Person:Thomas Stanton (33)

Thomas Stanton, Jr.
m. abt. 1713
  1. Thomas Stanton, Jr.abt 1713 -
  2. Ann Stanton1715 - 1791
  3. Leonard 'Linn' Stantonabt 1719 - bef 1741
  4. Sarah Stanton1722 -
  5. Frances Stanton1723 - 1804
  6. Mary Stanton1724 -
  7. William Stanton1726 - 1763
  8. Jane Stanton1730 - 1802
m. est. 1738/39
  1. Richard Stantonbef 1741 - bef 1782
  2. Thomas Stanton, Jr.bef 1741 -
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Stanton, Jr.
Alt Name Thomas Stanton, Sr.
Gender Male
Birth[1] abt. 1713 Stafford County, Virginia
Marriage est. 1738/39 to Lettice Bryan

Thomas Stanton, Sr. was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 146.--16th October, 1762. Same (John Bingeman and Elizabeth ( ) of Broomfield in Culpeper Co.) to Thomas Stanton, £61, 460 acres by patent to John, 20th June, 1753, on Woods River at Poplar Camp. Teste: Nicholas ( ) Null, Thomas Stanton, Jr.; Richard Stanton, Jno. Hume. Delivered: Thomas Madison, 1770.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Delinquents, Augusta County Levy for 1779: Thomas Stanton, exempt. (Note: listed among many others).

