Person:Michael Kayser (1)

m. Bef 1727
  1. Catharine Kayser1727 - 1823
  2. Michael Kayser1735 - 1798
  3. Angelica Elisabetha Kayser1737 -
  • HMichael Kayser1735 - 1798
  • WMary Eppert1723 - 1805
m. Abt 1757
  1. Eva Katherine Kiser1760 - 1800
  2. Valentine Kiser1761 - Bet 1826 & 1827
  3. Jacob Kiser1763 - 1825
  4. Anna Maria Kiser1765 - 1811
  5. Catherine Kiser1766 - 1823
  6. Philip Kiser1768 - 1818
  7. Elizabeth Kiser1769 - 1854
  8. Mary Magdalena Kiser1770 - 1855
  9. Eve Kiser1771 - 1847
  10. Daniel Kiser1772 - 1842
  11. John KiserAbt 1774 - 1811
Facts and Events
Name Michael Kayser
Baptismal Name Johann Michael Kayser
Alt Name Michael Kiser
Gender Male
Birth[1] 10 Feb 1735 Rumpenheim, Offenbach am Main, Hesse, Germany
Marriage Abt 1757 Pennsylvaniato Mary Eppert
Death[1] 23 Jul 1798 Rockingham County, Virginia

Michael Kayser (Kiser) was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Will Transcript

The last Will and Testament of Michael Kysor decd. was presented in Court by the Exor's therein named and ordered by the oaths of the witnesses thereof and on the motion of Jacob Kysor, one of the executors named in the said will who entered into and acknowledged bond in the penalty of $10,000, and made oath thereto as the Court directs. A certificate is granted him for obtaining probate thereof in due form. The widow of the deceased and the other Executrix named in the said will have personally appeared in Court and refused to take upon herself the Burthen of the execution thereof and it is Capt. William Pence, John Harrison, Capt. Henry Mellie, Lt. Kirtley or any three of them being first sworn, be appointed to appraise the estate of the said Decd. and make report thereof.
The Court
Will of Michael Kysor
In the Name of God Amen..
I, Michael Kysor of the Parish and County of Rockingham in the State of Virginia being in perfect health and memory do think proper while I am to make my last will and testament, which I hereby do in the following manner:
First: I give and bequeath to my wife [#/1] during her natural life the plantation whereon I now live, together with the Negroes and the stocks of all kind and implements of husbandry, the latter to enable her to bring up my three younger children now living with me and if my sons John and Daniel should live with their mother after they become of age and work the plantation and otherwise assist in the management of it, whether married or single, they and each of them shall have one third of all the profits arising therefrom, but should they or either of them choose to go elsewhere, then I direct they have no more than what their mother thinks proper to give them.
2ndly: I give and devise to my sons John and Daniel four hundred acres, part purchased of Michael Goger and part of Robert Slaughter to them their heirs and assigns forever. Nevertheless if either of them should die before they become of age or married, then the part share or money of the one dying, the whole to be divided into equal parts as near as may be and be appraised by 3 indifferent persons to be appointed by the Court of Rockingham County, and survivor have refusal of it at appraisment, then if he should not accept it then my eldest son Valentine to make his choice of acceptenance and if he refuses to take it at such appraisement, then my next son, Jacob to have his choice whether he wil have it on the aforesaid terms, and if he refuses to take it my next son Philip may then declare his intentions of taking the same and whichever the one so taking the same that pay the appraised value among all ny children saving one share to himself, and in case they all shall refuse, than I direct my executors to sell the same at public sale to the best bidder and the money arising to be divided among all my children aforesaid.
3rdly: My son Philip chosing trade rather than farming, I give and I bequeath to him the sum of 300 pounds Virginia money, but in case I should during my life give him the sum as is my intentions to do so, If I live, then the legacy to be void and of no effect.
4thly: I give and bequeath to my daughter Eve the sum of 200 pounds Virginia money, and in case I should die before she is married, I give her further some of 20 pounds like money, being as near as I can recollect the value of sundry house holds I gave to each of her sisters upon their marriage besides their portion of 200 pounds apiece.
5thly: I give to my daughter Elizabeth wife of Martin Straul the sum of 100 pounds, having before paid her husband the like sum of money but in case I should pay the sum of money during my life time this legacy to be void.
6thly: I give to my daughter Magdalena the wife of John Shuler the sum of 200 pounds, but in case I pay the money during my life time this legacy to be void.
My daughter Catherine, married to Martin Quiet [Kite] has received her portion of 200 pounds.
My daughter Anna Maria married to Jacob Spot has received her portion of 200 pounds.
My son Valentine has received his portion of 300 pounds in a tract of land sold him which I purchased from Robert Slaughter and Michael Cogar. I have his bond for 300 pounds, the balance the purchase money.
7thly: I direct that after my wife's death, the negroes, stock of all kinds, utensils of husbandry and everthing else herein not disposed of to be sold and the money arising thereby be equally divided among all my children, and if any of the married ones should be leaving a child or children shall in the distribution represent their parents so dying be entitled to a share.
8thly: And lastly I appoint my wife and son Jacob executors., witness hereby I have here to set my hand and affixed my seal this 21st day of September, 1792.
(Signed) Michael Kysor
Assigned, sealed and published by the testator as and for his last will and testament in our presence
Gabriel Jones
[Source: VA, Rockingham Co., Minute Book 4 (1797-1802), pp. 175-176]
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    Michael Kiser, his wife Mary, and their ten children came to the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia from Berks County, Pennsylvania in 1783, the year that the American Revolution ended. They purchased 1030 acres of land along the south fork of the Shenandoah River in what was then Rockingham County. The current location, as far as we know, is in the bend of the river directly to the west of Grove Hill in the Shenandoah Iron Works District of southern Page County. (Page County was formed from Shenandoah and Rockingham Counties in 1831.)

    They were married in the 1750s in southeastern Pennsylvania (in or near Berks County). Both were children of recent German immigrants. Michael's father was most likely Valentine Kayser, who was from Rumpenheim, Hesse, Germany (just northeast of present-day Frankfurt). (The spelling of the surname is not consistent in the early records because the communities in which they lived were largely German-speaking and the names were in the process of being Anglicized. Mary's given name was Anna Maria and Michael was probably Johann Michael.)

    On 13 August 1750 aboard the ship Edinburgh, Valentine Kayser (b. 1696) arrived in Philadelphia from Rumpenheim, Germany, probably with his wife and three children. Prior to leaving the principality of Hessen-Hanau, Germany (where Rumpenheim was located), Valentine (according to German law) had to obtain permission to leave from the "Privy Council". His petition to leave was granted in February 1750. A transcript of the interview reveals that he was 54 years old, of the Reformed faith, and was in possession of 800 guldens (gold coins). The names of his three children were not mentioned in the transcript nor were they on the ship passenger list, but baptismal and confirmation records of the Reformed church in Rumpenheim list several of Valentine's children, including Johann Michael (baptized 10 Febuary 1735).

    A very important document has recently come to light stating that Mary's maiden name was Eppert, not Lingel. This document, a birth and baptism certificate for the family of Christian Strole and his wife Elizabeth Kiser (daughter of Michael and Mary Kiser) was written in the 1820s (in old German script) and is one of the most important primary sources of information in existence regarding our Kiser family! It proves that Elizabeth was born in Berks County, Pennsylvania in 1769, gives the names of all of the children of Michael and Mary Kiser, and identifies Michael's father as Valentine.
    [Additional information at this website, a terrific source of information for this family]