Person:William Jackson (187)

William Jackson
d.bef Aug 1794
m. 1694
  1. Thomas Jackson1694 - bet 1759
  2. Mary Jackson1695/96 - bef 1735
  3. Sarah Jackson1697 -
  4. Rebecca Jackson1698 -
  5. John Jackson, Sr.1700 - bet 1768 and 1772
  6. Charity Jackson1701 -
  7. Elizabeth Jackson1702/3 -
  8. James Jackson, Jr.1704 - 1750
  9. William (1) Jackson1705 - 1706
  10. Hannah Jackson1706 -
  11. William Jackson1707 - bef 1794
  12. Martha Jackson1708/9 - abt 1789
  13. General Joseph Jackson1709/10 - 1769
  14. Richard Jackson1711 - 1739
  15. Phoebe Jackson1712 - 1777
  16. Robert Jackson1713 -
  17. Jemima Jackson1714 -
  18. Samuel Jackson1716 -
  19. Stephen Jackson1717 -
  20. Benjamin Jackson, Sr.1719 - abt 1805
  1. James or Jeremy Jackson1745 -
  2. Phebe Jacksonabt 1747 - 1820
  3. Phebe Jackson1747/8 - 1812
Facts and Events
Name William Jackson
Alt Name William Jacson
Gender Male
Birth[2] 4 Oct 1707 Hempstead, Queens (now Nassau) Co., New York
Marriage to Prudence Smith
Death[3] bef Aug 1794

William and his wife Prudence were found on the records of Rahway/Plainfield Monthly Meeting along with William's brother James and James' wife Mary. All their names were spelled 'Jacson'. These two families were the only Jacsons recorded in the Rahway/Plainfield Monthly Meeting record of births.

Jacson, Jeremy (19.02)
Child of William & Prudence, Born: 1745.0312

Jacson, Phebe (19.01)
Child of William & Prudence, Born 1747.0113

From Essex County New Jersey Quaker Records @
Name: William Jackson
Spouse's Name: Prudence
Death Date: 11 Aug 1794
Child: James; Phebe
Birth Date: 12/9 Nov 1745; 13/1 Mar 1747/8
Death Date: -; 11 Mar 1812

Found at
Name: Phebe Jackson
Relative: daughter of William & Prudence
Birth Date: 13/1 Mar 1747/8
Comment: Cert to MM in or about Anson Co, NC 7-15-1772, clear

In the above records the dates for the children's births - the day and the year are the same; the month I believe varies because of misinterpretation of the Quaker dating system. With spelling like Jacson, perhaps someone misread Jeremy for James or vise-versa.

Earlier I had taken William's death info from a rootsweb chart saying he had died in Kentucky. But I have become increasingly uneasy about this and have removed that death record awaiting verification by any means that the William who died in KY is the son of James Jackson and Rebecca Hallett. Until better verification is found, I cannot assume that.

I do not know yet about the above reference to Phebe being cleared to Anson Co when she was about 25 years old. Other records have Phebe married to David Vail. This requires more research to verify one way or the other.

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  3. Will.

    His wife Prudence Smith Jackson's 1794 Will states that her husband is deceased.

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    OBR does not name his wife.

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