Person:William Ball (22)

Capt. William Ball, II
b.2 Jun 1641 England
m. 2 Jul 1638
  1. Richard Ball, of Baltimore, MarylandBef 1640 - 1677
  2. Capt. William Ball, II1641 - 1694
  3. Col. Joseph Ball, of St. Mary's White Chapel Parish1649 - Bef 1711
  4. Hannah Ball1650 - Aft 1702
m. Bef 10 Nov 1672
  1. Capt. Richard Ball1675 - 1726
  2. Col. William Ball, III1676 - Bef 1744
  3. Major James Ball, of Bewdley1678 - 1754
  4. Margaret BallAbt 1679 - 1758
  5. Joseph Ball1680 - 1721
  6. Capt. George BallAbt 1683 - 1746
  7. David Ball1686 - 1732
  8. Samuel Ball1686 - 1751
  9. Stretchly BallBef 1694 - Bef 1697
Facts and Events
Name[3][4] Capt. William Ball, II
Gender Male
Birth[5][7] 2 Jun 1641 England
Property[8] 16 Jul 1659 Annapolis, Marylandgranted a warrant to enter and seat 500 acres
Marriage Bef 10 Nov 1672 Virginiato Margaret Williamson
Other[4] 5 Oct 1680 Lancaster County, Virginianamed in Will of William Ball, father
Will[4] 28 Sep 1694 Lancaster County, Virginia
Death[1][2][5][7] 30 Sep 1694 Lancaster County, Virginiaat Millenbeck
Probate[3] 16 Nov 1694 Lancaster County, Virginia

Research Notes

[Sources needed.]

Devised "Millenbeck" of 540 acres by his father's will dated 5 OCT 1680.

Captain of militia 1672, Justice 1680, Burgess 1685

Deed: 300 acres to _____ on ______.

Will: 28 SEP 1694, proved 1694. Only mentions 270 acres of land as his home plantation to which his wife. Will Book 8, p. 45.

Sons William and Richard over 16, other children are under 16.

To sons William and Richard, 950 acres "in this neck" next to RIchard Cundiff to be equally divided, provided they acquit their right to land in Richmond County above Perpetua Creek being about 1,000 acres on which my Quarter Plantation (uninhabited) now is to their two brothers Joseph and George Ball.

To daughter Margaret Ball, that land where my mother lives at the mouth of the Corratoman being 350 acres to laid out of adjoining my land that James Wood lives on.

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  2. Hill

    [Hill gives the date of birth as 2 JUN 1641, citing Heydon and Eastwick Papers #35.]

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    Wife (name not given), three eldest sons: William, Richard and James Ball; Sons: Joseph, George, David, Stretchly and Samuel Ball. Dau. Margaret Ball. Extrs. sons William and Richard, and brother [*-in-law] Capt. David Fox, Mr. Geo. Haile. Wits. Abraham Taylor, George Finch, Edwin Conway. W.B. 8, p. 45.

    [* cos1776 Note: omitted from original text.]
    [Identifies family members of William Ball.]

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    To son Wm. Ball, my plantation, 2 patents of 540 acres. Wife Hannah ; son Joseph Ball Patent of 1600 acres in Rappa. Co., Dau. Hannah, wife of Capt. David Fox only 5 shillings sterling, which is overpayment both of her portion and deserts. Extrs. Sons William and Joseph. Wits. Thos. Everest, Jno. Mottly.
    W.B. 5, p. 70.
    [Identifies him as son of William and Hannah Ball.]

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    [Identifies only 1 wife - Miss Harris, of Bay View, Northumberland County, Va.]
    [Note: Error. To date, there has been no proof found to support this wife. The only wife of William Ball supported by evidence is Margaret Williamson.]

  6.   Family Recorded, in Cukro, Diane. Descendants of William Ball. (Huntington, NY: Private Manuscript, 2002)

    No. 2
    [Cukro gives his date of birth as 2 JUN 1641 and also as 2 JAN 1641 (not double dated). No source.]

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    [Note: Identifies 3 wives -
    (1) Miss Williamson, dau of James Williamson ;
    [(2) Miss Harris, of "Bay View," Northumberland county, Va. ;
    (3) ca 1675, Margaret Downman, dau of Rawleigh Downman.
    [Note: Error. To date, there has been no proof found to support these wives. The only wife of William Ball supported by evidence is Margaret Williamson.]

  8. A FORGOTTEN MEMBER OF THE BALL FAMILY by Christopher Johnston, in Virginia Magazine of History and Biography. (Richmond, Virginia: Virginia Historical Society)

    ... The records of the Land Office at Annapolis (Liber. 4, fol. 54) show that, on the 16th of July, 1659, warrants were granted to the ten persons named below, "conditionally that they enter their rights and seat their lands between this and 25 March next." Their names and the amounts of land claimed by each were as follows:
    - Thomas Powell, 700 acres;
    - Walter Dickinson, 600 acres;
    - Robert Gorsuch, 300 acres;
    - Richard Gorsuch, 300 acres;
    - Howell Powell, 300 acres;
    - William Ball, 500 acres;
    - William Chapman, Jr., 500 acres;
    - Richard Ball, 500 acres;
    - Thomas Humphrey, 600 acres;
    - Hugh Kinsey, 400 acres.

    It is susceptible of proof that this little colony came from Lancaster county, Va., and it should be noted, by the way that "William Chapman, Jr., is an evident error for "William Clapham, Jr." The names of William and Richard Ball will at once claim attention, since the former, as will presently be shown, was probably the son of Colonel William Ball, and the latter none other than his son Richard, who has generally been supposed to have died young. ...