Person:Thomas Moore (142)

Thomas Moore, of Smith's Creek, Augusta County, VA
b.October 1732 Maryland
m. 16 Aug 1726
  1. William Moore1727 -
  2. Dorcas 'Terkis' Moore1731 -
  3. Thomas Moore, of Smith's Creek, Augusta County, VA1732 - 1797
  4. Jacob Moore1734 - 1801
  5. John Moore1737 -
  6. Reuben MooreAbt 1740 -
  7. James MooreAbt 1742 - 1771
  • HThomas Moore, of Smith's Creek, Augusta County, VA1732 - 1797
  • WPhebe Harrisonabt 1726 - 1807
m. 1753
  1. Thomas Moore1754-1768 -
  2. Capt. Reuben Moore1755 - 1803
  3. Lucretia Moore1766 - aft 1844
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Moore, of Smith's Creek, Augusta County, VA
Gender Male
Birth[3] October 1732 Maryland
Christening[3] 8 June 1737 Shenandoah Valley, Virginia
Marriage 1753 prob. Augusta County, Virginiato Phebe Harrison
Death[1] 1797 Prob. Rockingham County, Virginia

Thomas Moore was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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May be confused with Thomas Moore, who was killed by Indians at the James River in 1757. According to Settlers by the Long Grey Trail, these two Thomas Moore's are likely related in some way (possible father and son?).

Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Land Grant Surveys in Virginia:

  • Land Grant Survey: Page 28 - Thomas More, 200 acres, Smiths Creek. Adjoining Davison, Rambo. February 4, 1763. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 11].

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 424.--18th August, 1767. Jacob Woodley (Woodle) and Grace ( ) yeoman, to Thomas Moore, blacksmith, 200 acres conveyed to Jacob by Valentine Sevior, on Smith's Creek, crossing Daniel James' branch.
  • Page 153 - Thomas Moore, 250 acres, Smiths Creek. Adjoining Bowyers, Jacob Woodley, John Phililps. June 3, 1769. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 55].
  • Page 314--Deed, 17th February, 1791, by Thos. Loker of Rockingham to Thos. Moore, Sr., 60 acres in Rockingham on Long Meadow, patented to Thomas, 31st October, 1765. Recorded in Rockingham.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 255.--16th May, 1762. Thomas Moore and Mary, of Frederick, to Aaron Huse, £50, 90 acres on Long Meadow of Shanando, part of tract patented to James Gill and surveyed by James Wood; cor. Thomas Rutherford. Delivered: March, 1782

Record above preceded by the following record:

Page 251.--8th May, 1762. James Moore and Jane ( ) to John Moore, £50, 136 acres, part of James' plantation on Hay's Creek, where John now lives; cor. James Moore. Delivered: John Moore, 21st April, 1785.
  • Page 426.--22d August, 1771. Thomas Moore to Michael Bowyer, £10, 145 acres, part of 190 acres patented to said Moore, 12th May, 1770, on Smith's Creek, said Bowyer's line, Thomas Lookie's land. Delivered: Boston March by Mr. Bowyer's order, March Court, 1777.

