Person:Unknown Campbell (68)

Unknown Campbell
b.WFT Est 1723-1735
d.WFT Est 1755-1763
m. WFT Est 1710-1714
  1. Unknown Campbell1723-1735 - 1755-1763
  2. James Campbell
  3. John Campbell
  4. Mary Campbell
  5. Elizabeth Campbell
  6. MaryAnn Campbell
  7. Rachel Campbell
  8. Margaret Campbell1725 - 1785
  • HUnknown Campbell1723-1735 - 1755-1763
  • WMary GillhamABT 1735 -
m. WFT Est 1753-1757
Facts and Events
Name Unknown Campbell
Gender Male
Birth? WFT Est 1723-1735
Marriage WFT Est 1753-1757 to Mary Gillham
Death? WFT Est 1755-1763


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Known Williams

Person:William Campbell (141)1697 1754 Sarah Gay DOB often given as 1674, probably based on Drumaboden genealogy.
Person:William Campbell (137)c1709 Alexander (46)
Person:William Campbell (129)c1715 William (125) Calfpasture
Person:William Campbell (123)c1720 Margaret Buchanan Patrick (11) Elizabeth Taylor
Person:William Campbell (85)1745 1781 1767 Elizabeth Henry Charles (31) Margaret BuchananKing's Mountain
Person:William Campbell (140)1747 Hugh (25) Esther McGill
Person:William Campbell (136)17481845 c1770 Mary Allison David (55) Jane Cunningham To Kentucky
Person:William Campbell (133)c1770 David (48)
Person:William Campbell (188) Charles Mary Trotter
Person:William Campbell (x)

Records for William Campbell in Old Augusta


Husband is probably John Campbell or Samuel Campbell, sons of William, per his will of 1753. An ALexander Campbell is often identified as her husband in Ancestry Trees, but this is inconsistent with Williams will which mentions only John and Samuel. if Alexander is in fact Mary Gillham's husband, then perhaps he predeceased his father William.