Person:Thomas Thompson (126)

m. 12 Apr 1608
  1. George Thompson1609 - 1654
  2. Thomas Thompson1610 - 1655
  3. John Thompson1615/16 -
  4. Samuel ThompsonEst 1620 - 1668
  5. Anne Thompson1624 -
  • HThomas Thompson1610 - 1655
  • WAnn WellesEst 1620 - Bef 1680
m. 14 Apr 1646
  1. Beatrice Thompson1646/47 - Aft 1680
  2. John ThompsonCal 1648 - 1711
  3. Thomas ThomsonEst 1651 - 1705/06
  4. Mary Thompson1653 - Bet 1687 & 1691
  5. Esther Thompson1655 - Est 1694
Facts and Events
Name[2] Thomas Thompson
Alt Name[3] Thomas Thomson
Gender Male
Christening[3] 1 Oct 1610 Burford, Shropshire, England
Emigration[5] Bef 1640
Marriage 14 Apr 1646 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United Statesto Ann Welles
Will[2] Apr 1654
Death[1][2] 25 Apr 1655 Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Probate[2] 5 Dec 1655 Inventory Taken
Probate[2] 6 May 1656 Anthony Howkins appointed to admin estate.

The Identity of Thomas Thomson

"Savage included an entry under the surname Thompson for "Thomas, Farmington, may be that youth of 18 years which embarked in the Abigail of London, 1 July 1635, married 14 April 1646, at Hartford, Ann, daughter of Governor Thomas Welles" [Savage, 4:288]. The Thomas of Farmington who married Ann Welles was the son of John Thompson of Burford, Shropshire, and was baptized in 1610 [Flagg 348-50], and therefore could not have been the passenger of 1635. Pope states that this passenger "settled at Springfield; proprietor 1636" [Pope 451]. This must have arisen from a misreading of the records, as the only appearance of "Tho[mas] Thomson" in Springfield was in 1646, when he appeared in a "rate for the raising of £30 for the purchase of the lands of the plantation" [Springfield Hist 1:190-91]."[4]

Jacobus, in Hale, House, p. 782, accepts Thomas Thompson/Thomson's origin as given by Flagg and Bartlett, p. 348-50. Mary Lovering Holman, and/or her daughter, Winifred Lovering Holman, in Stevens-Miller, pp. 419-21, give Thomas Thompson/Thomson of Farmington a different origin, asserting that he was son of John and Alice (Freeman) Thompson of Preston Capes, Northamptonshire. The Welles Genealogy, published by the Welles Family Association, p. 569, rejects the Preston Capes origin in favor of that given by Flagg and Bartlett and accepted by Jacobus.

Estate & Probate

"Probate Records. Vol. II, 1650 to 1663. Page 95-6.

Thompson, Thomas, Farmington. Died 25 April, 1655. Invt. £549-05-05. Taken 5 December, 1655, by Thomas Judd & John Harte. Will dated April, 1654:

I Thomas Thomson, being in prfect health and memory, doe ordaine this my Last will and Testament as followeth: Imprmis. I give unto my beloved wife, whom I make my executrix, the one halfe of all my Land in ffarmington Bounds, & the one halfe of all my howsing, Barnes & orcharding there uppon, during her natural Life, and all my Goods & Chatteles, shee paying out such Debts as I owe, & Legacies as I bequeath, as is hereafter expressed; provided all ways & it is my desire, yt my wife shall well educate and bring up my children in Learning, & shee to possess all my Land & Estate untill my two sonnes come to twentie yeares of Age, and then to give them what household stuffe she please, over and above what I bequeath to them. Item. I give unto my two sons, John and Thomas, the other halfe of my Land, Houseing, Barne and Orchard, and the profitts of them, to be equally divided to them & to their heirs, Execer, Admes & Assigns forever. It. I give unto my daughter Beatric my young mare & the Colt she brought, & the pfit of her, & £20 more in Country pay, to be payd her wthin a yeare of the day of her marriage by her Mother or by her two brothers equally between them. It. I give unto my daughter Mary my young mare bought of Richard ffellows, and the pfit of her & £20 more in Country pay, to be paid her wthin a year of the day of her marriage by her Mother or by her two brothers equally between them. It. I give my sone John a young Horse Colt now two year old (Aprl, '54). I give to my son Thomas a young Horse Colt of a yeare old this Spring (Aprl, '54) ; and after the decease of my wife I give unto my two sonnes John & Tho: all my Lands in Farmingtown Bounds, wth all Houseing, Barnes and Orchards thereupon, to them & theire heirs forever (they paying out to their two sisters £20 apeice in two yeares after), equally to be divided between them. It. I give unto my Children each of them a Byble. I desire my two brothers in England and my Brother Thomas Welles to be Overseers.

By me, Thomas Thompson.

On the 6th of May, 1656, Anthony Howkins, having married the Widow Thompson, is appointed to administer & husband the Estate of Thomas Thompson, he engageing himself & heirs to ye due Execution of ye Will.

Court Record, Page 87—May, 1656: The Court still ruleing on the Will of Thomas Thompson, they finding some points not very clear in Expression.

Page 122—(Vol. IV) 2 September, 1686: This Court being informed that John and Thomas Thompson doe differ about some Lands that were given them by their Father in his last Will. This Court doe order and appoint Capt. John Stanly, Deacon John Langton & Ensign Thomas Heart to lay out to them, the sd. John Thompson and Thomas Thompson, each of them, the just proportion of the Land given them by their Father according to their sd. Fathers Will, & to deliver it to them & cause it to be recorded in their Town Records, & the sd. Thompson to pay them for their pains."[2]

  1. Society of the Descendants of the Founders of Hartford

    Thomas Thompson. According to Farmington History, many of the new plantations original proprietors preferred to remain in Hartford, where they had first Settled. This seems to be the case with Thomas Thompson who had early land on both east and west sides of the Great River. (From the Distribution of lands in Hartford) Page 16-1639 “leading from the Great River to the meadow abuts one time land owned by Thomas Thompson, Page 137” one parcel of swamp lying on the east side of the Great River, which he bought of Thomas Thompson. Thomas Thompson married April 14, 1646 at Hartford, Ann, daughter of Governor Thomas Welles. He removed to Farmington, Conn. where he died April 25, 1655. His widow married 2nd, Anthony Hawkins

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    "He (Thomas Thompson) is first recorded at Hartford on 28 March 1640, when he witnessed a document for Gov. George Wyllys."