Rumgay Deaths and Obituaries in Fife

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Fife, Scotland

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James Rumgay (1861-1861)

Register of Deaths, District of Crail, County of Fife, 1861, entry 14.

Deceased: James Rumgay, feuer, single, male, 57 years

When & where: 1861 April 16th, 6 hours am, "Rumgay's Feus", Crailsmuir

Parents: James Rumgay, feuer & farmer (deceased); Agnes Rumgay m.s. Wilson (deceased)

Cause of Death: Apoploxy, 3 days

Informant: George Webster (nephew-in-law), present

William Rumgay (1805-1861)

Register of Deaths, District of Abdie, County of Fife, 1861, entry 20.

Deceased: William Rumgay, joiner, (married), male, 56 years

When & where: 1861 Dec 26th; 4h 20m P.M.; Parkhill

Parents: Andrew Rumgay, joiner (decd); Mary Rumgay M.S. Black (decd)

Cause of Death: Asthma, Bronchitis. a long period, as cert. by Robert Peter L.R.C.S.E.

Informant: John Methven, son in law, (occupier); reg. 1861 Dec 28th at Abdie

Mary (Rumgay) Marshall (1795-1862)

Register of Deaths, District of Carluke, County of Lanark, 1862, entry 1.

Deceased: Mary Marshall, wife of Peter Marshall, mason, female, 67 yrs.

When & where: 1862 January 7th, 3h 0m p.m., Kirkton Street, Carluke

Parents: Andrew Rumgay, wright (deceased); Mary Rumgay M.S. Black (deceased)

Cause of Death: Gradual Decline, No medical attendent

Informant: Peter Marshall, husband (present); reg. 8 Jan 1862

Fanny Rumgay (1864-1864)

Register of Deaths, District of Auchtermuchty 406, County of Fife, 1864, entry 57.

Deceased: Fanny Rumgay (single), female, 12 days

When & where: 18th Dec 1864, Jervisland Feus, Auchtermuchty

Parents: Andrew Rumgay, weaver; Margaret Rumgay, M.S. Syme

Cause of Death: Malformation of the heart

Informant: Andrew Rumgay, father

Robert Rumgay (1796-1878)

Register of Deaths, District of Arngask 404, County of Kinross, 1878, entry 6.

Deceased: Robert Rumgay, wright and grocer, widower of Charlotte Robertson, male, 82 years

When & where: 2nd May 1878, Newton of Balcanguhal, parish of Arngask

Parents: Andrew Rumgay, wright (dec); Janet Rumgay, M.S. Black (dec)

Cause of Death: Apoplexy, a few minutes; no medical attendent

Informant: James Skinner, lodger