Person:William Givens (14)

William Givens, of Jackson's River
m. abt. 1742/43
  1. Ann Givensabt 1744 - 1819
  2. William Givens, of Jackson's River1746 - 1793
  3. George Givens1747 - bef 1815
  4. Agnes GivensABT 1748 -
  5. Sarah GivensABT 1752 -
  6. Samuel GivensAbt 1754 - Bef 1818
  7. Elizabeth GivensABT 1755 - 1847
  8. Capt. John Givens, Jr.ABT 1756 - 1812
  9. Mary GivensABT 1757 - 1859
  10. Robert Givens1759 - 1844
  11. William Givens1762 - 1847
  12. James Givens1764 - 1832
  13. Thomas Givens1767 - 1848
  14. Margaret GivensABT 1769 -
m. 21 MAR 1764
  1. Robert Givens1765 -
  2. Sarah 'Sally' Hannah Givens1766 - 1836
  3. Janet 'Ginny' Givens1770 -
  4. Mary Givens1771 -
  5. William Givens1773 -
  6. Isabella Givens1775 -
  7. Samuel Givens1776 - 1851
  8. Adam Givens1778 - BET 1843
  9. James Givens1781 -
  10. John Givens1783 -
  11. George Givens1784 -
  12. Henry Givens1786 - 1853
  13. Ann Nancy Givens1788 - 1881
  14. Margaret 'Peggy' Givens1792 -
  15. Agnes Givens1793 -
Facts and Events
Name William Givens, of Jackson's River
Gender Male
Birth[1] 21 May 1746 Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage 21 MAR 1764 Augusta County, Virginiato Nancy Agnes Bratton
Death[1] 29 SEP 1793 Augusta County, Virginia

William Givens was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia



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William Givens' parentage is in question, needs additional research.


In his will of 1792 WIlliam Givens identifies his wife as "Nancy". " wife Nancy her bed and furniture and all bed clothes "the best horse or mare that I have that she will choose." Yet Nancy's father, Robert Bratton in his 1783 will identifies his daughter as " to son-in-law, Wm. Givens, and Agnes, his wife ... to 4 children, Adam, George, John, and Agnes (Givens). Thus it may be that her full name was "Nancy Agness". The phrase " to 4 children, Adam, George, John, and Agnes (Givens)" seems to be interepreted by Chalkley as referring to the children of William Givens and wife Nancy/Agness Bratton. This, however, may be erroneous. While William identifies an AdamGeorge and John in his will, he does not mention an an Agness. Perhaps Agness died between the will of Robert Bratton (1783) and that of William Givens (1792), but Agness is commonly given a DOB of 1793; if correct she could not have been known to Robert Bratton in 1783. This may indicate that Robert Bratton's reference to soninlaw WIlliam Givens and wife Agness, was referring to someone else altogether.

Nancy may be the diminutive for Agness. See: Q 17:34, 15 August 2013 (EDT)


From "Abstracts of the Wills and Inventories of Bath County, Virginia, 1791-1842, by Jean Randolph Bruns:

  • pg. 27. Will of William Given(s) dated Nov. 24, 1792.
Beq: to wife Nancy her bed and furniture and all bed clothes "the best horse or mare that I have that she will choose"... one equal part with my children of my personal estate... mulatto girl Emy for her lifetime, then to James, John, George and Henry and my two youngest daughters Ann and Peggy... "to live in the mansion house, unmolested and to have a decent and sufficient maintenance of my plantation during her widowhood".
to Samuel, Adam, James, John, George and Henry jointly the land "I now possess and adjoining this my mansion plantation".
to son William land bought from David and Isack Gregory on Back Creek.'
to six younger sons (above) and four youngest daughters, Mary, Isabel, Ann and Peggy, equal shares of personal estate to two eldest sons Robert and William, and two daughters, Sally and Ginny, six pounds each "Five Negro men slaves, Jack and Will and wench named "Sall" to be kept on the plantation for wife and children "any of them should prove unruly and in that case to be sold".
moveable estate - horses, cattle, sheep and household furniture - to be appraised and sold.
farming implements to be kept for plantation
Wit: John Wilson, John Berry and Robert Given
Probated December 1793 Court
Exec: son Robert and son-in-law John Berry
Codicil: Sept. 9, 1793, same witnesses
Wife Nancy substituted for Berry as executor
provision made for land left to six youngest sons to go to them at age 21
provision for the possible death of any of these before age 21, and for sale of their shares if they wish to sell

Child list

Thirteen children per will: Sons:

Robert one of two eldest
William one of two eldest


Sally one of two eldest
Ginny one of two eldest


Some sources claim that this William Givens married Rebecca Kenncy on 9 March, 1789, but it appears that perhaps another William Givens married Rebecca Kenney.

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