Person:Nancy Black (10)

Nancy "Agnes" Black
  1. James Black1728 - 1824
  2. Samuel Blackabt 1729/30 - 1783
  3. Capt. William BlackBET 1735 AND 1740 - 1811
  4. Mary Blackabt 1738 - 1805
  5. Margaret 'Peggy' Black1743 - 1784
  6. Nancy "Agnes" Blackabt 1747/48 - aft 1827
  7. Rachel Black1750 - 1822
  8. Alexander Black, Jr.1752 - 1827
m. 24 JAN 1765
  1. John "Curly John" McClungabt 1768 - bef 1848
  2. Alexander McClung1770 - 1816
  3. Edward "Muddy Creek Ned" McClung1774 - 1820
  4. Charles McClung1775 - 1847
  5. Jane "Jennet" McClungabt 1780 - aft 1825
  6. Thomas McClung, Jr.abt 1782 -
  7. Rachel McClung1785 - bef 1815
Facts and Events
Name[1] Nancy "Agnes" Black
Gender Female
Birth? abt. 1747/48 Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage 24 JAN 1765 to Thomas McClung, of the Battle of Point Pleasant
Death? aft. 1827 Greenbrier County, Virginia[Named in brother Alexander Black's will proven in Fayette County, KY]


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Records in Greenbrier County, VA

  • 17 August 1784 - Greenbrier Court Orders: On the motion of Agnes McClung and William McClung, administration is granted to them of the estate of Thomas McClung deceased, whereupon they made oath, entered into, and acknowledged bond, with George Clendenin and William Clendenin, their securities, in the sum of three hundred pounds, with condition according to law, and it is ordered that William H. Cavendish, William Mac Coy, and Joseph McClung, or any two of them, being first duly sworn before a justice of this County for that purpose, do appraise the slaves, if any, and personal estate of the said decedant, and return their appraisement thereof to the Court. [Greenbrier County Order Books, Vol A-C, 1780-1797,]

Image:Thomas McClung decd 17 August 1784 Greenbrier Court Minutes.jpg

  • 28 August 1788 - Greenbrier Court Orders: William and Nancy McClung administrators of Thomas McClung deceased, Plaintiffs Against Samuel Gillian and James Hanna, Defts. In Debt. This day came the parties by their attorneys and thereupon came also a Jury to wit the same as the next above who being elected tried and sworn the truth to speak, upon the Issue joined on their oaths do say that the Defts doth owe to the Pltfs. seven pounds twelve shillings the debt in the declaration mentioned and their costs by them in this behalf expended, and they do absess the Pltfs. damages by occasion of detention of the said debt to one penny. But this Judgement is to be discharged by the payment of Three pounds twelve shillings with Interest thereon at the rate of five per centum per annum from the 18th day of October 1785 until paid and the costs. [Greenbrier County Order Books, Vol A-C, 1780-1797,] [Note: this Court record refers to Thomas McClung's widow as "Nancy", and not with her nickname "Agnes", clearly proving that it was Nancy "Agnes" Black that was a party to the numerous suits in Greenbrier County involving her husband].

Image:Agnes McClung 31 March 1791 Greenbrier Court Orders.jpg

  • 2 June 1791 - Greenbrier Court Orders. John Lewis against McClung, the same [suit be continued]. [Greenbrier County Order Books, Vol A-C, 1780-1797,]
  • 31 August 1791 - Greenbrier Court Orders, John Lewis against Agnes McClung Adm &c.. Ordered that this suit be continued. [Greenbrier County Order Books, Vol A-C, 1780-1797,] [Note: Agnes McClung must have died prior to this Court record].
  • 1 December 1791 - Greenbrier Court Orders. John Lewis against McClung's Administration Continued. [Greenbrier County Order Books, Vol A-C, 1780-1797,]
  • 27 March 1792 - Greenbrier Court Orders. John Lewis, Pltf. Against Agness McClung, Deft.. In Debt. This day came as well the Plaintiff by his Attorney as the Defendant in her proper person and the said Defendant Acknowledging the Pltf Action. Therefore it is Considered by the Court that the Plt. recover against the Defendant Thirty Three pounds four shillings the debt in the Declaration mentioned and his Costs by him about his suit in this behalf Expended and the said Deft. in Mercy &c. But this Judgement may be discharged by the payment of sixteen pounds twelve shillings with interest from the 23rd Day of February 1790 [1788?] untill paid and Costs.

Image:Agnes McClung 27 March 1792 Greenbrier Court Minutes.jpg


Source: "William Black and his Descendants" 6.NANCY BLACK married a Mr. McClung and they had the following known children.

25 Charles
26 John
27 Elizabeth

Excerpt from the Will of Alexander Black Jr. (1752-1827):

"It is my will that all my estate except the slaves who are to be emancipated and except the specific devices hereinafter mentioned shall be equally divided among the children, who may be living at the time of my death, of my sister Rachel Givings, my sister Mary Miller, my sister Nancy McClung, my sister Peggy Phemster, and my brother William Black."
Produced and proven at the May Court, 1827, [Fayette County, Kentucky]
  1. Raymond Finley Hughes and Howard Clift Black. William Black and his Descendents A Genealogy of the Descendents of William Black of Augusta County, VA and la. (Unpublished. Copyrighted 1973 by Hughes).