Person:Roscoe Johnson (1)

Roscoe Conklin Johnson
d.24 Feb 1943 Toledo, Lincoln, OR
  1. Willie H. JohnsonAbt 1861 - 1862
  2. Anna Elizabeth Johnson1865 - 1944
  3. George JohnsonAbt 1867 - 1868
  4. Mary Emma Johnson1870 -
  5. Roscoe Conklin Johnson1872 - 1943
  6. Isabell Frances Johnson1875 - 1958
  7. Verna Johnson1877 -
  8. Bessie Johnson1879 -
  9. Milo Edger Johnson1883 - 1950
m. 1 Oct 1897
  1. Harry Warren Johnston1898 - 1969
  2. Vernon Weydemeyer Johnston1903 - 1981
Facts and Events
Name Roscoe Conklin Johnson
Gender Male
Birth? 10 Jul 1872 Otisville, Genesee, MI
Marriage 1 Oct 1897 Tawas City, Iosco, Michiganto Mabel Helen Weydemeyer
Death? 24 Feb 1943 Toledo, Lincoln, OR
Burial? Toledo, Lincoln, Oregon
Ancestral File Number QQN5-M9

CENSUS: 1880 Michigan Soundex: J525 vol. 14, enumeration dist. 175, sheet 37, line 25. Lapeer Co., MI, Otter Lake, Marathon twp. William Johnson, white male, age 46, b. New Brunswick. Matilda Johnson, wife, age 35, b. Canada. Anne, 14, b. MI. Roscoe, 7, b. MI. Isabell, 5, b. MI. Verna, 3, b. MI. 1880 CENSUS: Michigan, Lapeer Co., village of Otter Lake, p 3, supv dist 3, enum dist 175, 5 June 1880: Roscoe, white, male, age 7, born MI. Below from 1880 census. Name: Roscoe Johnson Home in 1880: Otter Lake, Lapeer, Michigan Age: 7 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1873 Birthplace: Michigan Relation to Head of Household: Son Father's Name: William Father's birthplace: New Brunswick Mother's Name: Matilda Mother's birthplace: Canada Marital Status: Single Race: White Gender: Male Household Members: Name Age William Johnson 46 Matilda Johnson 35 Anne Johnson 14 Roscoe Johnson 7 Isbell Johnson 5 Verna Johnson 3 Bessie Johnson 11M 1900 Federal Census, Arenac Co., MI, Turner twp., 2 June 1900 Roscoe Johnson, head of household, white, male, born July 1872, age 27, married 3 years, born MI, both parents born Canada, laborer, 0 months not employed, owns home free of mortgage. Mable Johnson, wife, white, female, born April 1877, age 23, married 3 years, 1 child, 1 child living, she and both parents born MI. Harry Johnson, son, white, male, born Sept. 1898, 1 year old.

WEYDEMEYA, WARREN (1910 U.S. Census) IDAHO , LATAH, W MOSCOWAge: 0, Male, Born: MISeries: T624 Roll: 225 Page: 209 215 227 Weydemeyer, Warren, head, w, m, 63, m1, -, -, -, MI, NJ, NJ, -. -, English, fruit grower, OA, -, -, yes, yes, -, O, F, F, 2, 0, 0.

                                   Hattie, wife, w, f, 52, m1, 25, 3, 1, MI, NJ, NJ, -. -, English, housekeeper, ?, -, -, yes, yes, -, -, N, G.
              Johnson, Mable, dau, w, f, 32, m1, 12, 2, 2, MI, MI, MI, -, -, English, -, -, -, -, -, yes, yes
                             Rosco C., son in law, m, w, 36, m1, -, -, MI, Canada, Canada, -. -, English, none, -, -, -, -, yes, yes
                             Harry, son, m, w, 10, s, -, -, -, MI, MI, MI, -. -, English, -, -, -, yes, 6, yes, yes, yes.
                             Vernon, son, m,w, 6, s, -, -, -,  MT, MI, OH, -. -, English, -, -, -, -, -, yes, yes, yes.
             Marston, Bert, partner, m, w, 33, s, -, -, -, MI, WI, ?, -. -, English, -, -, -, -, -, yes, yes.

JOHNSTON, ROSCO C (1920 U.S. Census) OREGON , LINCOLN, N TOLEDO PCTAge: 47, Male, Race: WHITE, Born: MISeries: T625 Roll: 1495 Page: 135 73 73 Johnston, Rosco C., head, O, M, m, w, 47, m, -, -, -, -, yes, yes, B. Mich., f. b. Maine, m. b. Canada, English, yes, farmer, general, O.A., 61. Mable H., wife, -, -, f, w, 42, m, -, -, -, -, yes, yes, she & parents b. Mich., yes, none. Vernon, son, -, -, m, w, 18, s, -, -, -, yes, yes, yes, b. *Mich., parents b. Mich., yes, none. Weydemeyer, Warren, father-in-law & partner, m, w, 72, Wd, -, -, -, -, yes, yes, b. Mich., parents b. NJ, yes, none. Philetus, R., X, -, -, m, w, 81, Wd, -, -, -, -, yes, yes, he & parents b. NJ, yes, none, Johnson, Matilda R., mother, -, -, f, w, 75, Wd, Un, Un, -, -, yes, yes, b. Canada, LC, f. b. England, English, m. b. England, English, yes, none. Resides Pioneer Road.

