Person:Frances Jackson (24)

Frances Jackson
b.11 Feb 1847 Ireland
  1. Frances Jackson1847 - 1921
  2. John Jackson1848 - 1910
  3. Rebecca Jackson1853 - 1924
m. 9 Feb 1873
  1. ANNA Maria Irwin1874 - 1941
  2. William Robert Irwin1875 - 1929
  3. JAMES Jackson Irwin1877 - 1941
m. 12 Sep 1881
Facts and Events
Name Frances Jackson
Married Name Frances Irwin
Married Name Frances Harrison
Gender Female
Birth[1] 11 Feb 1847 Ireland
Immigration[1] 1853 Ireland
Marriage 9 Feb 1873 Croft, Parry Sound, Ontario, CanadaRegistration #008477
to William Irwin
Census[3][12] 4 Apr 1881 Chapman, Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada
Marriage 12 Sep 1881 Magnetawan, Parry Sound, Ontario, Canadato William Harrison
Census[4][13] 6 Apr 1891 Chapman, Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada
Census[1][11] 31 Mar 1901 Chapman, Muskoka and Parry Sound, Ontario, CanadaLot 97, Concession B, Chapman
Census[2][10] 23 Jun 1911 Chapman, Parry Sound, Ontario, CanadaLot ?, Concession 9, Chapman
Death[5] 13 Oct 1921 Chapman, Parry Sound, Ontario, CanadaLot 34 and 35, Concession 9, Chapman Township
Burial[5] 15 Oct 1921 Chapman, Parry Sound, Ontario, CanadaChapman Cemetery

Name and Relationships

Name: Frances Jackson. Source is 1901 Canada census. However, there is some question about the spelling of her first name: Frances or Francis. D. Smyth lists it as Francis in My Irwin Family unpublished. She may have been called 'Fanny' as listed in her daughter Annie's 1894 marriage registration.

Parents: William Jackson and Amelia Jackson. Source is Frances' 1873 marriage registration. However, in her 1881 marriage registration to William Harrison, her parents are listed as William and Mary Jackson. Mervyn Lennox, incorrectly listed her parents as John and Maria Jackson in his 1985 in Elliott-Jackson Family in Magnetawan Women's Institute, Looking Back with the Magnetawan Women's Institute: A Selection of Stories from the Tweedsmuir History. (, 1995), Page 163-164, 1995.

Information provided by James Jackson Irwin on Frances' death certificate listed Frances' mother's first name as Emily and her maiden name as Hunt (indistinct). Source is Frances' 1921 death registration.

Frances' sister, Rebecca Jackson death registration confirmed that their father's name was William Jackson and that her mother's name was Amelia Hunt. Source is Rebecca Elliott's 1924 death registration.

Further, in Chapman Community Cemetery, William Jackson and his wife Amelia are both listed on the same grave marker.

Spouse: William Robert Irwin. Source is William and Frances' 1873 marriage registration. William Harrison. Source is Frances and William's 1881 marriage registration.

Children: Anna Maria Irwin, William Robert Irwin, James Jackson Irwin, John Henry Harrison, and David George Harrison. Source is 1891 Census of Canada.

Siblings: John and Rebecca Jackson. Source is 1861 Census of Canada. Robert Elliott was her brother-in-law.

Frances Jackson was Elmer Irwin's paternal grandmother.

Personal History

1847 - Birth: Frances Jackson was born in Ireland on February 11, 1847 [1]. Source is 1901 Census of Canada.

1853 - Immigration: Frances immigrated to Canada from the Ireland with her parents in 1853 [1] when she was about 6. Source is 1901 Census of Canada. However, 1911 Census lists her as immigrating in 1850. WHICH IS CORRECT??

1861 - Census: In 1861, Frances 13, born in Ireland, was living in the Township of Maryborough, Wellington County, Ontario, with her parents, William Jackson 35, Farmer, married, born in Ireland and Emily Jackson, 30, married, born in Ireland, and her siblings: John 10, born in Ireland and Rebecca 7, born in USA. Source is 1861 Census of Canada, Canada West, Wellington District, Maryborough Township, Page 36.

1871 CENSUS - WHERE IS SHE? She would be 23.

1873 - Marriage 1: On Feb 9, 1873, Frances Jackson 25, married William Irwin 28 in Croft Township. Witnesses were John Jackson (her brother) and Robert Elliott (her brother-in-law), Croft Township. Source is William and Frances' 1873 marriage registration.

1878 - Death of Husband 1: Unfortunately, 5 years later, William Irwin 36, died on March 26, 1878 and Frances 30, was left alone with Annie 4, William 3, and James 1 along with the operation of the farm.

