Person:William McCorkle (3)

  1. James McCorkleABT 1751 -
  2. Nancy McCorkleABT 1751 -
  3. Ensign John McCorkleABT 1753 - ABT 1781
  4. William McCorkleABT 1755 - 1818
  5. Samuel McCorkleabt 1760 -
  1. John McCorkle1777 -
  2. Samuel McCorkle1778 -
  3. Mary 'Polly' McCorkle1779 - 1814
  4. Esther McCorkle1781 -
  5. Alexander McCorkle1782 -
  6. William McCorkle1784 -
  7. James McCorkle1785 -
  8. Elizabeth McCorkle1787 - 1855
  9. Phoebe McCorkle1789 -
  10. Henry McCorkle1791 -
  11. Abner McCorkle1793 - 1861
  12. Jane McCorkle1795 -
  13. Nancy McCorkle1795 -
  14. Elijah McCorkle1797 -
  • HWilliam McCorkleABT 1755 - 1818
  • WAnn Paul1755 - 1828
m. 1802
Facts and Events
Name William McCorkle
Gender Male
Birth[1] ABT 1755 Boutetort or Rockbridge County, Virginia
Marriage 1802 to Ann Paul
Death[1] 7 SEP 1818 Rockbridge County, Virginia

William McCorkle was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Will of William McCorkle

Rockbridge County, VA Will Book 4, pp. 368-369. (Transcription)

Will of William McCorkle

We the undersigned bring at the House of William McCorkle deceased on the 7th day of September in the year 1818 it being in the time of his last sickness, At which time we were called on by said deceased to take notis or words to that efect that his wish or Will was that after his decease that his wife should hold the full amount of legacy left her by her former husband James Taylor to be at her own disposal so far as he has any controle over said property.
Also one tract of Land adjoining Calhoon Riddle and the Mountain that he wished to be equally devided betwist his son henry McCorkle and Stewit Taylor, also one half of which he alowed his son John McCorkle for which he stated he had give him a title Bond and possession for during the time of his being a Widower The other half of said tract he alowed for his two sons Henry and Abner McCorkles for which he stated he had some time since given them a deed of gift, The Balance of his estate he wished equally devided betwiset his two sons John & Henry McCorkles and his three daughters Esther Porter Betsy Taylor and Pheby Elliott.
Witness our hands and seals this 6th day of Octo 1818
Jos Allen (seal)
Samuel Steele (seal)
At Rockbridge county court November 2nd 1818
The depositions of Joseph Allen & Samuel Steele purporting to be the noncupative Will of Wm McCorkle decd was produced in court and sworn to by said Allen & Steele, and the heirs of said William McCorkle having been summoned to contest said will and not appearing and on the motion of Ann McCorkle widow of said William McCorkle decd that said Will be established and that the same be recorded.
And on the motion of said Ann McCorkle who made oath according to Law & together with James Wm Matthews James Taylor & Stuart Taylor her securities entered into & acknowledged Bond in the penalty of four thousand dollars conditioned as the Laws directs, Letters of administration with will annexed are granted her in due form of Law

Information on William McCorkle

Family Group Record FamilySearch® Ancestral File™ v4.19

Husband's Name

Alexander MCCORKLE (AFN:G11M-69)    

Born:  Abt 1725  Place:  , Ulster, Ireland 
Died:  1780  Place:  , , VA. 
Married:    Place:   

Father:  William MCCORKLE (AFN:G11M-C5)    
Mother:  Mrs William MCCORKLE (AFN:G11M-DB)   

Wife's Name

Mary STEELE (AFN:G11M-7G)    

Born:  Abt 1728  Place:  <, Ulster, Ireland> 
Married:    Place:   



1. Sex Name

M  William MCCORKLE (AFN:G11L-VL)    

Born:  Abt 1755   Place:  Botetourt Or, Rockbridge Co.  
Died:  7 Sep 1818   Place:  Rockbridge, Virginia  

2. Sex Name

M  James MCCORKLE (AFN:G11M-8M)    

Born:  Abt 1751   Place:  <Botetourt Or, Rockbridge Co.>  

3. Sex Name

M  John MCCORKLE (AFN:G11M-9S)    

Born:  Abt 1753   Place:  <Botetourt Or, Rockbridge Co.>  
Died:  1781   Place:  Battle Ofcowpens  

4. Sex Name

F  Nancy MCCORKLE (AFN:G11M-B0)    

Born:  Abt 1751   Place:  <Botetourt Or, Rockbridge Co.>  

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  2.   William McCorkle and Jean Mackey had many children:
    I found this message on the internet from a pretty reliable source which shows birth
    dates of their children:

    My 4th great grandfather was William McCorkle who md Jean Mackey and had fourteen children:

    l. John McCorkle, born 20 Jul 1777
    2. Samuel McCorkle 3 Aug 1778
    3. Polly McCorkle 13 Nov 1779
    4. Esther McCorkle 13 Jan 1781
    5. Alexander McCorkle 9 Nov 1782
    6. William McCorkle 3 Apr 1784
    7. James McCorkle 9 Sep 1785
    8. Elizabeth McCorkle 27 Jun 1787
    9. Phoebe McCorkle 27 Mar 1789
    10. Henry McCorkle 14 Feb 1791
    11. Abner McCorkle 7 Feb 1793
    12. Jane McCorkle 27 Apr 1795
    13. Nancy McCorkle 27 Apr 1795
    14. Elijah McCorkle 29 Mar 1797

    I found this list in the Virginia State Library in Richmond. I descend through the eighth child, Elizabeth, who married James Taylor 12 Sep 1805 in Rockbridge Co. VA. and died 6 Jan 1855 in Wrights Valley, Tazewell Co, VA. Only 7 of these children is listed in William's will, and of those 7, I have found only Abner, who received a pension for service in the War of 1812 stating that he married Susannah Powell on 11 Apr 1826 in Giles Co, VA and died on 18 May 1861 in Indian Creek, Monroe, WV.

    If you know anything more about this family, please contact Karen at Thanks