  • obvious mistake by census taker - well documented he was born in Montana.

1930 United States Federal Census -- Name: Roscoe C Johnston Home in 1930: Toledo, Lincoln, Oregon Age: 56 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1874 Birthplace: Michigan Relation to Head of House: Head Spouse's Name: Mabel Race: White Name: Mabel Johnston Home in 1930: Toledo, Lincoln, Oregon Age: 52 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1878 Relation to Head of House: Wife Spouse's Name: Roscoe C - 111 139 Johnston, Roscoe C head R 20 no M w 56 M 25 no yes MI Canada English Canada English - 62 43 0 - - yes laborer sawmill 7844 W yes - no. Mabel H. wife - - - Y f w 52 M 21 no yes MI MI MI - 62 - - - - yes none. (same page) - 119 148 Johnston, Harry W head R 15 R no m w 31 m 28 no yes MI MI MI - 62 - - - - yes surveyor ? ? Surveying 5194 w yes - yes ww . Florence A wife - - - check f w 25 m 21 no yes OR OR IL - 97 - - - - yes none. Source Citation: Year: 1930; Census Place: Toledo, Lincoln, Oregon; Roll: 1944; Page: 5A; Enumeration District: 5; Image: 784.0. Source Information: 1930 United States Federal Census [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2002. Original data: United States of America, Bureau of the Census. Fifteenth Census of the United States, 1930. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, 1930. T626, 2,667 rolls.

MARRIAGE: MARRIAGE RECORD: Roscoe C. Johnson mar. Mabel Weydemer, Tawas City, MI, 1 Oct. 1897. He is 25, resides Tawas City, b. MI, carpenter. Father = William Johnson; mother = Matilda Rawlin. Not previously married. Married by S. Schofield, M. E. Minister. Witnesses: Mrs. W. A. Johnson, Mrs. T. A. Schofield, all of Tawas City. from Book 3 page 81, Iosco Co., MI marriage records. Film SLC 0963406.

HISTORY: "A good share of the homesteaders who came to the Fortine area at this time settled in the Mud Creek - Grave Creek section. From Michigan came a whole tribe of relatives and acquaintances from the vicinity of Detroit, some of whom remained to become long-time residents of the valley. On upper Mud Creek there were Mr. & Mrs. Warren Weydemeyer and their daughter & son-in-law, the Roscoe Johnsons (who later went on to the Oregon coast); Mrs. Warren Weydemeyer's mother, Mrs. Predmore; Warren's brother, P. R. Weydemeyer and his wife, her brother, Emory Nash, and their son, Harry, and Harry's wife, the former Margaret Campbell. Margaret Weydemeyer's parents and brothers and sisters livere also for a year or two, and in later years became residents of Kalispell, where Grant and Harry Campbell still live. P. R. Weydemeyer filed one of the earliest water-rights on Grave Creek." By Margaret & Harry Weydemeyer, page 164, "The Story of the Tobacco Plains Country", edited by Olga Weydemyer (Mrs. Pete Johnson), published 1950 by the "Pioneers of the Tobacco Plains Country."

DIRECTORY: Surname: Johnson

     Given Name: Roscoe C
     Land Status: homestead
     Land Description: $100
     City: Harrisburg

Source: Flathead County, MT, 1905 - 1906 Kalispell City Directory and Flathead County Directory.

DEATH: Oregon Death Index, 1903-98 <> about Roscoe C Johnston Name: Johnston, Roscoe C County: Lincoln Death Date: 24 Feb 1943

BURIAL: "Johnston, Roscoe C (1872-1943)" Toledo Pioneer Cemetery, Toledo, Oregon

HOWARD JOHNSTON NOTE: Roscoe changed his last name from Johnson to Johnston when he moved to Oregon in the early 1900's. Both his brother Milo and mother retained the surname Johnson. Roscoe's relatives in Montana referred to Roscoe as "the one who changed his name to Johnston".



Grandpa Roscoe C. Johnston had a relative from Canada, later Salem, OR, then back to Canada; Her name was Liedra?? Davis. Do not recall the given name of her husband. Re surname Davis: Grandpa's sister, Isabel, mar. a Davis, but this Davis does not seem to be connected.

Liedra and her husband lived on a large ranch in Alberta, Canada. During this time, every couple of years, they would go to Detroit, MI, buy a new truck, drive around the states sightseeing, and on several occasions stopped by at Grandpa's place outside of Toledo to visit. Mr. Davis was a huge man. While in Salt Lake City on one of his visits, he went to a men's clothing store to buy a new pair of overalls. he overalls were delivered to him by two of the store clerks, one in each leg of the overalls. As I recall, there was a picture of this in a Salt Lake Newspaper.

In the mid-1930's, the Davises moved to a farm near Salem, OR. My brother and I remember this well, as we went and stayed with them for about 2 weeks one summer. We were picked up by either our parents or Grandpa and we all went to the Oregon State Fair where we had eskimo pie for the first time and looked at lots of dairy cows with Grandpa.

When Canada entered WWII in about 1939, they passed a law where persons who were emigrated or emigrating could not take any of their assets out of Canada, so back to Canada went the Davises.

Back in Alberta, oil was discovered on their farm, making them rich. He wanted to make more money, started "wild catting" and lost everything. I'm sure they both died in Alberta, Canada. I've always thought she was a relative of Grandpa Johnston.