Person:Samuel Bell (14)

Samuel Bell
  1. William Bell1720 -
  2. Capt. David Bell1722 - bef 1780
  3. Samuel Bell1724 - 1803
  4. Mary Bell1726 - 1805
  5. Joseph Bell1742 - 1823
m. Abt. 1753
  1. Thomas Bell1753 -
  2. George BellEst 1754-1775 -
  3. Martha BellEst 1754-1775 -
  4. Samuel Givens Bell, Jr.1756 - 1843
  5. William Bell1759 - 1833
  6. Elizabeth Bell1765 -
  7. Sarah BellEst 1765-1775 - Aft 1813
  8. David Bellbef 1767 -
  9. James Bell1769 - ABT 1829
  10. John Bell1770 - 1848
  11. Margaret Bell1775 - 1848
  12. Joseph Bellbef 1778 -
Facts and Events
Name Samuel Bell
Gender Male
Birth? 1724 Prob. Ireland
Marriage Abt. 1753 prob. Augusta County, Virginiato Jane Rankin Holmes
Death? Jun 1803 Poss. Augusta County, Virginia

Samuel Bell was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia



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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 48.--18th March, 1783. William Foster, Sr., to William Foster, Jr., 250 acres on South River, part of 500 acres conveyed to William, Sr., by Joseph Poindexter and Elizabeth, in the General Court. Delivered: Samuel Bell, 10th August, 1786.
  • Page 347.--14th September, 1786. William Foster, Sr., of Botetourt, William Foster, Jr., and Elisabeth, of Augusta, to Samuel Bell, tract conveyed by Joseph Poindexter to William Foster, Sr., and by him conveyed to his son William, 20th May, 1783. Teste: Robert Porterfield, John Patrick, John Cullen.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 131.--15th June, 1788. Samuel Bell, Sr., and Jane to Samuel Bell, Jr., and David Bell, tract conveyed by William Foster. Sr., to his son William. (Note: same tract as described in the two previous records).

Information on Samuel Bell

"Samuel Bell - Born around 1724 - Died June 1803 - Married around 1753 Eliza Jane Holmes - Born 1728 - Died ? - 12 Children. It is believed that he was born in Ireland and came to America with his father. He lived on a farm at the mouth of Christian Creek, Augusta, VA until 17 Feb 1761, when he conveyed this 300 acre tract to James Kerr, and purchased from Samuel Givens and wife a tract of 159 acres on Middle river at Mt. Meridian where he lived until his death"

"Joseph Bell (B1-15) inherited his father's home place and is said to have lived near the present US South route 11, 4 miles north of Staunton, VA. His grave and that of his wife are in the Old Cemetery near the Old Stone Church which his father helped build, and of which he was an elder."

The above is not the correct Joseph: Per Samuel's Will probated 27 JUN 1803, "ITEM I give and bequeath unto my son JOSEPH BELL that tract of land on which he now lives containing one hundred and sixty-seven acres and is in two surveys." William Bell's land was one hundred and ninety-six acres.

DEED BOOK NO. 9. page 366, 17 FEB 1761 Page 141.--17th February, 1761. Samuel Bell and Margaret ( ) to James Ker, blacksmith, £40, 300 acres in Beverley Manor, at mouth of Christian's Creck on Middle River; cor. James Hamilton's land, formerly Ker's, fork of Long Meadow Run and said Creek, suposed to be a corner in the patent line; cor. George Roger, Thomas Baskin's line, formerly Widow Baskin's. Delivered: James Ker, 10th June, 1771.

The tract of land above was purchased by William Bell, brother of Samuel who then sold it to Samuel. No wife was mentioned at the sale for either. Most likely Samuel was living and working on this farm with his brother, having no other deeds to his name and he does not show on the land lists until 1761 when this same 300 acres is in his name.

Note this deed of sale lists Samuel and Margaret Bell, whom I believe is his wife at the time. He sells his land in Feb 1761 and purchases the next property no later than May 1761. This would negate his wife being Jane as early as 1753. What happens to Margaret may be what happened to a lot of women, most likely difficulty in childbirth. Perhaps she died in the childbirth of the last known child of Samuel'; Margaret born in 1775. If this is the case, than Jane would have been his next wife and could have been a neighbor, which was frequently the case, perhaps a widow herself. My great-great-grandfather was born in 1770 and his sister Margaretin 1775 so one wife was not to have been past child bearing age.

