Person:Pierce Poole (1)

m. 14 Sep 1766
  1. Elizabeth PooleABT 1767 -
  2. Townsend Poole1769 - 1852
  3. Pierce 'Pearcy' Poole1773 - 1845
  4. Jackson Poole1774 - 1836
  5. Mary Poole1776 - 1859
  • HPierce 'Pearcy' Poole1773 - 1845
  • WMary Smith1777 - 1852
m. 1795
  1. Hannah Pooleest 1796 -
  2. Euphemia Pooleabt 1798 -
  3. Letitia Pooleest 1800 -
  4. James Poole1803 - 1881
  5. Millicent 'Milly' Pooleabt 1809 -
  6. Mary Pooleabt 1810 -
  7. Elizabeth A. 'Betcy' Poole1811 - 1899
  8. Jackson W. Poole1813 - 1894
  9. Emeline Poole1819 - 1905
Facts and Events
Name Pierce 'Pearcy' Poole
Gender Male
Birth? 27 Jun 1773 Town of Hempstead, Queens (now Nassau) Co., New York, United States
Marriage 1795 Westchester Co., New Yorkto Mary Smith
Residence? 1800 Morrisania (now Fordham), Westchester (now Bronx) Co., New York, United States
Death? 1 Apr 1845 Bainbridge, Chenango Co., New York

Copied from Poole Researcher: "Data on marriage, dates, obtained from web sites: www.geocities,.com/Heartland/Trail/2311/Collins/people/p000002y.html on 2/19/2005[oole&id=I0142, accessed 11-10-2002.

Also on a report from the LDS church records, identifying Pearcy Poole and Mary Smith Poole as parents of James Poole, with appropriate dates, etc.

The personal Will of Pearcy Poole was copied and read from the LDS archive files for Wills for Chenango County, New York, and the names of his children are listed as stated in the Will, not necessarily in birth order. It is 'believed' that "Betscy" is probably the same as "Elizabeth", as I have Elizabeth (Poole) Stowell and her family noted in Federal Census living next to her two brothers. In the probate of the Will, 'Elizabeth" is named, but not a 'Betsy'. Only Bdates of James and Elizabeth are known at time of this writing (3-22-05), per Alfred M. Poole Family Bible; Jackson W. birthyear is based on his age noted the the Federal Census. Wife of Pearcy was only identified as "Mary" in his Will. Her maiden surname is still under research for confirmation. LDS sites show her as Mary Smith.

Pearcy Poole's Last Will and Testament was created December 5, 1836 in the Town and County of Westchester, New York and proofed the 2nd day of July, 1845 in the village of Norwich in the County of Chenango, state of New York, pages 472-475."

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