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The Rumgay Surname

According to Black's "Surnames of Scotland" the Rumgay surname orginated in Fifeshire, Scotland, probably from the place name Rumgay in Kemback parish. Variations include: Ramgay, Rumgey, Rumgray, Rumgary, Rumgie, Rungay, Gay and many others. Church records for the Rumgay surname go back to the beginning of Scottish parish record keeping in the 1500's. Today, information can be found on Rumgays in Scotland, England, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India, and the United States.

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Who could resist researching a name like Rumgay?! I certainly couldn't. I started researching the Rumgays when I found my great-great-grandmother, Ann Rumgay and couldn't stop. So here's the start of a one-name study on the Rumgay surname! You can leave a message in this section to let the world know who you are and why the Rumgays are of interest to you. Jump in and add what you can! --Lauren 14:39, 18 June 2008 (EDT)