Person:Rebecca Jackson (65)

Rebecca Jackson
  1. Frances Jackson1847 - 1921
  2. John Jackson1848 - 1910
  3. Rebecca Jackson1853 - 1924
Facts and Events
Name Rebecca Jackson
Gender Female
Birth? 16 Mar 1853 New Jersey, United States
Death? 13 Apr 1924 Croft, Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada
Burial? 16 Apr 1924 Chapman, Parry Sound, Ontario, CanadaChapman Cemetery

Name and Relationships

Name: Rebecca Jackson. Source is her 1924 death registration. Several documents spell her first name as Rebeca. Several trees on list a nick name: Bessie, however, cannot verify a source for this.

Parents: William Jackson and Amelia Hunt. Source is Rebecca's 1924 death registration.

Spouse: Robert Elliott. Source is their grave marker in Chapman Cemetery, Parry Sound District, Ontario. NOTE: Have not located a marriage registration.


Siblings: Frances Jackson and John Jackson. Death registration for Frances, John and Rebecca list the same parents and all three siblings lived near each other in Northern Ontario.

Rebecca Elliott was Elmer Irwin's great aunt.

Personal History

1853 - Birth: Rebecca Jackson was born on March 16, 1853 in the United States. Source is 1901 Census of Canada. The 1881 Census of Canada also lists her place of birth as USA (indistinct). Her death registration lists her place of birth as New Jersey, USA. Some trees specify Monmouth County, New Jersey although there is no source information listed to support this. Her 1924 death registration supports her birth date of March 16, 1853 although her actual birth date is not listed in that document.

1861 - Census: In 1861, Rebecca Jackson 7, born in USA, was living in the Township of Maryborough, Wellington County, Ontario, with her parents, William Jackson 35, farmer, married, born in Ireland and Emily Jackson, 30, married, born in Ireland, and her siblings: Frances 13, born in Ireland and John 10, born in Ireland. Source is 1861 Census of Canada, Canada West, Wellington District, Maryborough Township, Page 36.


1872 - Marriage: On November 29, 1872, Rebecca (about 19) married Robert Elliott (about 24) in Lanark, Ontario. This marriage date came from various trees on but no source information was attached - so it cannot be substantiated.

1881 - Census: In 1881, Rebecca 28, was living on the farm in Spence and Croft Township, Muskoka District, with her husband, Robert Elliott, about 31, farmer, born in Ireland, and their children: Amelia Elizabeth 7, Wm. John 5, Robert Adam 4, Rebecca Jane 2 and Florence J. ? months. Source is 1881 Census of Canada.

1891 - Census: On April 6, 1891, Rebecca 38, was living on the farm in Chapman and Croft Township, with her husband, Robert Elliott 41 and their children: William 16, Robert A 14, Rebecca 12, Florence 10, Jamima 8, James 6, Frances 4 and Richard A 2. Source is 1891 Census of Canada.

1901 - Census:In 1901, Rebecca 49, was living on the farm in Croft Township, Muskoka and Parry Sound District, with her husband Robert Elliott (incorrectly spelled Elloit in this document), 51, farmer, (born in Ireland on August 19, 1849) and their children still living at home: Florence J. 20 (Mar 13, 1881), Jemima A.B. 18 (Aug 10, 1882), James H. 16 (Aug 17, 1884), Frances E. 15, (Nov 26, 1885), and Richard A. 12 (Oct 16, 1888). Source is 1901 Census of Canada.

1911 - Census: On June 20, 1911, Rebecca 57, was living on the farm at Lot 1, Concession 8, Croft Township, with her husband Robert Elliott (incorrectly spelled Elliot) 63, farmer, and their son James H. 26, farmer, and his wife Mary A. 27, born in Ireland, and their children: Wilma 3, Viola G. 1, and Robert G. 3 months. This document lists Robert's emigration from Ireland as 1871 and her emigration from USA as 1854. Source is 1911 Census of Canada.

1921 - Census: In June, 1921, Rebecca 60, was living on the farm in Croft Township with her husband, Robert 71, farmer and their son, James 37, farmer, and daughter-in-law, Mary, 35, and grandchildren: Welma 13, Viva 12, son?? 10. Emma 6 and Dina? 3. Source is 1921 Census of Canada.

1924 - Death and Burial: Rebecca Elliott 71, died on April 13, 1924 at Croft Township, Parry Sound District. Cause of death was cancer at cardiac end of stomach for the last two years. She lived in Chapman Township all of her life except for 6 weeks. Her father was listed as William Jackson, born in Ireland and mother as Amelia Hunt, born in Ireland. Rebecca was listed as being born in New Jersey, USA. Informant was her husband, Robert Elliott, Magnetawan. She was buried in Chapman Cemetery on April 16, 1924. Source is her 1924 death certificate.

Grave marker: ROBERT ELLIOTT 1849-1926 REBECCA JACKSON wife of Robert Elliott 1853-1924. indistinct. Chapman Cemetery, Parry Sound District, Ontario.