Person:Thomas Mastin (1)

Major Thomas Mastin
m. 4 Jan 1773
  1. Elizabeth Mastin1792 - 1845
Facts and Events
Name[2] Major Thomas Mastin
Alt Name _____ Masten
Gender Male
Birth[1] 7 Oct 1749 Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA
Residence[6][13] Abt 1772 Fincastle County, Virginia, United Statesthe western side of Baptist Valley (in what is now Tazewell County)
Property? 26 Oct 1773 Fincastle, Virginia, United Statespurchased land from James Skaggs and wife Rachael
Residence[7][13] 1773 Fincastle County, Virginia, United StatesThomas Maston (sic), William Patterson, and John Deskins farther west in the same (Baptist) valley in what is now Tazewell County
Marriage 4 Jan 1773 Sumner, Tennessee, USAto Agnes Unknown
Other[2] 8 Sep 1773 Fincastle, Virginia, United States
Military[1] Abt 1776 Washington County, Virginia, USA(now Tazewell County) Captain in the Revolutionary War
Military[2] 1776 part of Col William Christian's Cherokee Campaign
Military[9] 26 Feb 1777 Washington County, Virginia, USAbecame Captain in the militia
Other[8] Abt 1777 adopted 4 orphans from the Cornstalk family
Other[9] 29 Apr 1777 Washington County, Virginia, USADaniel Smith & Thomas Mastin, two of the Gentlemen named in the Commission of the Peace for this County, took the Oath of Office
Military[2] 1779 he was part of the nautical campaign against the Cherokees of Chickamauga by Col Evan Shelby
Military[2][9] 22 Mar 1781 Washington County, Virginia, USA(now Tazewell County) became a Major in the militia
Residence[2] 1 Apr 1785 Washington County, Virginia, USA(now Tazewell County) sold 275 acres in Baptist Valley, moved to Tennesse
Occupation[2] 7 Jun 1787 Sumner, Tennessee, United Statesfirst Sheriff of Sumner County (for one year)
Property[2] 12 Jul 1788 Sumner, Tennessee, United Statespurchased 200 acres from his old friend Daniel Smith, then 68 acres, where he lived the rest of his life
Other[12] 1790 Sumner, Tennessee, United Statestax list
Occupation[2] Bet 1804 and 1808 Sumner, Tennessee, United StatesSheriff of Sumner County
Will[2] 6 Oct 1808 Sumner, Tennessee, United StatesNo children mentioned. Only "beloved wife, Agnes"
Death[1] 3 Oct 1810 Sumner, Tennessee, United States
Property? 17 Mar 1812 Russell County, Virginia, USA(now Tazewell County) a land grant for Walter Preston describes his property as neighboring Thomas Mastin's
Unknown[7] 1788 or 1789 Tazewell County, Virginia, USAMastin's neighbor Joseph Ray and his family were killed by Indians

Thomas Mastin was a friend of Senator Daniel Smith (133). They lived 16 miles apart in what is now Tazewell County. S2

When Chief Cornstalk and his son, Elinipsico, were murdered, Thomas Mastin, and his wife Agnes, took in the orphans Kumskaka (renamed Thomas Bailey Christian), Low Hawk (renamed Hezekiah N. Whitt), Outhowwa Shokka Cornstalk, and Mountain Raven (renamed Sarah Mastin).S4S8

In Tazewell

  • Thomas Mastin owned adjoining land to John Hankins, Sr. S3

Col. William Christian's Cherokee Campaign 1776

Mastin was a captain of a company of militia for Col. William Christian's Cherokee Campaign in 1776. Among Mastin's soldiers on this campaign were Richard Cavett, John Harmon, Israel Harmon, Jacob Harmon, Sr. and Jacob Harmon, Jr. S2

Nautical Campaign against the Cherokees of Chickamauga 1779

Mastin was part of this campaign led by Col. Evan Shelby. Two pension statements preserve the names of two of his men: Lyles Dolsberry and James Elkins. It is also known that Hezekiah Whitt was in that company. S2

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