Processioning Lists of 1755, 1756, 1760, 1764 & 1767-68

"Processioning" was the periodic review and agreement of property lines between settler's lands. Processioning Lists are useful in determining the general area of a settlers lands and their neighbors at specific time periods:
  • Page 164. Processioner's Appointed --John Harrison, Jr., and Daniel Smith, in Captain Daniel Harrison's Company. Thomas Moore and David Robinson, in Captain Ephraim Love's Company, and to head of Brock's Gap. Mathew Patton and Wm. Dyer, on South Fork of the Branch of Patowmack. Jacob Peters and Henry Landcisco, on Mill Creek and Shelton's tract.
  • Page 150.--Processioning List - 1755: Thos. Moore and David Robson processioned as follows, viz: For Adam Reader, present Arnold Custard, Alex. Painter; for Adam Burd; for Nicholas Cane, present his son, Daniel Cane; for John Miller; for Wm. Pickins; for Jno. Porting; for Wm. Caslberry; for Wm. Hopkins, present Thos. Shanklin; for Francis Green; for Thomas Gordon; for James Beggs, present Uriah Humble; for Jacob Bare; for Jacob Trumbo, present Amrode Lamb; for Rees Thomas, present Jno. Thomas; for John Bare; for Thomas Moore, present Francis Hieghl; for David Robson.
  • Page 174.--1756: Processioned from Fairfax's line to North River, by John Harrison and Danl. Smith, viz: For John McClure, for Richd. Dear, for Pat. Quen (Owen), for Danl. Love, for Mathew Black, for Arter Johnson, for Thomas Harrison, for John Wright, for David Walston, for William Logan, for John Davis, for Thomas Lokey, for Jacob Wooly, for Valentine Sevier, for John Phillips, for Andw. Bird, for Thos. Millsaps, for John Obryan, for Michael Wearen, for John Fawler, for David Logan, for Randolph McDonald, for John Cravens, for Joseph Cravens, for Robert Cravens, for John Shelpman, for Alex. Herring, for Jeremiah Harrison, for Reuben Harrison, for John Harrison, Sr., for John Harrison, Jr., for Zebulon Harrison, for Thomas Moore, for Moses Bird, for Wm. McGee, for Col. Wood's Plains, for Robert Harrison. Naiad Creek Patten part not processioned because Cap. Daniel Harrison and John Edwrds objected because there was no patent nor courses to know the lines. Niles Run tract not processioned by reason none to show the lines. Capn. Harrison's not processioned, none to show the lines.
  • Page 283.--1760: Processioned by Abraham Bird, David Robinson, viz: For Jacob Trumbow, for John Miller, for Joseph Dicktum, for Uriah Humble, for Jacob Bare, for Conrad Lamb, for Abraham Bird, for Adam Rieder, for Mathias Rieder, for Alex. Painter, for John Bare, for James Baggs, for John Phillips, for Alex. Buchanan, for Daniel Davison, for Jacob Woodley, for Thomas Logan, for Zebulon Harrison, for John Harrison, for John Harrison, Jr., for John Davison, for Michael Weron, for Thomas Moore, for Francis Hughes, for Jonathan Hodges, for Andrew Bird, for Thomas Milsaps, for William McGee, for John Blizard, for Jacob Rambow, for David Robinson, for Martin Shumaker, for Charles Dayley, for Francis McBride, for John McDaniel, for John Bryant, for Macoy _____, for Robert Cravens, for George Spence, for John Miller, for Wm. Pickins, for Isaac Robinson, for John Capter.
  • Page 378.--(1764) ...Michael Dickey, Ben. Harrison, Michael Hogshead, James Gamble, from Court House to Jenning's Gap, then along the Mountain to the Dry River, down the same to the North River, down to Fowler's, thence to Staunton. Alex. Herron, Arthur Trader, Thos. Harrison, John Cunningham, from Fowler's along the road to the County line on the side of North Mountain. Adam Bird and John Thomas, in Brock's Gap to the mountain. Archibald Huston, James Brewster, Thos. Moore, Thos. Lackey, from County Line to Fowler's, then down North River to Mr. Jones's, then along the Picked Mountain to the County line. Henry Long, Daniel Price, Jacob Miller, Jacob Nicholas, from Mr. Jones's to the Picked Mountain, and as low as the County Line on both sides the river to Mouth of South River. Adam Rider and Michael Neese, in the Forests. Andrew Lockridge, Alex. Hamilton, Joseph Waughub, Lanty Graham, on both Rivers of Calfpasture and waters thereof.
  • Page 446.--1767-68: Processioned by Joseph Skidmore, Geo. Dice, Henry Banener, viz: For Samuel Morrels, present Wm. Eaverman; for John Skidmore, present Valentine Cassel and Jacob Conrad; for Geo. Caplinger, present Jacob Harper and Jno. Caplinger; for Valentine Giles, deceased, present Geo. Giles; for Peter Flesher, for Henry Banener, for Woolrey Conrad, for George Dice. Processioned by Cornelius Ruddle, David Robeson: For Thomas Bryan, for John Linkhorn, for Robert Belshee, for Wm. Dunlap, for John Miller, for Wm. Pickens; for Mathias Leer, Jos. Leer present; for Tunish Vanpeter, for Abraham Miller, for George Speare, for Skid Muncy's land, for Cornelius Ruddle, for Thomas Moore, for David Robinson. Processioned by John Coutts and John Miller, viz: For John Miller, for John Fudge, for John Munge (Conrad Fudge present), for Geo. Hufman, for Geo. Gunrod, for Henry Dick, for Peter Brunemer, for Henry Lung, for Francis Kirtley, for Christopher Cisling, for Boston Nester, for Jerod Peterfish, for Stephen Hanceberry, for John Sellers, for Jacob Runkle, for Nicholas Null, for Charles Fie, for Daniel Link, for Daniel Price, for David McComis, for John Burk, for Mathias Cersh, for Jacob Hammer.

