Person:Robert Black (28)

Robert Black
m. Est. 1727-1733
  1. Thomas BlackBet 1729 - 1745 -
  2. Robert Black1731 - bef 1788
  3. Gawin BlackBet 1735 - 1745 -
  4. Joseph BlackBET 1735 AND 1742 -
  5. Janet 'Jane' Black1738 - 1825
  6. John BlackBET 1750 AND 1760 -
m. bef. 1761
  1. Mary Blackest 1758-1768 -
  2. James Black1770 - 1832
Facts and Events
Name Robert Black
Alt Name[2] Robert Franklin Black
Gender Male
Birth[2] 1731
Marriage bef. 1761 to Madge "Magey" Cravens
Death[2] bef. 13 October 1788 Smyrna, York County, South Carolina[Estate Inventory Filed]

Robert Black was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 247.--23d June, 1763. Thomas Stevenson and Jean ( ) to Robert Black, £15, 230 acres on a branch of Cook's Creek.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 143.--3d September, 1766. Robert Black and Magey ( ), of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, to Martin Archenbright (Argenbright), £65, 232 acres on Cook's, patented to Thomas Stevenson, 25th June, 1747, and conveyed to Robert, 22d June, 1763. Teste: Hugh Johnson.

Acquisition of Land at Bullock's Creek, SC

  • Plat: August 27, 1765, Survey’d for Robert Black, 250 A on Clarks fork Bullocks Creek… P William Sims, Sur. Joseph Black, William Wilson, CB Iss. 30 Oct 1765. [File #1305(578); Gr. #308; Bk. 18, p. 227 (17, 250)]

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

  • Page 381.--1st February, 1757. John (Jacob) Gardner to Jno. Craven and Jno. Wright, £100, 310 acres on East Fork of Cook's Creek and a draft of Smith's Creek, Daniel Harrison's land, granted to Jacob. 16th August, 1756. Teste: Ro. Craven ( ), Samuel Hemphill, Matt. and Robert Black. Delivered: Jno. Wright, August, 1758.
  • Page 288.--21st September. 1763. John Cravens' settlement of Robt. Cravens' estate, approved and recorded--Paid Saml. Hemphill, Ro. Cravens, Pat. and Jno. Frazier, Margaret Perkey, Pat. Given, John Stewart, Mathew Black, Wm. Minter, Jno. Brown, Wm. Cravens. Cash paid widow Mary. Cash paid John Cravens. Legacy of negro delivered to Zebulon Harrison for his 2 sons. Legacy to Elizabeth Cravens. Legacy to Robt. Black in part of his wife's legacy. (Note: Matthew Black was Robert Black's father).
  • Page 56.--11th August, 1766. Samuel Stuart and Lydia ( ), of North Carolina, yeoman, to Jacob Caplin. £25, 153 acres on South Fork of Linvell's Creek, patented to Samuel, 5th September, 1749; Ralston's line; Patterson's line. Teste: Wm. Cravens, Robert Black, Magey ( ) Black.
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  1.   Harrison, J. Houston (John Houston). Settlers by the Long Grey Trail: Some Pioneers to Old Augusta County, Virginia, and Their Descendants of the Family of Harrison and Allied Lines. (Dayton, Virginia : J.K. Ruebush Co., 1935), Pg. 262.

    "Mage", Madge or Maggie Cravens, sister of Margaret, was also early married, her daughter being Mary Black, one of the grandchildren named in her father's will. She herself, by the will, was devised sixty pounds in money. In her brother John's settlement of their father's estate, "approved and recorded", 21st September 1763, mention in his account is made of, "Legacy to Robert Black in part of his wife's legacy". (Will Book 3, pg. 288; Chalkley, Vol. III, p. 81). None of Maggie's sisters having a husband of this name, Black is identified as that of her own. He was doubtless the witness, along with Robert Cravens and Samuel Hemphill, of Gardiner's conveyance of Dry Fork land to John Cravens and John Wright. (See Page 209). On 11th August, 1766, "William Cravens, Robert Black, and Magey ( ) Black", witnessed a deed of "Samuel Stewart & Lydia of North Carolina, yeoman", to Jacob Calpin of Augusta, conveying 153 acres on the South Fork of Linville's Creek, patented to Samuel, 5th September 1749. On the 3rd September 1766, "Robert Black & Magey ( ) of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina", deeded to Martin Archenbright 232 acres on Cook's Creek, patented to Thomas Stevenson, 25th June 1747, and patented to Robert [Black] 22nd June 1763. (Deed Book 13, pp. 56 and 143).

    Several Blacks were early in Augusta. Rev. William Black, a Presbyterian minister, on 22nd May 1747, appeared before the court and took the prescribed oaths. He lived in Pennsylvania, and in 1758 was a member of Donegal Presbytery. (Waddell, p. 62). Maggie's husband likely came in from this direction also. His father was probably Robert Black, Sr. On the 18th February 1746, Elizabeth Skillern was appointed administratrix of her husband William, deceased, and sureties Robert Black and John Miller. Robert Black, Sr., and Robert Black, Jr., furnished bond for affiance of Elizabeth Anderson, "formerly the widow Skilran", 27th January, 1748. On the 19th May, the same year, Robert Black (Sr.?) deeded to John Miller, 200 acres, on the Beverly Manor line, corner to William Skilleren, part of Beverly Manor, formerly conveyed by Beverly to Black, 25th September, 1741. (Chalkley Vol. I, p. 432; Vol. III, pp. 6, and 268).

    Whether or not Robert and his wife Maggie, nee Cravens, settled permanently in North Carolina is unknown. In Thomas Harrison's inclusive patent of 1773, to his land at Harrisonburg, "Black's line" is mentioned. Black jopined Harrison on the north. His land was on Black's Run, a headwater of the East Fork of Cook's Creek. Through Harrisonburg the run and the fork together form a continuous stream, locally known by the name of the run, but strictly speaking the juncture of the waters is alongside the old Head Spring in the center of town. (See page 219).

    - Note: other records and researchers have placed this Robert Black as a son of Matthew Black who records prove that he lived in Linville's Creek, nearby the Cravens family. Both Matthew Black and his likely son Robert were both listed in records with the Cravens family, thereby making it a higher likelihood of Matthew Black being Robert's father.

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