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About Me

Rob, Lyn, and Lauren

That little blonde girl is me! I've been researching my family history since I was a teenager. I got started when I drew up a descendant chart to try to figure out how all those people at the family reunion were related to me. More than twenty years later, I still provide charts for the family reunion, but I need much bigger pieces of poster board!--Lauren 08:03, 16 November 2006 (MST)

My family webpages are at Lauren's Genealogy

My Great-grandparents

John Murphy Daniels (1877 - 1934) of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, grandson of Texas War of Independence veteran William C. Murphy (1810 - 1895) of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and 2nd great-grandson of William Daniel and Sarah Postles of Sussex County, Delaware

Jane "Jean" Muirhead Forrest (1879-1852) of Scotland and Pennsylvania, great-granddaughter of John Forrest and Janet Muir, married 1803, Carluke, Scotland

Mahlon Bolton Kiefer (1890 - 1940) of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, grandson of bakers Jacob and Mary Kiefer, German immigrants to Philadelphia

Hugh Watt Mahorter (1876 - 1923) of Pennsylvania and Minnesota, grandson of Samuel Mehorter and Mary Watt, married about 1820, of Ireland

Ellen Smelter Sayles (1879-1864) of Sheffield England and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2nd great-granddaughter of William Sayles and Mary Ann Smelter, married about 1785, of Sheffield, England

Lena Schwager (1890- 1947), descendant of German immigrants to Montgomery County, Pennsylvania: granddaughter of Franklin Schwager and Sarah Schuler and Joshua Hauck and Annie Sophia Weand, and descendant of Johan Peter Hauck (1720 - 1812).

Martha Smith (1880 - 1942) of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, granddaughter of Charles F. Smith and Rebecca Beason, married about 1830, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and great-granddaughter of Robert M. Clare and Ann Kurtz, married about 1798, of New Jersey

John MacKie Whyte (1882 - 1967) of Scotland and Pennsylvania, 5th great-grandson of John Rumgay and Margaret Duncan, married 1646, in Kilconquhar, Fife, Scotland

Current Research Interests

I'm always looking for information on any of my relatives, but these are the questions I'm currently concentrating on:

Who are the parents of my 3rd great-grandmother Annie Sophia Weand? Lots of clues, little evidence.

Rumgays - Who could resist researching a name like Rumgay?!


An Ahnentafel is one way to present a pedigree. Each person is given a number based on relationship. In this case, the primary person, #1, is one of my children. Each father's number is twice the person's number and the mother's number is the father's number plus one. Ex. Elmer Snellgrove is #8, his father is #16 and his mother is #17. Elmer's grandparents are #32, 33, 34, and 35.

Generation 4

8. Elmer Carl Snellgrove, born 20 May 1903, Colquitt, Georgia; married Jul 1931; died Oct 1974, Albany, Georgia.

9. Bertie Lee Carroll, born 31 Oct 1915, Georgia; married Jul 1931; died 30 Oct 1985, Dougherty, Georgia.

10. Iduce Alexander Walters, born 16 Sep 1908, Worth, Georgia; died 18 Mar 1980, Albany, Georgia.

11. Beckie Ethelle Johnson, born 15 Dec 1911, Wilcox, Georgia; died 5 Jul 1994, Colquitt, Georgia.

12. Robert Gregg Mahorter, born 15 Feb 1904, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; married 28 Jun 1933, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; died 14 Jul 1972, Camden, New Jersey.

13. Marguerite Russell Whyte, born 7 Oct 1910, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; married 28 Jun 1933, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; died 18 Aug 2008, Runnemede, New Jersey.

14. William Mahlon Kiefer, born 11 Oct 1913, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; married 27 Mar 1934, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; died 20 Jul 1946, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

15. Laura Estella Daniels, born 22 Oct 1915, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; married 27 Mar 1934, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; died 30 Jul 1999, Annapolis, Maryland.