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Patrick Hays, The Land Giver
  • HPatrick Hays, The Land Giver1705 - 1790
  • WJean McKnight1712 - 1792
m. 1729
  1. David Hays, The Blacksmith1731 - 1809
  2. Robert Hays1733 - 1809
  3. Samuel Hays1734 - 1805
  4. William Hays1737 -
  5. Eleanor 'Helener' Hays1738 - 1795
  6. Jean Hays1739 -
  7. Capt. Patrick Hays, Jr.abt 1741 - 1813
Facts and Events
Name Patrick Hays, The Land Giver
Gender Male
Birth? 1705 Donegal, Ireland
Marriage 1729 to Jean McKnight
Burial[1] 1790 Derry Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Hershey, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania
Death? 31 January 1790 Derry, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania


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Not to be confused with Patrick Hays the Oath Taker of Augusta County, Virginia.


Biographical Annals of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania


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The emigrant ancestor, Patrick Hays, ... was born in Donegal, Ireland, in 1705, and on coming to Pennsylvania, in 1728, purchased 600 acres of land in Derry township, in what was then Lancaster county, but is now Dauphin county. This tract lay about three miles south of Derry. He died Jan. 31, 1790, and with his wife, Jean, whom he married in 1729, lies in the old Derry graveyard. To them were born seven children:
(1) David, born in 1731, inherited what is now the Felty farm; he afterward moved to Middle Spring, where he married Martha Wilson, a daughter of James Wilson, and five children were born to them. Wilson married Mary Culbertson. Patrick married Elizabeth Galbraith. Robert married Mary McCune. Mary married Stephen Culbertson. Jane married Hugh Hamilton. David Hays died in 1809, and his wife Martha (Wilson), in 1818.
(2) Robert, born Feb. 2, 1733, married March 25, 1762, Margaret Wray, of Derry. On Aug. 20, 1776, he enlisted as a private in Col. Galbraith's battalion, of Lancaster County Associators, and according to Dr. Egle, State librarian, became a commissioned officer. [In his Notes and Queries he tells of Robert having with him two servants at the battle of Brandywine, one of whom dreamed on the night before the battle that he would be killed, so he was left behind wlth the baggage. On returning from the battle, they found that part of the camp had been sacked and the dead body of the servant, whose dream had been fulfilled.] His (Robert's) inheritance was what is now the Longnecker farm. To Robert and Margaret Hays were born eleven children. These were the great-grandparents of our subject. Their eleven children are as follows:
(1) Jean, born in 1763, died in 1817.
(2) John, born in 1765, married Margaret Gray. He was a government surveyor and moved to Lewisburg. While engaged in surveying he had any experiences, and on one occasion narrowly escaped the hatchet of an Indian. His younger brother David also became a surveyor and was employed with him at Lewisburg, where he was accidentally killed in the performance of duty Oct. 8, 1796.
[(3)] Patrick, the third child of Robert and Margaret Hays, was the grandfather of our subject. He was born in 1767, lived for a while with his brother John in Lycoming County, and then returned to Dauphin county, and he paid frequent visits to his uncle David, near Shippensburg. On one of these visits, while riding by the Mickey residence near Oakville, he saw a young lady drawing water from a well and asked for a drink. This was his first meeting with Margaret Mickey, who became his wife Jan. 10, 1810. On another of these trips up the Cumberland Valley he was stopped by a man answering to the description of Lewis the Robber, a notorious highwayman of that day, whose hiding place was in the North Mountain. Patrick remembered clearly occurrences during the Revolutionary war, and related to his grandchildren how, during its winters, they would hear in the nights the howls of the prowling wolves around that home whose father was fighting for the independence of the Colonies. He lived to be ninety years old, and during his last sickness complained that he did not know what could be the matter with him, for he was sure he was not so old. The children of Patrick and Margaret (Mickey) Hays were as follows: Isamiah became the wife of Alexander W. Sterritt, of Newton township, and died soon after marriage, leaving one child, now the wife of Malancthon Woods; Robert Mickey Hays became the father of our subject; Margaret married James McKinstry, and both are deceased; Mary Ann is the widow of William McCune, and resides in Newville; Lucetta (deceased) was the wife of James Dunlap, of Newville; Jane died at twenty years of age, unmarried.
(4) Margaret, born in 1769, married William Thome, of Hanover.
(5) Robert, born in 1771, married (first) Jean Hays, daughter of Capt. Patrick Hays, and (second) Marjory Henderson, of Shippensburg.
(6) David was born in 1773; his accidental death at Lewisburg we have noted above.
(7) Samuel, born in 1775, died unmarried. (8) James, born in 1777, died in 1778.
(9) William, born in 1779, removed to Virginia.
(10) Solomon was born in 1781, studied medicine, and bringing his cases of instruments, drugs, and books to his brother Patrick's left for the West, to choose a location in which to practice. He was never heard of after, and what fate he met will never be known.
(11) Joseph, born in 1783, married and went to Equality, Illinois. Robert Hays, the father, died June 6, 1809, and his wife Margaret died Jan. 6, 1820. They also are buried in the Derry graveyard.
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