Person:William Irwin (34)

William Irwin
b.Abt 1842 Ireland
  1. William IrwinAbt 1842 - 1878
  2. Hugh Irwin1843 - 1929
  3. Elizabeth Irwin1851 - 1926
  4. Elliott Irwin1852 - 1933
  5. MARGARET Jane Irwin1853 -
m. 9 Feb 1873
  1. ANNA Maria Irwin1874 - 1941
  2. William Robert Irwin1875 - 1929
  3. JAMES Jackson Irwin1877 - 1941
Facts and Events
Name William Irwin
Gender Male
Birth[1] Abt 1842 Ireland
Census[4] 1861 Goderich (township), Huron, Ontario, Canada
Residence? 1869 Chapman, Parry Sound, Ontario, CanadaMoved to Maganetawan
Census[1] 23 Aug 1871 Aumick Lake, Parry Sound, Ontario, CanadaLot 97, Concession B, Chapman Township
Marriage 9 Feb 1873 Croft, Parry Sound, Ontario, CanadaRegistration #008477
to Frances Jackson
Death[2][3] 26 Mar 1878 Chapman, Parry Sound, Ontario, CanadaLot 97, Concession B, Chapman Township
Burial[2] ?? Mar 1878 Chapman, Parry Sound, Ontario, CanadaChapman Cemetery

Name and Relationships

Name: William Irwin. His 1873 marriage registration and death registration listed his name only as William. Some trees on show his name as William Robert Irwin. However, I can find no documents that support this.

Parents: Robert and Mary Irwin. Source is William's 1873 marriage registration.

William Irwin was Elmer Irwin's paternal grandfather. Unfortunately, Elmer never met this grandfather as he died before Elmer was born.

Personal History

1842? - Birth: Several different birth dates are provided for William Irwin in various documents. Unfortunately, his correct birth date cannot be ascertained without a birth registration and so far have been unable to find it. The 1861 census listed his age as 17 and born in Ireland (infers a birth year of 1844). The 1871 census listed his age as 29 and born in Ireland (infers a birth year of 1842). However, his 1873 marriage registration listed his age as 28 (infers a birth year of 1845).

1848 - Immigration: It appears that William Irwin, his younger brother Hugh Irwin and his mother and father emigrated together from Ireland in 1848. However, the 1901 Canada census for the Hugh Irwin family only mentions Hugh and Mary Irwin (the two others had died). NOTE: Margret J. Irwin 8, is listed in the 1861 census as being born in Upper Canada. This infers that she was born in 1853 and this means that the family immigrated before that date.

1851 - NOTE: The 1851 census for Goderich, Huron County, did not survive and therefore cannot be used to track William Irwin's whereabouts using this document. Source is Library and Archives Canada.

1861 - Census: In 1861, William Irwin 17, was working on William McCabe's (his uncle?) farm in Huron County near Goderich as a labourer. His younger brother, Hugh Irwin 13 and his sister Margret J. Irwin 9, were living at Hugh McCabe's (their maternal grandfather?) farm nearby. Source is 1861 Census of Canada, Goderich, Huron, Ontario [4].

1869 - Residence: In 1869, William Irwin abt 26 and his brother Hugh Irwin came to Magnetawan, Ontario. Source is information contained in the testimony Hugh Irwin provided for the Ontario Agricultural Commission in 1880.

1871 - Census: On August 23, 1871, William Irwin 29, Farmer, single, born in Ireland, was living on the homestead at Lot 97, Concession B, Chapman Township (just outside of Magnetawan). His mother, Mary Irwin 54, widowed, born in Ireland, lived with him. Source is 1871 Census of Canada, Aumick Lake, Parry Sound, Ontario.[1].

1873 - Marriage: On February 9, 1873, William Irwin 28, yeoman (means he owned and cultivated his own land), bachelor, married Frances Jackson 25, in Croft Township, Parry Sound District. The marriage registration listed his parents as Robert and Mary Irwin. Her parents were listed as William and Amelia Jackson. Witnesses were John Jackson and Robert Elliott, Township of Croft. Source is their 1873 marriage registration #008477.

1878 - Death and Burial: On March 26, 1878, William Irwin 36, died at the farm in Magnetawan. Source is My Irwin Family [2] by D. Smyth, Unpublished. His death registration listed the cause of death as "Prostration - for four years" but the date he died was not listed. Oddly, the death was not registered until May 15, 1878, almost 2 months after he died. Further, it was strange that the informant on the death registration was Dr. Henry Taylor, Magnetawan, not a family member. D. Smyth wrote that William Irwin was buried in Chapman Community Cemetery [2]. However, there does not appear to be a grave marker. His death registration did not list where he was buried. NEED TO CHECK THE INTERNMENT RECORDS FOR THIS CEMETERY.


D. Smyth wrote in My Irwin Family that William Irwin died in 1878 when "A pig got out and he chased it to try to catch it and died of a heart attack."

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