Person:Michael Roney (22)

Michael Gabriel Roney
m. 8 Jun 1856
  1. Dan Roney1858 - 1927
  2. Annie Jane Roney1860 - 1920
  3. Harry Roney1862 - 1931
  4. Emily Maria Roney1864 - 1915
  5. Sarah Alice Roney1866 - 1944
  6. Catherine Winifred Roney1868 - 1934
  7. Ellen Louisa Roney1870 - 1940
  8. Michael Gabriel Roney1872 - 1946
  9. Elizabeth Miriam Roney1874 - 1876
  10. George Patrick Roney1876 - 1933
  11. Valentina Mary Roney1878 - 1963
  12. William Roney1880 - 1880
m. 17 APR 1895
  1. Hughina Myrtle Roney1896 - 1899
  2. Sarah Brookman Roney1898 - 1969
  3. Douglas James Roney1901 - 1972
  4. Walter Gordon Roney1904 - 1974
Facts and Events
Name Michael Gabriel Roney
Gender Male
Birth[1] 30 APR 1872 Diggora West, Victoria, Australia
Marriage 17 APR 1895 St Jamesto Olivia Cameron
Death[1] 16 Dec 1946 Camperdown, Victoria, Australia

Michael Gabriel Roney was born on the 30th April 1872 in Diggora, Michael was born eighth of twelve children to Peter Roney and Sarah Brookman.

On 17th April 1895 in St James Church Michael married Olivia. Michael and Olivia had four children.

Michael can be found in old newspaper reports along with his brother George and a Frank Thompson for stealing two draught horses, however there appears to be more to the story.

The horses were the property of a Mr Walter Dunlop and the reports indicate that Michael was working for him and left after disagreeing with the manager at the work site.

Mary (McCormack) South relays the story that there were extenuating circumstances with Michael stealing a horse. He had been working on a station for 6 months and, being something of a drinker and hell raiser, his employer saw fit to sequester all his wages, so he took a horse in lieu.

In July 1904 Michael ended up being Sentenced to 2years and nine months hard labour.

There is another possible twist in the story because Michael's wife Olivia had a sister named Mary and she was married to a man called Walter Dunlop, the same name and it appears to be the same person who owned the horses.

Michael died on the 16th December 1946 aged 72.

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