Person:Patrick Porter (1)

Patrick Porter
b.4 January 1731
Facts and Events
Name Patrick Porter
Gender Male
Birth[1] 4 January 1731
Marriage ABT 1756 Guilford County, North Carolinato Susanna Walker
Death? c1807 Fall Creek, Scott County, Virginia


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Patrick Porter, A Family Biography
YDNA. Porter
YDNA Lineage. Patrick Porter
LVA Land Grant 185ac Falling Creek 20 march 1783
LVA Land Grant 214 acres on the west side of Falling Creek


Patrick Porter first appears on Borden's Grant in the early 1750's. He and Susannah Walker (1739-?) married about 1756, probably within the Walker Creek watershed in Augusta (now Rockbridge) Co., VA. This marriage occurred about the same time that Susannah's parents moved to Orange County NC. Patrick and Susannah either went with her parents, or came to Orange County after them, perhaps as late as c1760. They eventually settled on property owned by Susannah's father (John Walker III (c1705-c1776) on Moon Creek, a tributary of the Dan River, in what was then Orange Co. (now Caswell Co.). The location of this plantation has not been determined, but road assignment records for the county that mention Patrick, suggest that it was probably near the mouth of Moon's Creek where it enters the Dan River. The dates of birth of the children of Patrick and Susannah indicate that most were born in North Carolina.

About 1771 John Walker III and his family moved to southwest Virginia, settling on Sinking Creek. Patrick and Susannah moved with him, settling nearby on Fall Creek where Patrick constructed a mill. Between 1757 and 1776 they bore eight children. Patrick and Susannah lived out the remainder of their life on Fall Creek, and are thought to be buried in the family cemetery near the location of their original Forthouse. Land records show that Patrick died about 1806, [data needs to be rechecked on DOD], but we have no clear date of death for Susannah. Some of their children moved on to Kentucky in the 1780's and 1790's. Others remained on the Clinch River or moved eastward across Copper Ridge to settle on Copper Creek. Their descendants are still found near Fall Creek.

For a more complete treatment see Patrick Porter, A Family Biography. See also the Talk Page for research needs.

Personal Data

DOB: 4 January 1731 From Source:Patrick Porter Sermon Book
POD: Fall Creek, Scott County, Virginia Patrick Porter's homesite on Fall Creek is well known. Land transactions in Scott County clearly locate his date of death, and demonstrate adequately that he died in Scott County, not Kentucky as some have supposed. We presume that he died at his homeplace on Fall Creek.
Burial: Family burial plot on the Banner farm, near Fall Creek
Spouse: Person:Susannah Walker (5)
DOM: c. 1756
POM: Rockbridge Co, VA
Father: unknown
Mother: unknown


Patricks parents are unknown. However, they are known NOT to be the commonly cited "Benjamin Porter and Ann Campbell". [explication needed] Benjamin Porter left a very explicit will in which he named his children. Patrick was not among them, thus there is no reason to think that Patick was one of his sons.

Child List

Samuel Porter 1757-? 7 February 1757 Patrick Porter Sermon Book
Jane Porter (1761-?) 9 September1761 James Green Sr spelled "Jain" in the Patrick Porter Sermon Book
Susannah Porter (1763-?) 29 July 1763 30 Nov 1802 5 Aug 1785 SWVA John Montgomery (1764-) spelled "Shusannah" per Patrick Porter Sermon Book. Some have interpreted this as reading "Shannandoah"; John remarried to Elizabeth Harris (1770-1846) in 1804
John Walker Porter (1766-?) 6 January 1766 Patrick Porter Sermon Book, see note 123
Catherine Porter (1768-1853) aka Catrin 19 June 1768 Patrick Porter Sermon Book
Mary Porter (1771-?) 25 January 1771 Patrick Porter Sermon Book
Patrick Porter (1776-?) 12 February 1776 Patrick Porter Sermon Book
  1. Patrick Porter Sermon Book.