Person:Sarah Brewster (3)

Sarah Brewster
m. 15 May 1634
  1. Nathaniel Brewster1634-1637 - 1676
  2. Sarah Brewsterabt 1635 - aft 1668
  3. Deacon William BrewsterAbt 1639 - 1723
  4. Wrestling Brewster1644 - 1696/7
m. 1656
  1. Icabod Bartlett
  2. Benjamin Bartlett1658 - BEF 1724
  3. Rebecca BartlettBEF 1664 - 1741
  4. Samuel BartlettBEF 1666 - BEF 1713
  5. Ebenezer Bartlettabt 1667 - 1697/98
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3][4][5][6] Sarah Brewster
Gender Female
Birth? abt 1635 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Alt Birth? 1639 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage 1656 Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusettsto Benjamin Bartlett
Death? aft 5 Mar 1668 Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts(probably)
Alt Death? 21 Jan 1678 Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Ancestral File Number JN8G-5J
Alt Death? 21 Aug 1691 Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States

Sarah's parents were Love Brewster, born 1612 in Leiden, Holland, and Sarah Collier, born abt. 1615. Love was the son of William Brewster, the Mayflower passenger.

From It's About Time

William Brewster (Jr.) married, ca.1585, to Mary --?-- (possibly Mary Wentworth). William Brewster had children: William, Edward, Jonathan Brewster (1593-1659) m. (1) --?-- and m. (2) Lucretia Oldham; Love Brewster (1595-1651) m.1634 Sarah, dau. William Collier; Wrestling Brewster; Patience Brewster m.1624 Gov. Thomas Prence; and Fear Brewster (1606-1634) m.1626 Isaac Allerton.

From the Bartlett Society

The proof of the marriage to Sarah Brewster is the court record of 7 Feb 1664/5 whereby Benjamin Bartlett demanded land in Alcarmus Field and the court record of 5 March 1667/8 mentions the claim of Benjamine Bartlett unto some land given by Mr. Johnathan Brewster deceased, unto his wife, which is said to lie in Alkarmus Field. The court ordered that four acres be laid out to Benjamin Bartlett.

Sarah was bequeathed or given land by Jonathan Brewster before March 5, 1667 according to the Plymouth Colony Records (Vol. 4. p. 173).

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Will of Love Brewster

The last Will and Testament of Love Brewster Deseassed exhibited at the generall Court holden at New Plym: the 4th of March 1650 upon the oath of Captaine Miles Standish

Witnesseth these psents that I Love Brewster of Duxburrow in New England and in the goverment of New Plym: being in pfect memory doe ordeaine & appoint this to bee my last will and Testamente And first my will is that if the lord shall please to take mee out of this life that my body bee buried in a decent mannor and that my funerall expences bee taken out of my whole estate; Next my will is; That all my Just and lawfull debts bee paied out of the Remainder of my said estate allso I give unto my Children that is to say Nathaniell Willam Wrasteling and Sara each of them a kettle and further my will is that my three sonns shall have each of them a peece that is to say a gun; allso I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Sara Brewster all the Residue of my whole estate both goods and Chattles and land at Duxburrow for her bringing up of her and my Children the time of her life and after her decease I doe give the aforsaid lands to my eldest sonn and heire apparent Nathaniell Brewster and in Case god should take him away out of this life without Issew I give and bequeath the said lands at Duxburrow to my second sonn Willam Brewster and in like case to my youngest sonn Wresteling Brewster; And for those books I have that my wife would destribute them to herselfe and Children at her discresion allso my will is and I doe by the same give unto my three sonns equally to be devided amongst them all such land as of Right due to mee by Purchase and first coming into the land Which was in the yeare 1620 allso I doe make Constitute and appoint my beloved wife Sara Brewster sole executrix of this my last will and Testament in Witnes Wherof I have put to my hand and Seale this sixt of october 1650

Witness heerunto Love Brewster

Myles Standish

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