Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p244


Volume 1, Page 244

rem. prob. to Sudbury, perhaps after m. 23 Oct. 1647, Mary, d. of the
first John Whitmore, prob. and had Mary, b. 23 Sept. 1648; William, 6
Oct. 1653; and Sarah, 27 Mar. 1658. JOHN, Sudbury, prob. s. of the
preced. d. 1 Jan. 1691; m. Elizabeth d. of Henry Rice, had John, b. 1669;
Elizabeth 21 May 1671; Hannah; James, 10 Sept. 1675; Sarah, 14 Jan.
1678; Mary, 1680; Abigail, 5 Apr. 1682; Martha, 5 Mar. 1685; and
Jonathan, 21 June 1689. NATHANIEL, Roxbury, S. of first Daniel, by
w. Elizabeth wh. d. 25 June 1661, had Elizabeth b. 22 May bef.; m. sec. w. Elizabeth
d. of Robert Rand of Charlestown, had Joanna, b. 20 Jan. bapt. 12 Apr.
1663; and Nathaniel, b. 16 July 1667; was freem. 1674, and d. 26 Feb.
1694. THOMAS, Ipswich 1642, freem. 1652, when the Col. rec. calls
him of Roxbury. His d. Mary m. 21 Aug. 1656, William Lane of
Boston; and his d. Sarah m. 29 Nov. 1657, Thomas Webster of Hampton,
where the f. d. 23 Mar. 1690, as a writer of much research and unusual
precision in Geneal. Reg. IX. 160, conject. THOMAS, Lynn, m.
4 Dec. 1682, Elizabeth Graves, had Mary, b. 10 Nov. 1684; Rebecca;
Crispus; Thomas; and John. Five of this name had been gr. at Harv.
in 1834, and six at Yale.

    BREWSTER, BENJAMIN, New London 1654, s. of Jonathan, m. Feb.
1659, Ann Dart, sis. perhaps, of Richard of the same,[1] had Mary, b.
prob. at N. L. Dec. 1660; at Norwich, Ann, Sept. 1662; Jonathan,
Nov. 1664; Daniel, Mar. 1667; William, Mar. 1669; Ruth, 16 Sept.
1671; Benjamin, 28 Nov. 1673; and Elizabeth 23 June 1676. He d; 10
Sept. 1710. Caulkins, Hist. Norwich, 115. FRANCIS, New Haven
1640, was from London, prob. with w. Lucy and fam. in all count. nine
heads; and lost with Gregson, Lamberton, and others, going home in the
ship built at New Haven, Jan. 1646. He may well seem to have been
f. of Nathaniel, gr. in the first class at H. C. 1642, and of Joseph. His
wid. m. Thomas Pell, an(l was d. Sept. 1669. Above ten pages of N.
H. Col. Rec. are occup. with trifling, details on a trial of her for slander,
but this was bef. her m. to sec. h. and may have contribut. to produce it
in order to obt. manly protection. His est. was good, amt. of inv. �555.
JOHN, Portsmouth 1665. See Bruster. JONATHAN, Plymouth, eldest
s. of Elder William, b. at Scrooby, in Co. Notts, on the road to Doncaster
in Yorksh. from wh. it is only 12 or 13 miles dist. in a manor belong. to
the archbp. of York, under wh. his gr.f. was tenant on long lease, had
been instruct. only by his glorious f. either in his native ld. or the doz.
yrs. resid. in Holland, where he was left by the Elder to take care of
two sis. with his own fam. Without the sis. he came in the Fortune
1621, in June 1636, was in command of the Plymouth trading, ho. on
Conn. riv. and gave notice to John Winthrop, gov. of the fort at Saybrook,
in a letter in my posses. of 18 June, of the evil designs of the Pequots;