Person:Samuel Lyle (2)

Samuel Lyle
m. bef. 1747
  1. Samuel Lyle1747 - 1834
  2. David Lyle1750-1765 -
  3. James Lyle1750-1765 -
  4. Esther Lyle1750-1758 -
  5. John Lyle1750-1765 -
  6. James Lyleabt 1751 -
  7. Robert Lyle1755-1763 - 1805
m. bef. 1787
  1. Jane Lyle1787 - 1859
  2. Frances 'Fannie' Lyle1790 - 1840
  3. Rev. Daniel Lyle1791 - 1856
m. 08 February 1797
  1. Isabella Lylebef 1806 -
  2. Samuel R. Lyle1806 - 1848
  3. Elizabeth Lylebef 1814 -
Facts and Events
Name Samuel Lyle
Gender Male
Birth[1] 27 May 1747 Augusta, Virginia, United Statesprobably
Marriage bef. 1787 to Elizabeth White
Marriage 08 February 1797 Jefferson County, Tennesseeto Margaret Hadley
Death[1] 09 August 1834 Jefferson, Tennessee, United States

Samuel Lyle was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Will of Samuel Lyle

Samuel Lyle's Will

I, Samuel Lyle give to my wife, Margery Lyle, the plantation I now live on and my personal property.
I give my daughter, Fanny Lyle, three hundred dollars.
I give to my daughter, Jenny, who intermarried with John Hull, ten dollars, she having been provided for.
I give my son, Daniel Lyle, three dollars, he having been provided for. I give my daughter who intermarried with John M. Patton, three dollars.
I give my daughter, Isabella Henderson, who intermarried with John Bettis, the sum of three dolalrs.
I give my son Samuel R. Lyle, the plantation I now live on.
I give to my son Samuel all my personal property all subject to the support of my wife as before stated.
I make my son Samuel R. Lyle, executor of my Will.
3rd of Aug. 1832. Witnesses: James P. Balch, Joseph Hamilton Jr. Signed, sealed, published, pronounced by Samuel Lyle to be his last will. Sept. 1834.
Will of Samuel Lyle Sr. dec'd was presented in court for probate. Samuel R. Lyle the Executor qualified.
Settlement of the Estate of Samuel R. Lyle Dec'd June 9, 1835. The court in session, settle with Samuel R. Lyle, executor of the estate of Samuel Lyle dec'd as follows: Fanny Lyle rect. in full for her part of the estate. 3rd of Feb. 1835. Paid John Hull, that which was bequeated to Jenny Hull, in full. 9th of May 1835. Paid Daniel Lyle his part of the estate. 13th of Feb 1835. Paid Wm. Mathis, quardian of Grezzy Patton, 7th of May 1835. Paid John Bettis in full of the legacy left his wife, Isabella. 20th of Feb. 1835.

Information on Samuel Lyle

Samuel Lyle died in Jefferson County, Tennessee in 1834 and is buried in the Military Cemetery in the town of Dandridge. A monument, honoring Revolutionary Soldiers buried there, bears the name of Lyle. The Military Cemetery is part of the original Cemetery of the Hopewell Presbyterian Church.

A tablet on one side of the monument includes the following inscription:

Erected by Martha Dandridge Garden Club
In Memory of
Revolutionary Soldiers Buried Here
John Blackburn
Abednego Inman
Samuel Lyle
Richard Rankin
Samuel Rankin
1758*(corrected from 1738)-1828
Reverse side of tablet:
Burial Ground at the
site of the original
Hopewell Presbyterian Church
in Jefferson County
[Source: Tennessee Cousins, by Worth S. Ray, pg. 98].
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    Wounded in the Battle of Eutaw Springs, SC. First Trustee of Jefferson County.