Rumgay Banns and Marriages in Fife

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Fife, Scotland

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William Rumgay & Mary Brown, 1859

Register of Marriages, District of Auchtermuchty, County of Fife, 1859, entry 1.

When, where, & how: On the twelfth day of January 1859 at Auchtermuchty, Marriage (after banns) was solemnized between us according to the Presbyterian Church of Scotland

Groom: William Rumgay, 55, wright, widower, no relationship, Lockmill

Groom’s parents: Andrew Rumgay, Decd; Mary Black, Decd

Bride: Mary Brown, 37, spinster (her mark - Alexander Colfey), Auchtermuchty

Bride's parents: John Brown, weaver; Elizabeth Darling, decd

Signatures: John Renton, minister of the Free Church of Scotland; Christian Marrhole, witness; Emma Blackhole, witness

George Webster & Ann Adamson, 1859

Register of Marriage, District of Crail, County of Fife, 1859, entry 18.

When, where, & how: 24 Dec 1859 at James Rumgay's Feu Crailsmuir

Groom: George Webster, farm servant, bachelor, 22 years, Crailsmuir Feu

Groom's parents: David Webster, farm servt at Servy, Kingsmuir; Euphemia Webster m.n. Brown

Bride: Ann Adamson, spinster, 22 years, Crailsmuir Feu

Bride's parents: Lawrence Adamson, farmer at Bankhead, parish of Scoonie; Ann Rumgay, Crailsmuir Feu

Signatures: Robert Smith, minister, Crail; James Rumgay (witness); David Webster (witness)

William Dingwall & Margaret Rumgay, 1866

Register of Marriages, District of Ceres, County of Fife, 1866, entry 5.

When, where, & how: 1866 on the Thirtieth day of March at Ceres; After Banns according to the forms of the Established Church of Scotland

Groom: William Dingwall, agr. laborer, bachelor, 21 years, Auchterderran

Groom's parents: Robert Dingwall, carter; Elizabeth Dingwall M.S. Kilgour

Bride: Margaret Rumgay, farm servant, spinster, 21 years, Collange, Ceres

Bride's parents: William Rumgay, joiner (dec); Margaret Rumgay M.S. Dickson (dec)

Signatures: John C. C. Brown, Min. of Ceres; John Methven (witness); Mary Low (witness); reg. 1866 March 30th at Ceres