Records of Thomas Stanton in Virginia

  • 1728 - Sept - Thomas Stanton Jr. first appears on a deed with his brother Linn for 1000 acres. "Stanton, Linn and Stanton, Thomas, Jr Spotsylvania Co.1000 Pat 13 pg 367, Beginning and extending standing on the side of a hill on the North side of North River Of the Rappidan River near the mountains. "
  • In the Book "Lost Trails and Forgotten People: The Story of Jones Mountain", by Tom Floyd Tom Floyd stated that "Tom Jr. was active in business affairs buying and selling and helping friends draw up legal documents. Evidence suggests that he was also a worldly man who enjoyed all the pleasures of life”
  • 1735 - Oct 10 Oct Resolved that Thos Stanton, Gent./m be paid 832 pds of tobacco for nursing a bastard child and that the said Child by bound to Thos. Stanton Junr according as the Law direct.
  • 1740 - 24 July. - Pages 204-06. 23-24 July 1740. Thomas Stanton Jr. of St. Mark's Parish, Orange County to Issac Smith of same. Lease and release; for £40 current money. 200 acres, all the land Thomas Stanton Jr. holds on the north side of Stanton River (except 120 acres sold to Jeremiah Yearly)... at the Great Mountains, part of 1,000 acres granted to Thomas Stanton Jr. 28 Sept. 1728... east side of Stanton's River... corner to Jerh. Yearly... Wm. Stanton's line... back lines under the foot of the mountains... (signed) Thos. Stanton Jr. Wit: Zach. Taylor, W. Bell, John Howard. 24 July 1740. Acknowledged by Thomas Stanton Junr. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 4, Dorman, pg. 47].
  • 1741 - Oct 4 - Thomas received from his fathers will: "Item I give to my son Thomas Stanton my still and all materials also the Large Bible."
  • 1742 - Thomas Stanton JR was appointed guardian of his sister Mary Stanton
  • 1745 - Jan 11 - Thomas Stanton of Culpeper Co to Francis Harvey of same .. Lease of land.. corner to Jeremiah Early on the river.. to the Yellow Banks, a place so called to the patent line. For 21 year from Micklemus next ensuing. Yearly rent on the feast of St Lukes Oct 18, 450 pounds tobacco. (pages 30-32 Culpeper Co Court Records)
  • 1745 - Mathew Stanton appears as a Witness to a deed , Oct 18,1745 For Linn (Leonard) Stanton: Indenture April 23, 1746 Between Thomas Stanton and Jeremiah Early for 70 Acre, land part of Patent granted Sept. 28 1728 to Thomas and Linn Stanton ( Original grant for 100 acres on Stanton River)
  • 1749 - Thomas Stanton's twenty one year lease to John Simpson, for less than 100 acres on the river that bore the lessors name. Called for a rent of 450 pounds of tobacco. With the first year of rent free.... Stanton doth agree to find timber for rails and firewood on his land for the use of tenement when all timber is used for the tenement. The year 1749 from (Culpeper Deed Book A p 12-15, 186-187)
  • H-253: Isaac Smith of Orange County, 400 acres in Culpeper county., Surv. Mr. George Hume. On Stanton River in Great Fork of Rappahannock River, adj. Jane Stanton & Thomas Stanton, Wm. McDonough. 6 March 1753. [Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, 1742-1775, Vol. 2, Gertrude E. Gray, pg. 65].
  • 1753 - Aug 8 page 27-30 Thomas Stanton of Culpeper Co to Charles Pierson of same. Lease of land… at the mouth of the Wolfpen branch. to the road ..on a ridge. in a little valley. head of the lick branch ..on the river side of corner of William Pierson. For 15 years from Nov 15 next ensuing. Rent yearly on the feast of St Luke, 18 Oct, 450 pounds of tobacco (page 27-30)
  • 1755 - June 18-19 Thomas, eldest son and heir at law to Thomas Stanton, decÆd, and Lettice his wife of Culp. Co. to William Stanton (second son of Thomas Stanton the father) Lease and release for 30 pds,(skipped) as in a patent 28 May 1751,the other (skipped) as in a patent dated 30 May 1726, which tracts were devised by the will of Thomas Stanton, the father, to William Stanton for life only, whereby the reversion in fee of the lands became vested in Thomas Stanton, heir at law. Land Grants, Wits: H. Field, G. Hune Jr./s/ Thos Stanton, Lettice Stanton (Culpeper Co. Deed Bk. Bp. 341-346)
  • 24 Jul 1755 - Ordered that Honorius Powell be Overseer of the road from Blue Run Down to Boxing Camp and that he with his own Male Labouring Tiths. & those of John Goodalls, James McKennys, James Berry William Pearce, Thomas Stanton & John Blakeys Clear & keep the said Road in repair. (Orange County Road Orders N.S., p. 142)
  • 1757 - April 19 - Thomas Stanton and Lettice his wife of Brumfield Parish Culpeper Co to Richard Stanton of same. Deed of Gift: for yearly rent of one pepper corn. 279 acres in Brumfield Parish on Stanton River, being part of a tract granted to Leonard and Thomas Stanton by patent for 100 acres bearing date 1728....on the south side of the Stanton River cornor to Jerimah Early (page 528-30)
