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Volume 1, Page 243

William, his eldest ch. also Samuel, and Jahleel, b. 15 Aug. 1691, wh. last
by two ws. had 22 ch. of wh. the eight, Jahleel, b. 22 Oct. 1729, d. Jan.
1802, was a Rear admiral in the Br. navy, and f. of the late Sir Jahleel,
b. at Newport, 22 Aug. 1770. Of all the descend. of first William, it is
believ. those wh. were liv. at the Revo. adher. to the royal gov.

    BRESSEY, ......New Haven, possib. the min. of wh. Mather, in
Magn. Ill. 214, writ. the name Brecy, says he knows nothing, but that
he went home. He had, in a former page, 2 of same Book, assign.
him to Branford; but we presume he was never ord. See Bracey.

    BRETT, ELIHU, Bridgewater, S. of William, by w. Ann had Mary,
Margaret, and Elihu; d. 1712. NATHANIEL, Bridgewater, br. of the
preced. m. 1683, Sarah, d. of John Hayward, had Alice, b. 1686; Seth,
1688; Mehitable, 1692; Sarah, 1695; Hannah, 1699; William, 1702;
and Nathaniel, 1704; was a deac. d. 1740. WILLIAM, Duxbury 1640,
rem. to Bridgewater, of wh. he was one of the first proprs. 1645, and
rep. 1661, by w. Margaret had William, Elihu, Nathaniel, Alice, Lydia,
and Hannah; was a rul. elder, and often preach. when the Rev. Mr.
Keith was unable, d. 17 Dec. 1681, aged 63. A very large measure of
elegiac verse was inflict. on him by the pastor. His d. Alice m. Joseph
Hayward, and Hannah m. Franklin Cary. WILLIAM, s. of the preced.
m. Elizabeth d. of John Cary, had only ch. Bethia, was deac. and d. 1713.

    BRETTON, PHILIP, Falmouth, left out the French particle from
his name, rem. to Boston, d. 1737. He was, perhaps, from Rochelle,
certain. a Huguenot, a rigger; in his will, 6 Aug. 1736, takes notice of
his adv. age, and ment. ch. Peter, Daniel, Mary, Elizabeth Rachel, Sarah,
Jane, and Ann, and of s.-in-law Edward Dumaresque. Willis, I. 186.

    BREWER, CHRISTOPHER, Lynn, wh. may be the same as the foll. had
Abigail, b. 4 Dec. 1664. CRISPUS, Lynn, freem. 1684, had Rebecca, b. 28
Oct. 1667. DANIEL, Roxbury, came in the Lion, with w. arr. at Boston
16 Sept. 1632, freem. 14 May 1634, d. early in 1646, names, in his will
of 12 Jan. that yr. w. Joanna, wh. d. 7 Feb. 1689, aged 87; s. Daniel,
prob. b. in Eng.; Nathaniel, b. 1 May 1635; and ds. Ann, Joanna, and
Sarah. This last b. 8 Mar. 1638, m. 19 Nov. 1656, John May. Ann
d. 13 Mar. 1659. DANIEL, Roxbury, s. of the preced. prob. b. in Eng.
ar. co. 1666, m. 5 Nov. 1652, Hannah, d. of Isaac Morrill, had one ch.
b. 9 Mar. 1660, d. at b.; Hannah, 5 July 1665; Daniel, 7 Feb. 1669;
d. 9 Jan. 1708, aged 84. His wid. Hannah d. 6 Oct. 1717. His s.
DANIEL, H. C. 1687, was min. of Springfield, ord. 16 May 1694, m. 23
Aug. 1699, Catharine, d. of Rev. Nathaniel Chauncy, and Catharine,
Eunice, and prob. other ch. and d. 5 Nov. 1733. JOHN, Cambridge, by
w. Ann, his first, had John, b. 10 Oct. 1642; and Hannah, 18 Jan. 1645;