Person:Vincent Tapp (19)

Vincent I. Tapp
m. 22 June 1782
  1. Charlotte Tapp1782 - 1846
  2. Baylis G. Tapp1783 - 1856
  3. Frances Davenport Tapp1785 - 1851
  4. Delphia Susan Tapp1786 - 1807
  5. Susanna M. 'Susan' Tapp1789 - 1826
  6. John Tapp1793 - 1832
  7. Henry Jouett Tapp1795 - 1830
  8. Vincent Tapp1798 - 1799
  9. Ann Cosby Tapp1800 - 1856
  10. Walter H. Tapp1804 - 1838
  11. Vincent I. Tapp1806 -
Facts and Events
Name Vincent I. Tapp
Gender Male
Birth[1] 3 February 1806 Staunton, Augusta County, Virginia

Vincent I. Tapp was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - John Smith and wife vs. Silas Hart's executors--O. S. 336; N. S. 121-- Bill, 1808, by John Smith and _____, his wife, of Rockingham. In latter part of 1795 Silas Hart of Rockingham died, testate. Oratrix was wife of testator. Silas left no children, but left a devise to the Baptist Association. Bill alleges there was no such body, but some years ago David Jones, attorney-in-fact for a Baptist Association in Philadelphia, brought suit in Rockingham to recover the devise in which they failed. Orator claims this devise. Silas Hart's heirs are, viz: Silas, Josiah, Joseph Hart and Edith Hough, children of Joseph Hart, brother of testator; John, Betty, Nelly Thomas, children of a sister of testator; Joseph and Silas Gilbert, children of another sister; heirs of Oliver Hart, another brother. Answer by Silas Hough, one of children, and heirs of Isaac Hough and Edith, who was sister of Silas Hart. Will of Silas Hart dated 19th December, 1791, of Rockingham. Wife; brother, Oliver Hart; William Hart, son of Nephew John Hart, deceased; nephew, Silas Hough ; nephew, Silas Gilbert; nephew, Silas Hart; nephew, Joseph Hart; nephew, Joseph Gilbert; legatee, Alexander Hart Robertson; legatee, Silas Hart Smith; legatee, Alexander Robertson, son of wife's brother John Robertson, deceased; legatee, James Shanklin; legatee, Baptist Association that for ordinary meets at Philadelphia for education of youths of Baptist denomination who shall appear promising for the ministry, always giving a preference to the descendants of my father's family. Recorded in Rockingham, December, 1795. Nathan Beans of Warminister, Bucks County, Penna., yeoman, aged 80, deposes, 8th June, 1820, at house of Thomas Hart in Warminister, knew Silas Hart, who moved to Rockingham and died October, 1795. Silas was born in Bucks County, Penna. He had two brothers, Joseph and Oliver, and two sisters, Lucretia, first married to William Gilbert and afterwards to John Thomas; and Edith, married Isaac Hough. Lucretia and Joseph died before Silas. Joseph had four sons, viz: John, Silas, Josiah, Joseph, of whom John died before his father and left issue, viz: William, John, Elizabeth, Euphemia, of whom William is dead. John lives in Northampton township, Bucks County. Elizabeth married Dr. Silas Hough. Euphemia married Thomas Humphreys and lives in Montgomery County, Penna. Silas lives in Warminister. Josiah is dead and has left issue, viz: Sarah, married Wm. Shelmire living in Philadelphia; Elizabeth, married Arthur Yerkis living in Southampton, Bucks County; Rebecca, married Wm. Miles of same place and is now dead, leaving Amy, married to John Davis in Southampton. Joseph is dead, leaving John, Lewis and Thomas living in Warminister, and two daughters, Eliza Ann, married to David Marple and living in Luzerne County, Penna., and Clarissa Maria living in Warminister. Lucretia, sister of Silas, left 6 children, viz: Seth, Silas and Joseph Gilbert, John, Elizabeth and Eleanor Thomas, of whom Silas Gilbert and Elizabeth Watts (late Thomas) live in Philadelphia County. John Thomas lives in Baltimore. Seth Gilbert removed to South Carolina many years ago. Oliver Hart, brother of Silas, died in New Jersey, but was brought to Southampton and buried. Edith Hough lived and died in Montgomery County aforesaid; was buried at Southampton and devised her share of property of her brother Silas to her son, Dr. Silas Hough, of Montgomery County. Will of Edith Hough of Township of Montgomery, County Montgomery, State of Pennsylvania. Widow; brother, Silas Hart of Virginia; sons, Silas Hough, Thomas; granddaughter, Edith Hough, daughter of son John; granddaughter, Susanna Crispin; granddaughter, Mary Dickinson; daughter-in-law, Hannah Hough; grandchildren, viz: Charlotte Hough, Mira Gilbert, Sara Hough, Nancy Hough; nephew, Joseph Hough. Dated 22d August, 1804. Codicil, 2d February, 1805. Mary Dickenson has lately died, leaving Caroline Dickenson, who is daughter of Eli Dickenson. Recorded, 16th April, 1805, in Montgomery County, Penna. Elizabeth Fobwell (Follwell?) deposes, at same time and place, as Beans supra; aged 81; same questions and answers; has heard that Oliver Hart had 5 children, viz: John, Oliver, William Rogers, Eleanor and Mary Baker. Mary Baker Hart married Benj. Merrill. Eleanor married a Mr. Screever of South Carolina. Joshua Jones deposes, 4th September, 1820, before Vincent I. Tapp, was well acquainted with the Rev. Oliver Hart, brother of Silas. Oliver's daughter, Mary Baker, married Benj. Merrill and has lived for several years near Lexington, Ky. Deponent knew her when she was living with her father near Hopewell, New Jersey. Oliver had 5 children, viz: Jno., Oliver, Ellen (who married Mr. Scriven of South Carolina), Mary Baker (Merrill), William Rodgers Hart. When married, Benj. Merrill lived in New Jersey, thence he moved to South Carolina, thence to Kentucky. 22d April, 1820, Joshua Jones was living in Pennsylvania. He was husband of Eleanor, one of nieces of Silas. David Barton of Fayette County, Ky., deposes, August, 1820 he knew late Rev. Oliver Hart of Hopewell New Jersey. He died December, 1795, leaving children, viz: John, William, Mary Baker (wife of Benj. Merrill). His children, Oliver and Eleanor, died before him. George Hart deposes, same time and place, he was well acquainted with both Oliver and Silas Hart. James Scout, aged 82, deposes, same time and place, as Beans. John Hough, aged 64, deposes, in Philadelphia, 2d June, 1820.
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