Person:Margaret Irwin (14)

  1. William IrwinAbt 1842 - 1878
  2. Hugh Irwin1843 - 1929
  3. Elizabeth Irwin1851 - 1926
  4. Elliott Irwin1852 - 1933
  5. MARGARET Jane Irwin1853 -
  • HJohn Parks1852 -
  • WMARGARET Jane Irwin1853 -
m. 28 Jul 1874
  1. Herbert David Parks1876 -
  2. EMILY Rosa Parks1878 - 1879
m. 2 Feb 1888
  1. Robert IRWIN Varrell1889 - 1949
Facts and Events
Name MARGARET Jane Irwin
Gender Female
Birth? 1853 Georgetown, Halton, Ontario, Canada
Census[1] 1861 Goderich (township), Huron, Ontario, Canada
Marriage 28 Jul 1874 Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario, Canadato John Parks
Marriage 2 Feb 1888 Hamilton, Ontario, Canadato Albert Varrell

Name and Relationships

Name: Margaret Jane Irwin. Source is her 1874 marriage registration. She went by the name of Margaret. Several documents list the spelling of her first name as 'Margret' or 'Margrat'.

Parents: Robert and Mary Irwin. Source is Margaret Irwin's 1874 and 1888 marriage registrations.

Margaret Irwin was Elmer Irwin's great aunt. However, he probably did not have much contact with her as she lived most of her life in southern Ontario.

Personal History

1853 - Birth: Several different birth dates are listed for MARGARET Jane Irwin in various documents. The 1861 census lists her age as 8 (9 at her next birthday) and born in Upper Canada (Ontario) (infers a birth year of 1853). Her 1874 marriage registration lists her age as 19 (infers a birth year of 1855 in Ontario. The 1881 census lists her age as 25 and born in Ontario (infers a birth year of 1856. Her 1888 marriage registration to Albert Verrall lists her age as 32 and born in Georgetown, Ontario (infers a birth year of 1856). The 1901 census lists her age as 45 (infers a birth year of 1856. NOTE: Have been unable to locate her birth registration. However, how can these latter dates of 1855 and 1856 be possible if her father, Robert Irwin, died in 1852? His date of death must be confirmed.

1861- Census: In 1861, Margaret (spelled Margret in this document) J. Irwin 8 (infers she was born in 1853) was living in the household of Hugh McCabe, (her maternal grandfather?) in Goderich Township along with her brother Hugh Irwin 12. Source is 1861 Census of Canada, Goderich Township, Huron County, Canada West.


1874 - Marriage 1: On July 28, 1874, MARGARET Jane Irwin 19, married John Parks 22, (infers that he was born in 1852), carpenter, in Hamilton, Ontario. The marriage certificate lists his parents as David and Jane Parks and her parents as Robert and Mary Irwin. Witnesses were John Cox and Eliza Scott, Hamilton. Source is their 1874 marriage registration.

1876 - Birth of Child: On February 11, 1876, Margaret's first child, Herbert David Parks, was born in Hamilton, Ontario. Source is his 1876 birth registration.

1878 - Birth of Child: On April 3, 1878, Margaret's second child, EMILY Rosa Parks, was born Hamilton, Ontario. Her husband, John Parks was listed as a Carpenter. In this document, Margaret's last name is incorrectly listed as 'Erwin'. Source is Emily's 1878 marriage registration.

1879 - Death of Child: On July 12, 1879, Margaret's daughter, Emily Parks, 15 months, died of enteritis in Hamilton, Ontario. Source is Emily's death registration.

1881 - Census: Margaret Parks 25, was living with her husband John Parks 28, carpenter, (born in Ontario) in the City of Hamilton. No children are listed. Source is 1881 Census of Canada census. WHAT HAPPENED TO HER SON? Cannot find a death registration for him.

18?? - Death of Husband: Death of John Parks. WHEN AND WHERE? CANNOT FIND A DEATH REGISTRATION

1888 - Marriage 2: On February 2, 1888, Margaret Parks 32, widowed, Methodist, married Albert Verrall 45, Tavern Keeper, widowed, born in Sussex, England, Church of England, in York County, Toronto. Her parents were listed as Robert and Mary Irwin. Source is their 1888 marriage registration.

1889 - Birth of Child: On March 19, 1889, Margaret's third child, Robert IRWIN Varrell, was born in York County, Toronto. The birth registration lists Albert Varrell, Hotel Keeper and their address as 201 Gerrard St, Toronto. NOTE: This child was obviously named after her father, Robert Irwin. Source is Irwin Varrell's 1889 birth registration - See Family Search.


1901 - Census: In April 18, 1901, Margaret Verrall 45, was living with her husband Albert Verrall 57, Hotel Keeper, and her step-daughter, Hattie M. 18 and her son, Irwin R. 12 in the Town of Amherstburg, Essex South, Ontario. Source is 1901 Census of Canada.

1902 - Death of Husband: On February 15, 1902, Margaret's husband, Albert Verrall 58, Hotel Keeper, died of pyaemia (a type of septicemia) in Amherstburg, Essex County, Ontario. Source is his 1902 death registration #08337 from He was buried in Toronto on Feb 19, 1902. Source is his internment record.

1904 - Marriage of Child: On November 24, 1904, Margaret's step-daughter, Hattie M. Verrall, 26, Amherstburg, spinster, whose parents were Albert Verrall and Mary J. Hughes, married George Franklin Colton 37, River Inspector, parents Henry and Susan Colton, whose usual residence was Detroit, Michigan, in Amherstburg, Ontario. Source is Hattie's 1904 marriage registration.

1911 - Census: In 1911, Margaret Varrell, born in 1855? 58?, widow, was living with her son-in-law, Franklin Colton 30, born in September, 1872, in USA, immigrated to Canada in 1910, step-daughter, Hattie M. Colton 28, born in January?, 1882, and infant grand daughter, --- Colton, 8 months, born in October, 1910 in Amherstburg, Ontario. Source is 1911 Census of Canada. NOTE: This was a very poor copy of the original. In the LAC record, her name is listed as Margrat Terrell.



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