Person:Samuel Pepper (2)

Samuel Pepper
m. bef. 1720
  1. Joshua Pepper1719/20 - 1808
  2. Robert Pepper1722 - 1780
  3. Sarah Pepper1725 -
  4. William Pepper1728 - 1756
  5. Ruth Pepper1730 -
  6. Samuel Pepper1735 - bef 1805
  • HSamuel Pepper1735 - bef 1805
  • WNaomi Burk1744/45 -
m. 1763
  1. John PepperABT 1775 -
  2. Mary 'Polly' Pepper1765 - 1830
  3. Joseph PepperABT 1769 -
  4. James PepperABT 1771 -
  5. Sarah 'Sally' Pepper1773 -
  6. William Pepper1776 - bef 1835
  7. Jesse PepperABT 1777 -
Facts and Events
Name Samuel Pepper
Gender Male
Birth[3] 20 November 1735 Framingham, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Alt Birth[2] 20 November 1736 Chester County, Pennsylvania
Marriage 1763 Chester County, Pennsylvaniato Naomi Burk
Residence[1] 4 Nov 1782 Botetourt, Virginia, United StatesSamuel Pepper of Botetourt County in Virginia named as one of the executors in the will of James Burke.
Death[2] bef. April 1805 New River, Pulaski County, Virginia[Will Probated]

Samuel Pepper was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Will Abstract

Pepper, Samuel. Will probated April 1805.
Names wife, Neomi; and children: Polly Heavin, William, James, Sally, John, Jesse and James, dec.
[A Brief of Wills and Marriages of Montgomery and Fincastle Counties, Virginia, 1733-1831 by Anne Lowry Worrell, pg. 52].
  • April 1805 - Samuel Pepper's will presented at April Court - James Adare senior a witness with John McC Taylor, John Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

  • Page 495.--17th March, 1767. Saml. Pepper's bond (with James (his mark) Ledderdale, Jno. Craig) as administrator of James Carty.
  • Page 249.--13th May, 1767. Joseph Robinson to Edward Springer, £200, 190 acres by patent to said Joseph, 20th September, 1748, on the waters of Rone Oak, joining land formerly George Robinson's, on Buffalo Creek; corner Coleses land. Teste: Samuel Pepper, Thomas Lloyd.
  • Page 125.--15th July, 1767. James Carty's estate appraised, by John Blackmore, Frederick Stern, Edmond O'Neal. Saml. Pepper, administrator.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 24, 1767. - (313) Saml. Pepper appointed Constable.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER 15, 1768. - (472) Constables: Joseph Hicks, vice Saml. Pepper; Andrew Calvin, on Little River of New River; James Curry vice John Clark.
  • Page 172.--19th November, 1768. James Cartie's estate--Sale bill, Saml. Pepper, Administrator, recorded--To Levy Smith, Saml. Cloyd, Anthony Blather, Ellis Bean, Thos. Grisom, Fred Starn, Jacob Lorton, Anthony Blather, Edmond O'Neal, James Jonston, Isaac Job, Casper Wever, Henry Francis, John Taylor, James Hogg, Henry Skeggs, Saml. Ewing, Jacob Harmon, Roger Tap, Saml. Scott.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST, 1768 (B). - Samuel Pepper vs. George Pearis.--July 5, 1763.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 22, 1769. - (99) Jacob Lorton appointed Constable, vice Samuel Pepper.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST, 1768 (B). - Garnishment vs. John Henderson, in behalf of Andrew Boyd, vs. Samuel Pepper.--Henderson deposes, 10th March, 1767, that in 1766 he purchased, through Robert McGee, of George Pearis, a tract of land on North Fork of Roanoke, alias Goose Creek.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST, 1769 (A). - Pepper vs. Hannon.--We, James Johnson and Valentine Hannan, do promise to pay unto Samuel Pepper, &c., &c., &c., 15th June, 1767. (Signed) James Johnson, Vallaentin Harman. Test, Anthony Bledsoe, James Smith.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 16, 1769. - (322) Appraisers appointed on estate of John Buchanon, viz: On James River, John and Jonathan Smith and George Skillern; at New River, John Blackmore, Samnel Pepper and Joseph How; at Reed Creek, John Montgomery, David Looney and Josiah Ramsey.
  • Page 389.--14th October, 1769. Col. John Buchanan's estate appraised by John Blackimore, Jos. How, Saml. Pepper.
  • Page 16.--18th April, 1787. James Cartey's estate settled by Samuel Pepper--Sale held 16th June, 1768.

Records in Pulaski County, VA

  • abt. 1774/1776 - Jas. Adair listed in the journal of James McCorkle, who ran McCorkle's Store at New Dublin, (now) Pulaski County. Also listed: Captain Anthony Bledsoe, Charles Cavanaugh, John, Samuel and William Cecil, John and Robert Craig, Andrew and John King, John Lester, Absolum Mounts, John Mounts, Samuel Pepper, William Poage, Capt. Michael Wood, many others. [Source: "The Land that is Pulaski County", by Conway Howard Smith, 1980].

Records in Montgomery County, VA

  • August 24, 1786 - Montgomery County Court: Ordered that James Addair have leave to open a bridle way from Pepper's Road opposite to his own house thence across the River at the said Addair's plantation, Thence by the office and from thence the nearest and best way into the road leading to Callaway's Iron Works.” Montgomery County Order Book 1 p. 267, found in. [Source: Montgomery County Road Orders 1777-1806 , Betty E. Spillman, Shirley P. Thomas, and Ann B. Miller. Virginia Department of Transportation Report no. VTRC 08-R14, 2008., p. 23].
  • February 2, 1796 - Samuel Pepper appeared in court & Entered into & Acknowledged bond with David Love his Security in the Sum of Sixty Dollars conditioned as the Law directs for his duly keeping a ferry from his Lands at the Buffaloe Pond over New River opposite and that he keep one Hand & one boat always ready to perform the duties required by Law. [Source: Montgomery county Order Book 9, p. 109].
  • November 17, 1804 - James Addair inclusive grant of 880 acres, W side of New River adjoining John Nozier, Samuel Pepper. Includes 317 acres granted in 7/5/1785, 357 acres granted 2/25/1793 and 206 acres by virtue of land office treasury warrant no.3300, issued December 21, 1801. The description makes it clear they are in the Radford area (part of property line crosses the Pepper's Ferry Road). (Source: Library of Virginia)
  1. James Burke, in North Carolina, United States. North Carolina Probate Records, 1735-1970, Surry County Wills, 1783-1792, Vol. 02 / p. 2.

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