Also, below; I believe Margaret was his wife at least as late as 1772 where Samuel and Margaret were testators on Phillip Harles Will. He was their neighbor on Givins Run.:

ABSTRACTS OF WILLS OF AUGUSTA COUNTY VIRGINIA. AUGUSTA COUNTY COURT. WILL BOOK No. 4. page 123, 19 MAY 1772 Page 493.--21st March, 1772. Phillip Harles' will--Executors, Mathias Kersh and Augustine Price; to wife, Margaret; to son, Martin Harless, tract on Sinking Creek called Clover Bottom, in Botetourt County; to son, Immanuel, infant, 600 acres where testator lives; to son, Philip, 113 acres in Botetourt; to son, David, 300 acres in Botetourt on Tom's Creek; to son, Henry, cash; to daughter, Margaret; to daughter, Mary. Teste: Archd. Huston, Samuel Bell, Margaret Bell. Proved, 19th May, 1772, by Huston and Bell (Saml.). Augustine Price qualifies with Charles Rush, Henry Price, Danl. Price. [p.123]

DEED BOOK NO. 9. page 369, before 19 MAY 1761 Page 286.-- -- ---- 1761. Samuel Givens and Martha to Samuel Bell, £90, 159 acres, part of 311 acres patented to said Givens, on southeast side Middle River of Shanando betwixt lands of John and James Givens; cor. said James Givens. Teste: William Lamb, Wm. Walters. Delivered: Samuel Bell, 10th August, 1786.

Taken together, Samuel Bell's wife could not have been a Jane Holmes (if she was even Jane Holmes) as early as stated and she was not the mother of the most of the children. Jane then must have been a later wife, perhaps a widow who lived nearby or was in the congregation at Stone Church.

The farm on Givin's Run was disposed of as follows in Samuel's Will: "ITEM I give and bequeath unto my sons JAMES BELL and THOMAS BELL, that tract of land (containing three surveys as aforementioned) on which I now live, to be equally divided between them according to quantity and quality making a reasonable allowance to the one, who upon such division shall not get the buildings; to take immediate possession upon my decease of two thirds of said lands and upon termination of my said wife JANE BELL's right, to get full possession of the whole, an also to each of my said sons JAMES and THOMAS, one horse of the value of one hundred dollars.

The Joseph Bell originally referred to above was the son of William Bell Stone Church and the brother of Samuel. The property he inherited was not the farm of Samuel Bell, but the farm of William Bell, Stone Church, which had been purchased from Francis McCune/McCowin:

DEED BOOK NO. 1. page 255 19 APR 1746 Page 90.--19th April, 1746. Francis McCowen (mark), farmer, to Wm. Bell, farmer, £55 current money Virginia; 196 1/2 acres in Beverley Manor; Seth Poag's line; John Lewis' line. Witnesses, Jno. Buchanan, Joseph Culton, Silas Hart, James Trimble. Acknowledged, 18th June, 1746. Francis (his mark) McCown.

ABSTRACTS OF WILLS OF AUGUSTA COUNTY, VIRGINIA. AUGUSTA COUNTY COURT. WILL BOOK NO. 2. page 45 Page 195.--25th July, 1757. William Bell's will--To be buried at Stone Meeting House by side of wife lately ceased; to son Joseph, plantation if he die before he come home from Carolina; daughter Mary, gold ring he did usually wear; to son Edward Baird; sons, William, David, Saml. Bell and Edward Baird; leaves to every one of my other children 1 shilling. Teste: Robert McHan, John Theobald Maighan. Proved, 17th August, 1757, by the witnesses. David Bell is not in this Colony. Edward Beard qualifies with Henry Rayburn, James Craig.

Later in 1771 Joseph Bell added 300 acres purchased from Daniel Deniston:

DEED BOOK NO. XVII. Page 135.--20th March, 1771. Daniel Denison (Danston) and Elizabeth ( ) to Joseph Bell. £220, 300 acres conveyed to Daniel Denison, deceased, by Beverley, 10th April. 1739, and devised to grantor, Daniel, by Daniel, deceased. on a branch of Lewis Creek. corner Petter Hog, Andrew Lewis' line. Delivered: Joseph Bell, December, 1777.

This farm adjoined the original property on the north western side, remnants of these tracts can be discerned on USGS Topo Maps yet today. Bell Lane exits from Route 11 through this property as of 2013.