Person:Thomas Hannah (3)

Thomas Hannah
b.11 September 1787 Rockingham County, Virginia
m. 1785
  1. William Hannah1786 -
  2. Thomas Hannah1787 -
  3. Joseph Hannah1789 -
  4. Magdalene Hannah1795 -
  5. Elizabeth Kathryn Hannah1797 -
  6. Mefford Hannah1799 - 1884
  7. David Hannah1801 -
  8. Margaret Hannah1804 - 1846
  9. Mary Hannah1806 - 1864
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Hannah
Gender Male
Birth[1] 11 September 1787 Rockingham County, Virginia

Thomas Hannah was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Austin vs. Carthrae--O. S. 262; N. S. 92--Orator is Richard Austin of Rockingham. On 28th November, 1805, Casper, alias Gasper Mifford, made his will in Rockingham and died, leaving a widow called Mary and children, viz: George, Ben, Cate (wife of Jacob Kile), John, Casper and Leancy, alias Magdalene, widow of Thos. Hana. Mary, the widow, died April, 1816, testate. John Mefford had a son George. George Mefford had a son George. Patent, 31st July, 1800, to Casper Mifford, 41 acres in Rockingham. Patent, 5th April, 1749, to Joshua Hickman for 100 acres on North River of Shenando. On April 6, 1816, George and Benj. Meffert, Catherine Kile and George Meffert, son of John Meffert, are non-residents of Virginia. Deed, 16th January, 1815, by Magdalena Hanah, daughter of Gasper Mefford and widow of late Thomas Hana, to Richard Austin of Rockingham, all her interest in her father's estate. Will of Gasper Mefford dated 28th November, 1805. Wife, Mary; son, Benjamin; daughters, Leoney, Caty Ryle; son John's son, George. Recorded in Rockingham, December, 1805. Deed, 24th August, 1778, by Henry Reburn and Jane of Rockingham to Casper Meffort of Rockingham, 100 acres on North River of Shennandoe below the Fork where Reburn now lives, granted to Joshua Hickman, 5th April, 1748, and conveyed to Henry by George Crawford, 18th November, 1760. Letter addressed to Ensign George Eskridge, Staunton: Dear Sir: Winchester, 28th April, 1813. Congratulations upon appointment and acceptance. Signed by Thomas Parker, Colo., 12th Infantry. Thos. Hannah, aged 28, deposes, in Rockingham, 2d June, 1817, is grandson of Gasper Mefford.
  1. Robinson, Marguerite E. The Mefferds and their kin. (s.n., 1977), pg. 56.

    Thomas Hannah Jr., b. 11 Sept 1787, Rockingham Co. VA., d. near Brownsville, OR.
    mar. Elizabeth Hudlow