Person:Anna Irwin (5)

ANNA Maria Irwin
d.24 Mar 1941
m. 9 Feb 1873
  1. ANNA Maria Irwin1874 - 1941
  2. William Robert Irwin1875 - 1929
  3. JAMES Jackson Irwin1877 - 1941
m. 29 Oct 1894
  1. Irwin Mintie1903 -
Facts and Events
Name[1] ANNA Maria Irwin
Alt Name Annie Irwin
Gender Female
Birth[1] 9 Jan 1874 Chapman, Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada
Census[2][5] 1881 Chapman, Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada
Census[3][4] 6 Apr 1891 Chapman, Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada
Marriage 29 Oct 1894 Sundridge, Parry Sound, Ontario, Canadato Richard ALBERT Mintie
Death? 24 Mar 1941
Burial? Sault Ste. Marie, Algoma, Ontario, CanadaGreenwood Cemetery

Name and Relationships

Name: There appears to be several variations to her name. On her birth registration, her name is written as 'Anna Marie Irwin' although, the writing is indistinct. In some of the documents her name is spelled 'Anne Marie'. She was called 'Annie'. Source is 1891 census.

Parents: William Irwin and Frances Irwin nee Jackson. Source is Annie's 1874 birth registration.

Annie was Elmer Irwin's aunt.

Personal History

1874 - Birth: Anna Maria Irwin was born on January 9, 1874 in Magnetawan, Muskoka District. Source is Annie's 1874 birth registration. Annie's 1894 marriage registration also lists her birth place as Magnetawan. Her grave marker lists her as being born a year earlier in 1873. Her birth registration is considered correct.

1878 - Death of Father: When Annie was 4, her father William Irwin died suddenly. Source is William Irwin's 1878 death certificate.

1881 - Census: On April 4, 1881, Annie 7, was living on the family farm near Magnetawan with her mother, Frances 34 (now widowed) and her two brothers, Robert 6 and James 4. Source is 1881 Census of Canada.

1881 - Marriage of Mother: On September 12, 1881, her mother Frances Irwin 35 married William Harrison 28 in Magnetawan. Source is their 1881 marriage registration.

1891 - Census: On April 6, 1891, Annie 17, was living on the family farm near Magnetawan with her step-father, William Harrison, her mother, Frances Harrison 37, her two younger Irwin brothers, Robert 14 and James 12 and her two step-brothers, John Henry 8 and David George 6. All members of the family used the surname Harrison. NOTE: Page 16 of the census which should show William Harrison, appears to be missing. Source is 1891 Census of Canada.

1894 - Marriage: On October 29, 1894, Annie Irwin 21, married Albert Mintie 24, Baker, bachelor, from South River, Ontario, born in Innisfell, Ontario. His parents are listed as James and Ellen Mintie. NOTE: In this document Annie's surname is misspelled 'Irvine' and her parents are listed as William and Fanny Irvine (with the last name again misspelled). The witnesses to the marriage were J.E. Black, Sundridge and Maggie Hughes, Chapman Valley. Source is Annie's 1894 marriage registration.

1895 - Birth of Child: On September 30, 1895, Annie's first child, Lewis Albert Mintie, was born in Magnetawan, Ontario. Albert Mintie is listed as a butcher. Source is Lewis Albert Mintie's 1895 birth registration.

1897 - Birth of Child: On February 20, 1897, Annie's second child, Frances Ellen Mintie, was born in Durham County, Ontario. Source is Frances's 1897 birth registration.

1899 - Birth of Child: On January 20, 1899, Annie's third child, Laura Annie Amelia Mintie, was born in Oxford County, Ontario. Source is Laura's 1899 birth registration.

1901 - Census: In 1901, Annie 27, was living in Machar Township with her husband, Albert Mintie 30, cook, and their children: Lewis Albert 5, Francis E. 4 and Laura A.E. 2. Source is 1901 Census of Canada.

1901 - Birth of Child: On July 16, 1901, Annie's fourth child, Unnamed Mintie, was stillborn. Source is 1901 birth registration.

1903 - Birth of Child: On September 10, 1903, Annie's fifth child, Irwin Mintie, was born in Algoma District, Ontario. Source is Irwin's 1903 birth registration.

1908 - Birth of Child: On September 20, 1908, Annie's sixth and seventh children, the twins, William Ashley Mintie, and Norma Rebecca Mintie were born in Algoma District, Ontario. Source is their 1908 birth registrations.

1911 - NOTE: Could not locate her in the 1911 Census of Canada.

1921 - Census: On June 2, 1921, Annie 47, widowed, was living at 20 Dufferin St, Sault Ste. Maria, Ontario with her youngest children: daughter Laura 22, single, book keeper, son Irwin 17, Hoistman, son Ashley 12 and daughter Florence 12. NOTE: The transcription of this document misspells their last name as 'Mentis'. Source is 1921 Census of Canada.

1937 - Marriage of Child: On July 2, 1937, Annie was listed as living in Sault Ste. Marie. Source is the 1937 marriage registration of her son Irwin Mintie.

1941 - Death and Burial: Annie Mintie died on March 24, 1941. Source is her grave marker in Greenwood Cemetery, Sault Ste Marie. Unable to find a death registration for her.

Grave Marker: ANNIE MINTIE Jan 9, 1873 - March 24, 1941. Source is a photo of her grave marker in Greenwood Cemetery, Sault Ste Marie taken by DLK in Find a Grave.

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