mayflower, rem. to Duxbury, m. 15 May 1634, Sarah, d. of William
, had Sarah, wh. m. 1656, Benjamin Bartlett; Nathaniel;
William; and Wrestling,. He d. not long after his will of 1 Oct. 1600,
and his wid. m. Richard Park of Cambridge, and, after his d. 1665, went
back to Duxbury. NATHANIEL, New Haven, one of the earliest gr. of
Harv. prob. s. of Francis, brot. from London, went to Eng. sett. as min. at
Alby, in Co. Norf. had the degr. of B. D. from Dublin Univ. came
back after the restorat. and preach. some time from Oct. 1663, at the first
ch. in Boston; at last was sett. at Brookhaven, L. I. 1665; m. Sarah, d.
of Roger Ludlow, d. 1690, leav. s. John, Timothy, and Daniel, whose
descend. are still found there. The extravag. tradit. a. his age giv. by a
gr.s. as if he were 95, when only 48 yrs. from H. C. is in John Adams'
Works, II. 441. It is not prob. that Francis was neph. of the disting.
Elder, and any remoter relat. is uncert. Indeed that of Francis, and of
Joseph, is found. on conject. only, but very prob. NATHANIEL, Duxbury,
s. of Love, liv. not long after reach. manhood, for I see nothing of
his serv. exc. with his br. William on two coroner's inq. in Dec. 1673,
and he d. bef. Nov. 1676, when by Plymouth Rec. it appears, that
admin. on his est. was giv. to Robert Vixon of Eastham; but wh. was
R. V. is not seen. Perhaps V. was a creditor, and Nathaniel may have
gone to live at E. WILLIAM, Plymouth, the famous Elder, claim. of
liberal Christians everlast. gratitude, as the earliest of disting. Puritan
laymen in Eng,. came in the Mayflower, 1620, with his w. two younger s.
the w. of the eldest, and her s. William. He was b. 1563 (prob. but
earlier by some computa.) at Scrooby, in Nottinghampsh. at the manor
hall of wh. vill. belong. to the archbp. of York, he afterwards long
resid. the same house at wh. Cardinal Wolsey had made his last stop,
bef. reach. home in his final journey, on compulsory retirement from
court, after banishm. by King Henry VIII. thirty yrs. earlier. His f.