Records of Thomas Moore in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 235.--19th May, 1761. John Harrison, Jr.'s bond (with Thos. Moore), as guardian (chosen) to Josiah Davison, orphan of Daniel Davison.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 26, 1766. - (328) Phebe Moore, wife of Thomas Moore, late wife of Daniel Davidson, assigned dower. (Note: this record proves that Phoebe Harrison married 1st, Daniel Davidson and 2nd, Thomas Moore).
  • Vol. 2 - JUDGMENTS. SEPTEMBER, 1802 (A to R). Dunkenson, et ux., vs. Moore--Ejectment from Rockingham. Thomas Dunkerson and Lucretia Dunkerson, his wife, heirs-at-law of Thomas Moore, deceased, six plantations, containing 1,700 acres. Defendants are Reuben, John and Thomas Moore. Copy of patent by Fauquier to Thomas Moore, 26th July, 1765, 200 acres on Smith's Creek, between Davison's, Philips' and Rambo's lands, Buchanans' Cor. Same by Botetourt to Thomas L. Moore, 12th May, 1770, 190 acres on Smith's Creek, Michael Bowyer's line, Thomas Looker's line. Same by same, to Thomas Moore, 12th May, 1770, on Smith's Creek, corner J. Woodley land; John Philips, corner. Same by Fauquier to Valentine Sevear, 200 acres on Smith's Creek, crossing Daniel Jones' Branch, 27th June, 1764. Consideration is importation of four persons, viz: James Porteus, John Poe, Patrick McDonald and Daniel Warner. Patent by Gooch, 12th January, 1746, to James Wood, for 370 acres on Smith's Creek. Patent by Fauquier, 31st October, 1765, to Thomas Looker (Lobker ?) for 68 acres on Long Meadows or North River Shan. Deed by Thomas Loker, of Rockingham, 17th February, 1791, to Thomas Moore, Sr. Thomas Loker. Test: Reuben Moore, Thomas Loker, Jr., Philip Counce, recorded Rockingham, 27th June, 1791. 20th August, 1801, jury, John Carthrea, Jr., George Rader, Jacob Bear, Mathias Anson, Michael Lohr, James Green, George Chrisman, David Caldwell, John Crotzer, Casper Mifford, Evan Thomas, Alexander Graham. Jury find Thomas Moore died intestate, 1797, leaving plaintiff, Lucretia, and defendants, his only children, appeal to Supreme Court, and their appeal dismissed. Judgment for plaintiffs.
  • Vol. 2 - Dunkanson vs. Moore--O. S. 158; N. S. 56--Bill, 31st August, 1804. Complainants are, viz: Thomas Dunkenson and Lucretia, his wife, daughter of Thomas Moore, of Rockingham. Thomas Moore died intestate; left widow, Phebe, and children, viz: Thomas, John, Reuben, and oratrix. Reuben is dead. Defendants are, viz: Thomas, John and Phebe Moore, Moses Walton and Elizabeth, his wife, one of the children and heirs of Reuben Moore, deceased. Thomas, Reuben and Sarah and Ann Moore, infants and orphans of Reuben and Phebe Moore, widow and relict of Reuben. David Harnett was uncle of Reuben; had married Reuben's aunt. Obediah Layton, aged 60 years, deposes 1800. Jacob Rambo deposes in Shenandoah. Thomas Loker's wife was half-sister to Thomas Dunkenson.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records: (Note: some records may not be for this Thomas Moore).

