Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p90


Volume 4, Page 90

Seth, 10 Dec. 1667, H. C. 1687; Nathaniel, 29 Jan. 1669, d. in Braintree,
at 25 yrs. Samuel, 16 June 1670; and Sarah, 30 July 1671. His w.
d. 7 Mar. 1674, and he m. 18 Feb. 1675, Hannah, eldest d. of Nathaniel Bacon,
wid. of the sec. Thomas Walley, and had Mary, 11 Aug. 1676; Joanna, 28
Sept. 1678; Edward, again, 3 or 6 Oct. 1680; and the whimsical. bapt.
Yetmercy, 7 Nov. 1682. This w. d. 22 Dec. 1685, and for third w. he
took, 8 Dec. 1686, Sarah, wid. of Thomas Farwell, and d. 21 Apr. foll.
His mo. wh. had m. Richard Peacock of Roxbury, was bur. near 26 yrs. aft.
from the ho. of her s. SETH, Danbury, s. of the preced. aft. leav. Coll. taught
sch. for some yrs. at Newbury, and prob. other places, was ord. 13 Oct. 1697,
may have had w. and ch. and d. 31 Dec. 1735.

    SHREVE or SHERIVE, JOHN, Portsmouth, R. I. perhaps s. of Thomas,
m. late in Aug. 1686, Jane, d. of John Havens, had John, b. 10 June
1687; Thomas, 24 Dec. 1691; Elizabeth 16 Nov. 1693; Mary, 9 June
1696; Caleb, 12 Apr. 1699; Daniel, 16 Jan. 1702; and William, 3
May 1705. THOMAS, Plymouth 1643-51, had w. or d. Martha, and,
perhaps, others, certain. Thomas, b. 2 Sept. 1649. A Jeremiah submit.
1652, at Kittery, to Mass. jurisdict.

    SHRIMPTON, EPAPHRAS; Boston, by w. Rebecca had Samuel, bapt. 17
July 1687, at Charlestown, but why there, I see not; and all I hear of
him is, that he was s. of Edward of London. HENRY, Boston, br. of
Edward of Bednal Green, Co. Middlesex, had been a brazier in London,
join. our ch. 15 Sept. 1639, by w. Elinor had Elizabeth bapt. 3 Oct. 1641,
a. 10 days old, wh. d. under 18 yrs.; Samuel, 25 June 1643, a. 26 days
old; Mary, 10 Aug. 1645, a. 13 days, wh. I presume, 9 Mar. 1652,
tho. blunder. town rec. calls her Elinor, d. of H. S. and his w. Mary;
John, 28 May 1648 a. 6 wks. wh. I dare to adopt; Sarah, b. 1649, wh.
was not bapt. for eleven yrs.; Henry, 26 Apr. 1653, says one of the
copies of town rec. but an older one, 1654, and he, I suppose, d. young;
Mehitable, wh. d. 29 July 1657; Jonathan, 18 Nov. 1656, wh. d. 22 July
1657; Abigail, 3 Jan. 1658; Bethia, 30 Jan. 1659; Elizabeth again, 10 Apr.
1660, bapt. at 5 days with three sis. bef. ment. He m. 27 Feb. 1662,
sec. w. Mary, wid. of capt. Robert Fenn (wh had first been wid. of
capt. Thomas Hawkins, and m. F. 26 June 1654); and d. July 1666.
His will, of 17 of that mo. pro. 4 Aug. foll. aft. provid. for his w. made
dispos. of large prop. to ch. Samuel, Sarah, Abigail, Bethia, and Elizabeth
and provides for Elizabeth wid. of his br. Edward of London, and the seven
ch. Jonathan, Mary, Ebenezer, Epaphras, Silas, Elizabeth and Lydia, large
pt. of whose est. he held in tr.; gave. £50 to the ch. and £50., with this
curious proviso, for "leave that I may be bur. in the tomb wherein
my former w. Elinor S. was bur. otherwise I give nothing." A
better proof of his sense is a bequest of £10., "token of my love," to
Gold, Osborn, and others, of the Bapt. ch. worship. at Noddle's isl. A