1881 - Census: On April 4, 1881, Frances Irwin 34, was living with her 3 children: Anna Maria 7, William Robert 6, and James Jackson 4?. Source is 1881 Census of Canada [3].

1881 - Marriage 2: On September 12, 1881, Frances Irwin 35, widowed, married William Harrison 28, a farmer from Machar in Magnetawan, Ontario. Witnesses were Robert and Rebecca (nee Jackson) Elliott (her brother-in-law and sister) from Croft. Source is William and Frances' 1881 marriage registration [5] [8].

1891 - Census: On April 6, 1891, Frances Harrison 44, (the 1891 Census of Canada [4] says 37 but this is an error), was living with her husband, William Harrison (she is listed as Married) (NOTE: The previous census page that should contain his name is missing from the 1891 census so no details are available for him) and her 3 Irwin children, Annie 17, Robert 14, and James 12, and her 2 Harrison children, John Henry 8 and David George 6. NOTE: In this census, the 3 Irwin children are using the surname Harrison.

1892 - Death of Husband 2: On April 28, 1892, William Harrison 39, drowned in the Magnetawan River near Kneophflie Rapids during a log drive [7]. Following this tragedy, Frances continued to live on the Magnetawan farm with her children. Source is D. Smyth My Irwin Family, unpublished.

1901 - Census: In the 1901 census [1], Frances Harrison 54, widow, is listed as living with her 2 Irwin children, William Robert 26, and James J. 24, and her 2 Harrison children, John H. 18, and David G. 16, on the farm at Lot 97, Concession B, Chapman Township. Frances Harrison is listed as emigrating in 1853. Source is 1901 Census of Canada.

1902 - Marriage of Child: On Christmas Eve, 1902, Frances' son, James Irwin 25, Farmer, married Jennie Elizabeth Wilson 17, farmers daughter. They planned to reside in Chapman Township, Parry Sound. Source is their 1902 marriage registration.

1904 - Marriage of Child: On June 28, 1904, Frances' son, Robert Irwin 29, married Georganna Stewart 21, at her parents residence in Chapman Valley, Ontario. Source is The William Irwin Farm by D. Smyth, 1989. NOTE: Could find no record of marriage registration in 96 pages of 1904 records in Muskoka/Parry Sound District.

190? - Residence: Some time prior to the 1911 census, Frances Harrison moved out of Robert Irwin's Magnetawan farm and moved in with James Irwin's family on his farm in Chapman Valley.

1911 - Census: On June 23, 1911, Frances Harrison 64, was living with her youngest Irwin son, James Jackson Irwin 34, and his wife Jennie Elizabeth and their son, Leonard (spelled Lenord in this document) at James's Chapman farm. Frances Harrison was listed as emigrating in 1850. Source is 1911 Canada census [2]. This farm was located at Lot 35-36 Concession 9, Chapman Township. Source is Frances Harrison's 1921 death registration [5].

1918 - Death of Daughter-in-Law: When Frances was living with her son's family, Jennie Irwin, her daughter-in-law, died December 22, 1918 when the Spanish Influenza hit the area around Magnetawan, Parry Sound. Source is Jennie's 1918 death registration. Strangely, Jennie's name was listed incorrectly as Elizabeth Jane Irwin in this document.

1921 - Census: On June 28, 1921, Frances Harrison 74, widow, was living with her son, James Irwin 44, widower, on his farm with his two sons: Lenard Herbert 20 and Hugh Irwin 4. Source is 1921 Census of Canada.

1921 - Death and Burial: On October 13, 1921, Frances Harrison 74, died of carcinoma of the stomach at James Irwin's farm in Chapman Township and was to be buried in Chapman Cemetery the next day on Oct 15, 1921. James Irwin was the informant. Source is her 1921 death registration [5]. NOTE: Have not been able to locate a grave marker in Chapman Cemetery - nothing under Jackson, Irwin or Harrison. CHECK INTERNMENT RECORDS


Frances' family left Ireland on a sailing vessel and after 5 weeks at sea, they landed in New York. Some time later they became involved with the United Empire Loyalists and moved from New York into Canada by way of Leamington and Wheatly finally settling on a farm near Guelph, Ontario [6].

Frances and her parents, John and Maria Jackson, followed Rebecca (now married to Robert Elliott), to Magnetawan and settled on a farm about a mile from Robert and Rebecca [6]. NOTE: Some of this information is not quite correct. First, Rebecca Jackson was born in the United States and she was about 6 weeks old when they emigrated from the USA. Second, her parents names are actually William and Amelia Jackson, not John and Maria. Source is Rebecca's 1924 death registration.

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