Person:Thomas Sheriff (2)

Thomas Sheriff
b.ABT 1596
d.29 MAY 1675 Portsmouth, RI
m. BEF 1649
  1. Thomas Shreve1649 -
  2. John ShrieveAbt 1651 - 1739
  3. Caleb ShreveABT 1652 - 1741
  4. Elizabeth ShrieveAft 1652 - 1719
  5. Susannah ShreveAFT 1652 - AFT 1714
  6. Daniel ShreveAFT 1652 - 1737
  7. Mary ShrieveAft 1652 - Aft 1706
  8. Sarah ShreveAFT 1652 - 1732
Facts and Events
Name[2] Thomas Sheriff
Alt Name Thomas Shreve
Gender Male
Birth[6] ABT 1596
Marriage BEF 1649 to Martha , wife of Thomas Sheriff, Thomas Hazard, Lewis Hues
Death[1][2] 29 MAY 1675 Portsmouth, RI
Probate[2] 11 JUN 1675
         NJA 30:432; 32:292;
         Woodward & Hagemsn, History of Bullenson & Mercer Counties, N. J. pp 91,92


There has been several proposed parents for Thomas Sheriff which are purely speculative. None provides any documentation. One of the favorites is the romantic myth that Thomas is the son of William Shreve and Oara Oara which circulated among the Shreve descendants in the nineteenth century. S2

For an analysis of various proposed lineages and the current research findings see Origin of the Shreve FamilyS4

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    [see transcript on source page]
    Inventorys, £218, 12s., viz.: house and land £15, a hourse and mare £7, 2cows, 3 calves, 5 ewes, 5 lambs, 8 shoats, a feather bed, 6 pillows, 2bolsters, 6 blankets, ring, flock bed, 56 pounds pewter, warming pan,silver dram cup, looking glass, &c.

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    pg 232 Webb Adey
    He died 4 March 1651/52 (PCR 8:13), and in a nuncupative will of the same day he bequeathed to Mr. John Raynor, Goodman Pratt, Goodman Savory and Goodman Shrive from debts owed him... (MD 11:8)
    pg 240 John Barnes and pg 241 Robert Bartlett
    On 4 Aug 1638 John Barnes sold Robert Bartlett the remaining three years of Thomas Shrive's indenture (PCR 12:32)
    pg 305 Edward Holman
    On 4 May 1652 the court ordered Holman not to visit the house of Thomas Shrive, and ordered Shrive and his wife not to visit Holman's house, and on 9 June 1653 Holman and Martha Shrive were ordered not to keep company with each other or they would be whipped.
    pg 356 Richard Sparrow
    On 2 Oct 1650 Thomas Shrive was presented for pilfering corn from Richard Sparrow's barn, and Sparrow was presented for concealing Shrive's crime (PCR 2:162)

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