  • 1757 - April 19 - Thomas Stanton and Lettice his wife of Brumfield Parish, Culpeper Co VA to William Pierce Deed of Gift for yearly rent of one pepper corn. 171 acres in Brumfield Parish… corner to Joseph Ham in John Simpson’s line…William Eddins line on the side of mountain…Joseph’s Hams corner in George Hume line.. Part of a Tract granted to Thomas Stanton, Deceased by patent 400 acres 10 June 1737
  • 1758 - Dec 21 - Thomas Stanton, John Simpson and James Rucker did an Inventory of David Harris for 3.11.6
  • 1760 - Feb 21st - Thomas Stanton Sr. of Brumfield Parish, Culpeper County to Thomas Stanton, Jr. of same. For 5 pounds current money. 300 acres being part of a tract granted to Thomas Stanton, deceased, for 400 acres by patent 10 June, 1737, being part of a tract granted to Leonard and Thomas Stanton for 1000 acres by patent 1728...on the north side of Stanton river in a line granted by patent to Leonard and Thomas Stanton...William Kirtley's corner on Rock Hall...Thomas Stanton Wit: Joseph Ham, Seth Ham, William Pierce, Mary Pierce. 21 Feb. 1760. Proved by William Pierce, Joseph Ham and Seth Ham
  • 18 Feb 1760 - William Pierce and Mary his wife of Brumfield Parish, Culpeper County, to Thomas Sampson of same. For 16 pounds current money. 171 acres, being part of a tract of land granted to Thomas Stanton, deceased, for 400 acres by patent 10 June 1737...corner to Joseph Ham in John Simpson's line... by a large rock in William Eddin's line...(Culpeper Co., VA Deeds 2 Pages 258-260. William Pierce Mary Pierce Wit: Thomas Stanton, Sr., Richard Stanton, Thomas Stanton Jr., John Benojeman. 21 Feb. 1760. Acknowledged by the parties. (Culpeper Co., VA Deeds 2 Pages 258-260.
  • 1762 March, Gerrard Banks of St. Mark's Parish, Culpeper Co., bought 150 acres from Simon Thomison of Bromfield Parish, Culpeper Co. The price was 25œ and was bounded by property of Thos. Stanton (now Wm. Stanton's) on the south side of the North River [The North River is possibly the main branch of the Rappahannock but could be at the site in Madison Co.] Witnesses were George Hume, Frances Hume and [son] Linn Banks. (Culpeper County, Virginia Deeds, vol 3, 1762-1765 [Books D-E], J.F. Dorman, 1979, quoting Book D, p 30-33)
  • 1762 - 6th September, John Bingeman and Elizabeth ( ) of Broomfield in Culpeper Co. to Thomas Stanton, Jr., of same parish and county, £70, 184 acres patented to John Bingeman, Sr., 20th June, 1753. Livery and seisin. Teste: James Kirtley, Jonathan Cowhard, Thomas Kirtley, Richard Stanton, Thomas Stanton, Sr. Delivered: Thomas Madison, February, 1770.
  • 1762 - 6 September, Same to same, £50, 100 acres by patent to John Buchanan, 5th April, 1748, on Wood's River, known by the name of Bufflo Pond. Teste: Jno. Hume, Thos. Stanton, Joseph Ham, Richard Stanton, Simon Tomison. Delivered: Thos. Madison, 1770.
  • 1762 - Oct 16th October Same to Thomas Stanton, £61, 460 acres by patent to John, 20th June, 1753, on Woods River at Poplar Camp. Teste: Nicholas ( ) Null, Thomas Stanton, Jr.; Richard Stanton, Jno. Hume. Delivered: Thomas Madison, 1770.Page 146.
  • 1763 - March 19th Court Minutes Culpeper County Court: Present Nathaniel Pendleton, Gent on the motion Lettice Stanton by her attorney, suggests that her Husband, Thomas Stanton, intends to depart this Colony and carry with him his effects and that he should allow her a separate maintenance although she ( )to live apart from him by his inhumane and trying treatment and notwithstanding he hath allowed her some years past a maintenance but of late refuses to do, and it being further suggested that it appears by the Records of this Court that the said Thomas lives and cohabits in Adultery with one Elizabeth Gerrald ,it is thereupon ordered by the Court hat the Sheriff of this County take into his Custody as may be sufficient to support and maintain the said Lettice, during the time of their separation unless said Thomas Stanton give him Bond and sufficient Security to allow her such maintenance as this Court shall adjudge reasonable and the Sheriff in case of refusal to give Bond and Security as aforesaid do retain the said Effects in his hands until the further Order
  • 1763 - May 20, 1763 (page 347 of the old Culpepper Minute Book or fragment) the case of John Tackett v Richard Pric?? came on to be heard, and a jury composed, among others of William Gains, Charles and John Yancey, Richard Shi?? and William Nashgave the plaintiff a verdict, and then came up the case of THOMAS STANTON vs. RICHARD BRYAN.
  • 1763 - August 19th Culpeper County Court 19th: Lettice Stanton, Complt. agst. Thomas Stanton Deft. In Chancery On the motion if Defendt. by his Attorney time is given him to answer till next Court.


  1. International Genealogical Index. (LDS Church, 1999-2005).

    Note: an IGI aubmission has "1717" as birthdate, but he was likely born a few years earlier, based upon records in Virginia.