  • Page 22.--19th February, 1746-7. Reuben Allen qualifies administrator of Benj. Allen, with sureties Wm. White, Thomas Moore.
  • Page 13.--4th September, 1747. John Millar (Millan) and wife Hannah to Francis Hughes, late of Lancaster County, Penna., part of 400 acres patented to Thomas Rutherford, of Frederick County, and by him sold to James Gill, late of Augusta; other part in possession of Thomas Moore Teste: Mathew Skeen, Thos. Milsap. Delivered to Abra. (?) Bird, January, 1754.
  • Page 132.--27th January, 1748. William Hill's will--Weaver; children, Sarah, James, Mary, John, Joseph, Hannah, Rachel, Elizabeth; wife, Mary. Executors, wife Mary and Thomas Moore. Teste: Wm. Carroll, Isaac Johnson, Jno. Dobikin. Proved, 17th May, 1749, by Jno. Dobikin and Isaac Johnson. Both executors granted administration.
  • Page 170.--13th July, 1749. William James' (of Smith s Creek) will Yeoman; wife, Sarah, estate until eldest son Thomas James comes of age; three sons, Thomas, Joshua and Joseph. Executors, wife and Thomas Moore. Teste: John Dobikin, Daniel Holdman, Jno. Ruddell, Sr. Presented, 22d August, 1749, by Thomas Moore and proved by all witnesses.
  • Page 172.--22d August, 1749. Thos. Moore's bond as executor, with surety Wm. Karroll.
  • Page 230.--25th May, 1751. Abraham Vanderpool and Rebecca to George Yoccum (Yoccomb), No. 10 held by patent of Lord Fairfax, 19th October, 1748, on ye south fork of ye Wappaconee (or) Great South Branch of Potomac, 430 acres. Endorsed and delivered to James Machir for George Harnost, Sr., one of the heirs of the grantee, 16th July, 1806. Teste: Wm. White, Thomas Moore.
  • Page 368.--6th August, 1751. James Robinson's appraisement by Thos. Moore, John Bryant, John McDonal. Due by Daniel Murley and John Patton.
  • Page 476.--25th December, 1752. Peter Cotner's will. Yeoman. Eldest son, George; 2d son, Peter. Daughter, Mary, infant, under 18. Wife, Mary. Four children. (George is to pay his youngest brother £__ of coming of age). Teste: Michael Waren, Samuel Holdman, Thos. Moore. Executors, wife, Mary, and Adam Rider. Proved, 21st March, 1753, by all witnesses; Danl. holdman and executors qualify, with surety Jacob Bare.
  • Page 488.--1st December, 1752. Thomas Reese's appraisement by Thos. Moore, Samuel Newman, Nicholas Roberts.
  • Page 229.--27th May, 1773. Michael Nease and Margaret ( ), of Dunmore, to Frederick Kaylor, land where Michael formerly lived and sold to Adam Bainter and Thomas Moores, patented to Michael, 20th September, 1768. Delivered: George Kipp, 16th September, 1777.
  1. Harrison, J. Houston (John Houston). Settlers by the Long Grey Trail: Some Pioneers to Old Augusta County, Virginia, and Their Descendants of the Family of Harrison and Allied Lines. (Dayton, Virginia : J.K. Ruebush Co., 1935), pg. 146.

    Another paper is the original deed of Josiah Davidson, "son and heir at law of Daniel Davison of the County of Augusta, deceased", to Thomas Moore, Blacksmith, for the above 370 acres, "on both sides of Smiths Creek", dated 7th November, 1767. This Thomas Moore, Sr., according to his tombstone, died in 1797, "aged about 70 years". He is said to have been a Quaker. Evidentely, he was not the Thomas Moore of the Orange (County) records of 1741-1745, or of the militia company of 1742, etc.; neither, according to his estate settlement, does he appear to have been the owner of the lands in the "Great Plains". He is buried in the old family burial ground at the home place above, and just outside the family plot, as fenced in, are other graves that tradition says are those of several old slaves brought to Virginia by the first ancestor of the family. As Thomas of the militia company was the first in the vicinity, the indications are that he was a near relative of Thomas who died in 1797. Both were likely from New Jersey or Maryland.

    At the time of his death, Thomas owned six plantations, embracing 1,700 acres. He died without a will. According to litigation instituted by his daughter, Lucretia Dunkenson, and her husband, Thomas, vs. her brothers, the greater part of his land was acquired as follows:

    200 acres on Smiths Creek, between Davison's, Phillip's and Rambo's lands, corner Buchanan, patented 26th July, 1765.
    190 acres, same location, patented (to Thomas L. Moore), 12th May 1770, lines of Michael Bowyer and Thomas Loker.
    190 acres on Smiths Creek, adjoining J. Woodley's land, corner John Phillips, patented 12th May 1770.
    200 acres on Smiths Creek, crossing Daniel James Branch, patented 27th June, 1764, to Valentine Sevier, in consideration for importing four persons, viz: James Porteus, John Roe, Patrick McDonald and Daniel Warner.
    370 acres on Smiths Creek patented 12th January, 1746, to James Wood. (This land was the land Wood sold Davison).
    68 acres on Long Meadow, or North River Shenandoah, patented 31st October, 1765, to Thomas Looker, and conveyed by Looker to Thomas Moore, Sr., 17th February 1791. Witness Reuben Moore, Thomas Looker, Jr., Philip Counce (Koontz), recorded in Rockingham, 27th June 1791. (See Dunkenson vs. Moore, Judgements, Sept. 1802, A to R; Chalkley, Vol. II, p. 26).

  2. Public Member Trees: (Note: not considered a reliable source).
  3. 3.0 3.1 Stoever, John Casper, and Elizabeth P. (Elizabeth Petty) Bentley. Early Lutheran baptisms and marriages in southeastern Pennsylvania: the records of Rev. John Casper Stoever from 1730 to 1779. (Baltimore [Maryland]: Genealogical Pub. Co., c1982, 1998), pg. 12.

    Moor, Thomas - b. October, 1732; bap. June 8, 1737. Testes, Theobalt Gerlach and wife.